Clap those hands for my EERS

Gawd Almighty I pray that Mark Richt wins it all. Please don’t choke on that last inch Richt. Please win the SEC. The 2011 Big East Champions will want to turn the heat up on his ass…..again. Throat….Slash…….

About AngryEer

The Big East is the best strongest football conference....ever

4 comments on “Clap those hands for my EERS

  1. Yet another instant classic blog post from a mutant, self-mating, country science experiment gone awry. High 5s all around?

  2. This is supposed to be a Vols site, yet I consistently see WVU crap here all the time. Figure it out – one or the other. It can’t be both.

  3. Someone left the back door open again…..
    Note to Jai…
    Keep the back door shut…
    and buy a nice dead bolt too!!…

  4. Dear Charlie Strong’s white wife: In WVA’s case is should be “high 6’s all around.” That inbreeding digit is very noticeable.

    Dear Aubiece: I think Jai leaves his “back door” open for Eer quite often.

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