Hearing Saban to the Titans a real possibilty from inside sources…..

Sweet Bangs!!

I have a good friend with connections inside Titans staff (granted they are in the strength and conditioning area) but they have told him Saban was in Nashville to talk with Adam’s grandson and the initial package is nearly 9 million/ yr. Seems like he should have been our ‘cruiting…..

He has coached 3 times in the NFL and before each individual time he coached in college prior to it and has never stayed anywhere 5 years. In other words, its time to move.

Wonder what all of the Bama recruits are thinking? If I was them, I would return the money and go another school.

I am a huge Titans fan…..not sure I want this at all. On a plus side for Saban, he can keep his T-Town Ghetto crib and commute home for the long weekends.

6 comments on “Hearing Saban to the Titans a real possibilty from inside sources…..

  1. Keep dreaming you inbred piece of crap idiots from tennessee. we cam to your place this year and raped you, you deserve crap like what kiffen did to you, pearl is doing to you and the ncaa investigation with your baseball team. seems like noone wants to be in tennessee and the ones that do have to cheat to have any success

  2. Hilarious! Auburn cheats more than Bama & UT combined. You are just still mad that Fat Phil got with the NCAA.

  3. I am a total idiot. Everyone in my family is poor and cam from turrble upbrign.

  4. […] friends at Losers With Socks posted an article yesterday citing sources within the Titans organization that Nick Saban has […]

  5. This is perfect- let me count the ways 1. Bama takes it up the tailpipe. 2. Titans get a decent coach ( face the facts Fisher People- he is totally burned out- from 13-3 to 6-10 in 3 years-shooeyee that stinks. 3. The Vols will not have to endure anymore stomps from the Tide ( maybe , that would not have happened anyway- the Orange is on the rise) 4. He (Satan) can draft either Ryan Mallett or the Caminator , and get D McNabb from the Skins while either youngster is learning pro ball. It a fu@king win for all concerned.

  6. Back to Alabama Fan- I am not an English teacher. But, if I was- you have many words spelled wrong, a comma splice and ( I think , probably) a dangling participle. Considering, you made only 8-9 mistakes in a few sentences, I am sure you were the top student in your classless class. Any state U that pays its coaching staff more than than its entire faculty , well, there are natural consequences. Thank God for Bama & Georgia- you guys make us Vol Fans feel as if we graduated magna-cum-laude ( that is not a sexual reference, Bamers) from Harvard or Yale.

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