Orange and White Game QB Thoughts

Don’t ever say that Justin Worley doesn’t throw a Tight Spiral. His passes were deadly accurate and held a tight spiral. Worley looked like the best QB on the field last Saturday. However, I realize it’s only an intrasquad scrimmage. But, it does make one feel we have some quality depth at QB.


No back tats, weighs over 200 pounds, nice hair, no thuggish throat slashes, and substandard grooming/personal hygiene are going to be Bray’s dowfall (did I mention he throws a lot of picks?) Worley on the other hand possesses a  Compact release. He was getting the ball out quick. Physical parts of the game won’t be a problem.  Easy to see why he was the top rated High School QB in this years draft.

Bray? A 5 for 30 performance will always start that kind of talk, even in a modestly important spring game. would you like to ignore the fact that the team has a rising sophomore QB who may or may not be what he is cracked up to be after playing for only half a season, and a senior who started and now thinks he can still compete for the starting job?

Worley will be starting by the Bama game.

God almighty this reminds me of the Ainge vs Cromptonites era.  I love this shit.

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2 comments on “Orange and White Game QB Thoughts

  1. Worley’s a great backside blocker on the reverse, too. Maybe a better blocker than a QB.

  2. Tight end candidate like crompton was…

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