Removing the Brutus Buckeye Necklace

ESPN didn’t publish the Tressel emails? Suck it. Read Clay Travis :: Claynation

After the NCAA rapes the failboats, vacates the inconsequential wins over their cupcakes, the SEC will have the undefeated record restored.  12-0 Baby.
You knew since April? At least show some remorse Sweatervest. Cry like Bruce Pearl…he at least acted like he cared that he was caught.

2 comments on “Removing the Brutus Buckeye Necklace

  1. An SEC coach/program would be crucified. Mike Slive hammers Coach Pearl for 6 in conference game and UT axed millions from him. CBP “admitted” that he lied. Sweatervest waits to get caught, then lies again by saying he didn’t know who to report it too. OSU smacks a 2 game suspension and $250 grand from him. Talk about condoning behavior. Keep enjoying the cupcake schedule and weak conference to pad those BCS game appearance stats.

  2. Big Ten = cowards, antagonist (lame ass nerd Gordon Gee), hypocritical, losers, and the bitches can’t count!!

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