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Shalom Bruce

You got the long-dick on this. See what happens when Florida grads run our University? ‎6 straight years in the tournament,3 Sweet 16s, 1 Elite 8, # 1 ranking in 2008, 3 first place finishes in the East Division, and made UT mens basketball relevant. Nobody is safe with this bunch of ass-clowns calling the shots. Its not as if Pearl was playing ineligible players or anything like that.

Hey Mike Hamilton?  Since you just shit-canned Bruce, will the NCAA Investigation go away now?  No? Really? Rome burns as Nero fiddles.

I promise you that the Florida posse will hire a weak-ass replacement. Like that bald douche that use to coach at Bama. Kevin something….

Pic below is from Vols Bitch dot com

One comment on “Shalom Bruce

  1. Sorry scrote. Didn’t see ur name. My bad. You do good work.

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