Dooley’s Miracle

8-4 is on it’s way, another SEC East title in the offing? It will be ours before this season is through, are you still on the Dooley or have you become a little bitch? A bitch like this guy: Derek Dooley Invokes Nazis at D-Day to Describe Tennessee — NCAAFB FanHouse

You fucking watching baseball you little bitch or do you still kneel before the DOOLEY?

This is a crossroads where Dooley fans stay MANNED UP, and little bitches disappoint.

Do you believe in Miracles?

I sure do because TYLER BRAY is one!

Only true Vols know the Dooley is is preparing to unleash his Godhand of might and right on the entire league.

2 E Z

HATERS gonna HATE and JEALOUS gonna JEALOUS because my QB is the Greatest in the Game!

4 comments on “Dooley’s Miracle

  1. Until we start recruiting, this is going to get worse.

  2. I think the miracle will be Dooley keeping his job.

  3. It’s Saturday and UT’s Perfect Season continues. UT’s unblemished SEC Record now 0-5.

    I predict that – given time – Dooley will lead the Vols back to the prestigious fields of Shreveport by early December of 2014.

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