Hire Phil Fulmer as Tennessee AD….NOW

It doesn’t always take a CEO/ CFO in today’s times. You can have college football coaches with basic education controlling billions. You don’t need a masters in business economics and maybe even more before you start making the decisions for the major programs of the NCAA.

Fulmer would have been great 15-20 years ago and would be really awesome now. I don’t think the business of college sports has grown to large for ex-great coaches should be entitled to the AD job as their “retirement thank you” from their alma mater. I loved how Fulmer took our football program to the next level and think his name should stand next to Neylands and Majors but that is for coaching. I liked what Dickey did for UT too but I have a feeling he would be the best fit as our AD in today’s times either…..he had a Bachelor’s in P.E.

Hell, he is Bama’s daddy. Ask any bammer and they will agree with me on that.

2 comments on “Hire Phil Fulmer as Tennessee AD….NOW

  1. I love this photo. Crompton looking confused in mid-question: “So, I throw it to the guys with the orange shirts on?”. Fulmer looking like he would like to pimp slap Crompton for asking such a stupid question and Ainge looking relaxed knowing his starting job is secure even if he is high on pills because this moron is his back-up.

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