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Texas raids Vol Staff?

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When things are shit in Texas, Texas must turn to Tennessee…Mack Brown (Brown was born in Cookeville, Tennessee), Head Coach, Texas Longhorns, Austin Statesman, September 3, 2008.

College Confidential: Wylie joins Texas’ staff as strength and conditioning coach
We must understand the average Texan mentality. I went to UT Austin. The people there are almost fanatical about being from and in Texas. Someone in school with me once said “why would I ever leave Texas” to which I responded yeah I know your family is hear and you might not want to move” to which they responded “no I mean for ANY reason. I don’t ever want to leave Texas at all”. True story unembellished. And this was a young and very well educated person. Much of Texas has this mentality. “We’ve got everything right here. I’m never leaving Texas”. It was very bizarre to me to so I am not trying to justify it just letting those who might not understand know that this exists.

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One comment on “Texas raids Vol Staff?

  1. Coaching changes abound: Florida Names Charlie Weis New Fat Offensive Coordinator


    Still feels good to shit on Florida (check out the last line of the article)

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