88 Days

Until we officially punk the big green in Motown in front of a national audience. rah-rah-ree…KICK-EM in the knee!!! RAH-RAH-RENIS…KICKEM-EM IN THE OTHER KNEE! Coonskin caps, engage.

About AngryEer

The Big East is the best strongest football conference....ever

3 comments on “88 Days

  1. What is this about CBS leaking info about CDH fun times after practice?
    Tell me all about this instead of the useless drivel you post…
    Trouble in paradise?

  2. It is a dang lie, Barner (cheater). Stew is an honest hardworking man. He isn’t like that backwards hat wearing trooper taylor

  3. Stew ratted out DH, it’ll all come out soon. That old fart didn’t know that he was being done a favor by the University by being kept another year. The sooner Gomer gets fired the better. Bring on Holgs.

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