Chasing the dragon

Rumored to request shirtless pics of players and recruits in order to graphically render them in a softcore pornspankapoolza. Please pass this guy a strand of penis floss. This stalker was outedto the UT compliance office. More here: and this radio interview

the letter below was written for recruit Jessie Scroggins:

Jesse read this!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are struggling with your decision. I just want you to know I wish you well wherever you play, but my heart will break for you if you announce Trojan. We love you in Tennessee. You would be our hero.

Some quarterbacks have two year careers and make it, but the odds are against it. Look at Tee Martin, he played for two years won a National Championship at Tennessee and then couldn’t make it in the NFL. He had all the tools. What was the deal? He wasn’t developed enough to play at that extremely high level. He’s in coaching now and good for him. DJ Shockley decided to follow a very talented QB in David Greene to UGA. David Greene started all four years and set SEC passing records. Shockley had a senior year to show what he could do and was everything that the league was looking for at the time. A Michael Vick type guy who could throw. Shockley, despite having a very good senior year, had to wait until the 7th round before his name was called. He will be battling with a pretty good QB in John Parker Wilson for the 3rd string job. All I am saying is think.

But I watch you and I think you do what it is you do as good as it’s ever been done. But you need first team reps for all four years to really develop into an elite QB prospect and be ready for the NFL. Chaney put Drew Brees into the NFL and look at him now. Your skill set reminds me a lot of Brees.

I just don’t want you to make a decision based on distance when it could effect your entire career– your life even. Yes USC has developed great QBs, but the man who had a large part in those guys and their heismans is in Knoxville leading the Orange. We will be winning National Championships sooner or later. If you decide to be a Vol, it will be sooner. Great Recruits will follow you to Knoxville. It’s a family here. And that family doesn’t end with the team. We are part of one big family — The Big Orange Nation. And we love our athletes, we love our coaches, but most importantly we love our Quarterbacks. Hell, I hear all the time about random vol fans on a message board that have sat down with Monte Kiffin over a beer and talked football. He loves to talk football. He’ll talk you ear off, but as fans, we eat it all up!!! We love Lane Kiffin and the brass he has brought to this battle.

We are realistic though, none of us exppects to go out and dominate under Kiffin’s first year, but 7 wins and a decent bowl would be a great first step to greatness. Then in year two, we’d have you under center and you will never experience anything else in life as great as walking to the huddle on your first play and the screams for you are so loud you can’t even call the play. You are a warrior so I know you’ll be stone faced, but you’ll be smiling inside. Running through the T is something that we hold sacred here in Tennessee (I’m in Nashville and yes the fans here are just as rabid and loving as the ones up in and around Knoxville.

We are really in it with two receivers that are ranked in the Rivals 250 that have all but said they want to be Vols if you are going to be their quarterback. You know who they are you talk to them all the time. Jac told me he was gonna kick your butt if you put on anything but an orange hat. (J/K On that one) We’lll cry for a while, then try to understand why, and then it’s WTF do we do now? mode. Because without you. It’s going to be hard on this great family. We will still watch your career in earnestness and wish you the very best — see you’re already part of our family. (some will hope that you ride the bench behind Barkley and then Ride the bench behind that 5 Star guy they signed one year behind you.) But most of us will love you and want well for you. That’s just the kind of people that live here in Tennessee. I’m sure your mom’s family knows something about that.

The SEC is the undisputed greatest conference in the land. We just signed a $2.25 billion deal with ESPN to ensure that every single SEC conference game is broadcast on TV. You will be on TV. Scouts will see you lead us to greatness. What a story. Most guys in the business of covering college football are in bed by the time the West Coast games come on, if they are even broadcast. That’s huge.

The UT campus is nice. Knoxville is one of the greatest places on Earth to go to school. WE are all a family. I hope I see you on campus sometime so I can shake the hand of a man that is getting set to play big time NFL ball. You got it in you, bro, you just have to take advantage of all your opportunities. Work your hardest whatever it is you are doing. At Tennessee You will get first team reps your freshman year and there is a real possibility of winning that starting QB job. The longer you do it at a high level, the better your chances are for the millions that come with playing at the next level. We love you Jesse.

4 comments on “Chasing the dragon

  1. Your dopey fans are now writing letters to recruits? My how the never really that mighty have fallen.

  2. In the cellar and will be for a while longer!

  3. Jim youre a moron.Every fanbase has people like this. Sounds like youre one.

  4. It’s gold, Jim, pure gold!!!!

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