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Devrin Young

Fresh FAP for Vol recruitniks

I just think he has all the right things to be a great one. Volunteers land TB/KR Devrin Young – Rocky Top Talk


1. He has the heart! He grew up watching the vols. He played ball
in Knoxville and was a die hard UT fan. He bleeds orange. He
understands what that T represents.

2. He has the speed. At the end of the day you can be 6 3 225 and
be built like a greek god, but if you have no speed that height
and weight just makes it easier for the defense to get you cause
you are so big.

3. He has vision. Right now i think that’s Tauren Poole’s problem and TP is one
of my favorite current vols. He just does not see the hole or the lane
to get yards. Young has tremendous vision for a 18 year old kid. he
does not pause when he gets the ball. he hits the hole fast. However, if
the lane collapses he has tremendous vision to gain extra yards

4. His size!!! Yep that’s right. All 5’7 160 lbs of him. I think with his
speed, quickness, and vision it makes it very very hard for defense
players to find him a lot of times. also, your room for error on a tackle
becomes smaller and smaller. Now he will need to put on 10 to 15 lbs of
muscle just for absorption. he might even grow an inch or two. But do
not doubt him for his size. for that matter any RB. Check out MJD,
barry sanders, joe morris (1985 giants superbowl champs, 21 rush TD,)
Warrick Dunn, michael turner, etc. Then look at bob sanders, steve
smith, desean jackson, wes welker, danny woodhead, darren sproles,
etc…etc.my point is if your good you will play on Saturdays then

5. finally his hands. The kid can catch and reminds me of Dexter McCluster
at Ole Miss. 3 star 5.5 ranking 5’8 165. and we all know what dexter did
to us at Ole Miss and he did very well for a rookie in the NFL. We will
use DY just like ole miss did with McCluster at first, but in the end
he will be the most valuable at RB. Young can catch screens, dump offs,
slants, and we will put him in motion to send him on a go route.

Young will be a big star for us a UT. He will do alot of things that we have not had at Tennessee. We have scene Dexter at Ole miss, Rainey and James at Florida, Ingram at Alabama, brandon boykin at uga, holliday at LSU, etc. Well its now our time to have a dynamic, electric, exciting, fast, hard nose, heart of a lion, champion caliber football player and that’s Devrin Young. People have been doubting him his whole life only to prove them wrong. Many (who claim to be Tennessee football fans) and many other “experts” have doubted him too! “too small” “this is the SEC now” “not strong enough” Well this only gives him the fuel he needs to be better, stronger, and faster. he bleeds orange and white. No one will out work this kid and coach Dooley is the perfect fit for him! He will give him the chance and will reward a kid like Young who will prove himself once again in practice. I for one am rooting him on and predicting him to be one of the best RB to play at Tennessee. If I’m wrong then it was just a bad post BUT if I’m right then GOOD for Tennessee football team, fans, and the

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