Gunner Kiel to Tennessee??

Got an email from a friend last night so I thought I would share it with you. Take it for it what it is worth. Keep in mind that if Dooley wants this kid, then Dooley will have him. I will say that this bit of gossip does flutter the dovecotes.

aight, heres the scoop. Straight from my mouth. I am the one that called up AlcoVolic, and told him what happened today…actually i called him like 4 times before i got ahold of him. I work at an ER clinic in K-town, and was on break today….went down to Jason’s Deli on cumberland, and there was a group of guys, girls scattered through out, making it an easy target for the eyes to catch. I got in line, and dude in front of me is texting on his phone. He put his order in a few minutes later, as did I. We were waiting for our food, and he turned and asked me if i was a student at UT. I’m 29, and he obviouisly was not, lol. I told him that i was, hoping to be a vet, had been here about 8 years, originally from Pittsburgh Pa. He asked me about Knoxville, asked me about the school, about the fans etc. I’m not an idiot, and figured he was some type of athlete, talked up UT, the fans, facilities, classes, girls, party scene, etc. I asked him, if he liked knoxville, liked the campus…basically all of the above. He said he was shocked by the campus, loved what the coaches had to say, their enthusiasm, and their dedication. He said he had taken a prior visit to another southern college, didnt like it at all, and was expecting UT to be a lot like it. He got his food, and he pushed it off to the side, i asked him what he thought the chances of him coming here were….he said he had one other school he was very very high on, but that after this weekend, we may have just leap frogged it. Talked about how impressed he was with Wilcox, EVEN THOUGH HE WOULD BE PLAYING ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE BALL. At that point, one of the guys already sitting down, said “Hey Gun, we gotta get up soon, lets eat”. I told him i hoped he chose UT, and that the fan base was unlike any other in the country. We talked for a total of 15-20, of the 25 or so minutes i was in there…which was about 10 minutes too long for my job. Tonight, me and some fellas were out at the Tin Roof on northshore…(barbie cummings was there…the porn star that got out of a speeding ticket by exchanging services with that cop a few years back)…and one of my friends, introduced me to Josh Ward. I’m not a big radio guy, and had no idea who he was. My buddy brought me over, and said tell Josh, what you told me earlier, this is Josh Ward from sports animal, which took over Jim Rome‘s radio spot in knoxville. Told him the story above..and he said, and i am quoting “yea, i heard at the begining of the week, tues &/or weds. that the vols were rising pretty fast on his list, and that he was rumored to make an unannounced visit in the near future, are you sure it was him?” Not only did i tell him the story above, but i told him AlcoVolic sent me a picture of him while we were headed to Tin Roof, which is when i said i was 100% comfortable with him posting this, that the only difference between the picture, and him in person, was that he had a hat on today. It was the same guy. Josh Ward said he didnt doubt it, that he had heard whispers earlier in the week, and i said i knew it, because the picture was the dude that was in the deli. Call names, doubt me if you want…doesnt matter. It will eventually come out anyhow, and i wouldnt be telling AlcoVolic i was good with him posting that under his name, i wouldnt have told him about Josh Ward at Tin Roof, and i wouldnt have gotten on tonight, if i wasnt 100% confident in who i saw. Hope it was worth missing Shawshank!

Gunner Kiel – College Football Recruiting 2012 – ESPN

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7 comments on “Gunner Kiel to Tennessee??

  1. […] oh and here's another spot it's hit the net.. this story is VIRAL!! Gunner Kiel to Tennessee?? Loser with Socks […]

  2. bullshit

  3. In committing to stay home at IU, Gunner Kiel, the Class of 2012’s top gunslinger, has proven he must love any or all of the following three things: wide open highways, ethanol, and/or Sudafed based amphetamines.

    Told ya, although he would get some mighty tasty Sudafed based products in K-vile.

  4. Lost another….poor Viles

  5. This guy has to be a dumb Hoosier Cutter. Dumb shit, his older brother is a redshirt at the same fucking school and they will compete for starting QB next year????? Why go through that kind of drama. WTF?

  6. The only thing UT doesn’t fail at is failing.

  7. Pobre comment, POBRE and DULL

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