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Volquest’s Hubbs is the Tennessee SportsWriter of the year

When I think of Brent Hubbs a couple of words come to mind.

1. Decisive
B. Courageous

Both of those summarized his ability to look into the battle space and make Vols news happen.

Case in point. Do you recall his steadfast defensive posture on Cromps? I do. I thought that he was insane. Look how that blue chipper and now PROFESSIONAL Qb turned out. Now knowing what I know now I can only assume that Brent Hubbs knows what is best for our program. I don’t see how you could doubt the facts.

If you don’t love Hubbs, then IMO you hate the Tennessee Vols

kevin steele and kevin stallings stories. Those are the two biggest whiffs by a media guy in 15 years but no one brings them up.

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