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Quickly on Scotty Hopson: Bruce babied Hopson too much

Pat Summitt, head coach of the Tennessee Lady ...

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Pat Summitt is not afraid to ride ANY of her star players to push them to get better.Bruce Pearl was trying not to upset Hopson he actually hurt the kids mental development by not forcing him to get tougher….there is no way Pat would have handled Hopson with the kid gloves treatment. Hopson needed tougher love….for his own good….like General Neyland said he would have responded or quit. If Bruce quits, we need Pat Summitt to pick up the reins.

This preferential treatment is directly linked to a yet another shitty seed in the NCAA; it is why we lost to Florida 3 times in a season….Jesus man, 3 times? The silver lining is that the NCAA selected UAB over Alabama. Any day that Bama gets screwed over can’t be bad.

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