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Saban’s “Bump “n Run”

2. It’s less than three weeks until signing day but the accusations of oversigning are already starting to be directed at Alabama again. According to the website http://oversigning.com/, the Crimson Tide are already over their scholarship limit by 12 based on commitments to this point. They have 23 players currently committed — including two “greyshirts” from last year’s signing class — but only 11 current openings on the roster, according to the website. Of course, there can never be more than 85 players on grants-in-aid at any school at any time. So that means Alabama will have to find some creative ways to open up scholarships for the new players coming in. That’s something the Crimson Tide has been criticized for in articles by the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.

Saban’s recruiting MO is being ignored by NCAA staff members because he is basically considered to be “untouchable”. It’s sort of like investigating Joe Pa. You don’t think Penn St. assistants have committed a slew of secondary violations over the past decade? But the ultra strong persona of these coaches intimidate the NCAA. NCAA staff members are human too! They are able to muster more personal energy to pursue an action against a coach/school if they feel the public views the target as being “dirty” ala Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV and the old SMU football program. But Saint Nick is “College Football Diety” right now and any NCAA staff member who proposes any type of investigation into Saint Nick and Alabama during a staff meeting would not receive any support from his superiors and peers, and it might even stunt his career development.

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