Don Haskins is watching

Sorry I ain’t been around. Been a bit busy. I ain’t missing the chance to let Kentucky fans know that the Hugginator is 8-1 vs the cheating harlot Calipari. Going to the 1-3-1 with under 2 minutes to go !! Huggs is just THE very best coach on the planet. I truly hope the mountaineer nation realizes how blessed we are to have him. A complete, total beast!

I will keep on preaching brother! I will be correct. we will have finale say when we have beat the Juddwhores and Racist-Rupps. then they will haft to give us our props. Like they had to do with Don Haskins
“Move over Big Blue. You can launder the sacks of the Gold and Blue…”


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The Big East is the best strongest football conference....ever

2 comments on “JUDDWHORE

  1. I am definitely cheering for the eers! Fuck Calimari.

  2. Go home and fuck some Goats mountaineer fans. Joe Mazulla had his best game ever but it wasn’t enough this year. Cal is now 2-1 against Huggins when he has the higher ranked team.

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