Post Kentucky Thoughts


Let me start by saying that I have spent my entire life worshiping the ground that every VOL athlete walks on. I would give my life to put on the orange and white for just one game in any sport. The reason we lost this game is because we didn’t play with any heart. There ain’t nothing bigger than the heart of VOL!!

We were completely out hustled down the stretch and they got every loose ball. Not once in this game and very rarely throughout this year have I seen someone dive on the floor and sacrifice their body for a loose ball. Many many times in this game their guy was on the floor while our guy stood and watched him get the ball. If I was playing you would have to shoot me before I let someone else take the ball. I would be way outmatched but I would scratch and claw and try to rip someones head off to help the VOLS. These kids don’t understand what it means to wear that Tennessee across their chest. If they played with heart and intensity they would be competing for a number 1 seed not just barely making the tournament. This has to be one of the most talented teams in history that might not make the tournament. I’m tired of bringing in these kids that don’t love the university and only come here to make themselves better and maybe go pro. I would rather have kids that aren’t as talented that are gonna fight with all they have an represent the school that I love with all my heart than what we have now. I know not many will read this but I wanted to give my opinion of the school that I love more than anything else. GBO and all hail the General

4 comments on “Post Kentucky Thoughts

  1. Jai, do you think Bruce is gone after this year?

    I think the NCAA lowers the hammer on him.

  2. Without Bruce, Tennessee basketball would be a rose unkissed by the sun….

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