Things to do while Terelle Pryor throws the ball

I was simply amazed at Pryors slow and loopy throwing motion. I would imagine that his eyes were closed when he reared back and heaved his passes.

Make a list of things to do
Make a sandwich
Drop a deuce
eat French toast
learn to time labor contractions
Crack open the cans and lie back, we got all the time in the world.
Roundhouse kick an infant in the face (twice)
Cry out randomly that everyone is against you.
Leave your zipper open for one hour. If anyone points it out, say, Sorry, I
really prefer it this way .
Is there a better moment for a makeover day? Cut your hair, dye it red, and bleach the ‘brows.
Contact Sports Agents for Pryor
Watch DVR’d Miami Ink episodes
Pet your kitty/doggy
Crack your knuckles
Shave your testicles
Make a collage
Check your balls for a lump
superglue quarters to the floor, count how many people try to pick them

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3 comments on “Things to do while Terelle Pryor throws the ball

  1. Things to do while waiting for the Vols to play in a BCS Bowl game:

    * Build the pyramids of Giza;
    * Paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel;
    * Travel to another galaxy – and back;
    * Count all of the grains of sand on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico;
    * Dig the Panama Canal using a soup spoon;
    * Walk the length of the Great Wall of China on your hands;
    * Build a wealth of a million dollars by saving just one penny a day; and
    * Have the webbing removed from between your fingers and toes.

  2. I was thinking that the Vols could change out their cleats…still waiting on Eddie George to get up from slipping…

  3. Ah, yes. The glory years of UT football, also known as the 1990’s, when the Old Ball Coach correctly observed “you can’t spell Citrus without UT.”

    In the meantime, no SEC Championshios since 1998. And no wins over the Gators since 2004. Keep up the good work! Go Gators!!!

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