Dick Vitale

Listening to good lod Dickie V the other day. He never misses a chance to defame a good coach, a molder of men.

Vitale went on and on about Pearls transgressions and made several stupid comments such as “99% of college institutions would have fired Pearl for what he did”

Mentioned how he spoke with Pearl on the phone the other night, and Pearl doesn’t believe he should get a year suspension like dez bryant at okie state for lying about talking with NFL agents. The NCAA needs to have some consistency, and Pearl talks about losing 1.5 million dollars and sitting out 8 games as more than enough, but that’s not enough. Says Pearl is wealthy, and is still making a mill a year and is not hurting for money and the financial penalty is not enough for lying to the NCAA. Pearl brought this all on himself, its his own fault etc……

Then Vitale went on to talk about Kiffin’s violations, pearls violations and painted a picture about the university as if our school is a school of very little institutional control and did not elaborate on what we are actually in trouble for. Just threw out a lot of rhetoric and statements with very little fact or detail, but used buzzwords that obviously have very negative connotations. Also made a poor joke about a former coach of scotty hopsons from HS that still works with him in the summer, {marshall i think was his name} talked to scotty at halftime for a sec and Dicky V made a joke about how having another coach helping out with the Tennessee team is another violation.

Dick Vitale is a bum, i have never liked him, i have hated his shtick for 20 years, YEAH BABY DIAPER DANDY’S BABY… He has an obsession with Duke and coach K, and for a former coach, and commentator for 40 years, its amazing to me how little he seems to know about the X and O’s of bball.

I find it hilarious he goes on about Pearl and his stupid BBQ mistake, but his good ole buddy JIMMY VALVANO (RIP} is a saint and such a great great man blah blah blah. Funny that i clearly remember Jimmy V getting fired as athletic director and involved in several violations at NC state getting NC state 2 years of probation. MUCH MUCH bigger stuff than what Pearl did. Chris Washburn’s SAT score made a jump from less than a 500 to 1670 or something like that. You never hear Vitale harping on Calipari and Derrick Rose either. Jimmy V’s players were selling shoes, equipment, tickets, etc.. among other things. ESPN coverage is a joke, and Dick Vitale can burn in hell.

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4 comments on “Dick Vitale

  1. Dickie V’s level of senility has been at perpetual low tide for the past 20 years. Funny how he doesn’t believe ESPN should have fired him over the countless on-air muffs he’s had over the years. Besides, lying to the NCAA is like lying to a girl – that’s what we do so we can nail her.

  2. M.Finger Always Work

  3. As much as i hate the demented Vitale and like Coach Pearl, the fact is that our programs are viewed as almost out-law in the rest of America . I dont know about 99% , but the majority of schools would have fired Pearl. Myself, I am glad we didnt fire him . But- there will absolutely be a price to pay in the future. is it going to be worth the pain to the keep Bruce- only time will tell. if someone needs to be fired- i nominate the man who hired Bruce- Mike ( I know everything) Hamilton.

  4. Why does everyone forget about the MAJOR violations Calhoun and company broke up at UCONN????? ESPN makes sure not to bring it up for one, however Bruce’s lie and minor violation have turned into the worst thing ever.

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