Kiffin, Go Away

Lane Kiffin at the VOL Walk

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I hate that Lane Kiffin has a part in the history of Tennessee football. Even if it was short it still is tuff to see his name associated with our football program. I wish we could just stop taking about him and stop posting anything to do with him. I would love nothing more than to erase his memory from our program. It may be tough to do with the NCAA getting ready to hand down some punishment of some sorts. Maybe it’s just wishing thinking?

Anyways go away Lane Kiffin!

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2 comments on “Kiffin, Go Away

  1. “Travis says the NCAA will charge Reaves with spearheading the campaign, but UT and Kiffin will be hit as well. Failure to monitor is usually a major violation, but it’s not as bad as lack of institutional control.

    I personally am still left wondering how Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton has a job. He presided over the disastrous Fulmer-to-Kiffin transition, and now he’s got violations in the two most visible sports on campus.”

    Me too, Bro.

  2. What with Kiffin and how he handled the Pearl situation, I am astonished that Hamilton still has a job.

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