Jimmy Cheek? Dude you are Effed Up

Jeremy Foley

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Dan Radakovich of Georgia Tech? Really? Cheek, you fucking Gator, you didn’t know that Tech was under NCAA investigation? They were uncooperative with the NCAA? Who is this Parker Group search firm? I hope they provide pussy and a reach-around as a service option. I don’t get what he has to be arrogant about, but apparently it’s something pretty big, because man is he a pompous little asian prick.

Cheek, you must GTFO of Knoxville, you fucking Gator pawn. The exact moment of Tennessee’s precipitous decline in quality can be traced to the exact moment he was given the reins of the University. I bet all the coaches and athletes he sucks up to make fun of him as soon as he turns his back.

How exactly did he land a salaried job, anyways? Did he do anything before Fortune decided to smile on him and crap on the rest of us?  Oh yeah, he was a fucking Bull Gator.  Somewhere Jeremy Foley is smiling.

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2 comments on “Jimmy Cheek? Dude you are Effed Up

  1. Foley isn’t smiling, he is laughing at the joke that is Tennessee. But we have all been doing that for roughly the last twenty years.

  2. Foley’s plan to dominate Tennessee from within is right on track. Keep checking pedigrees Scorched, you’re gonna find more!

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