Pryor? Heisman? Not so much

He doesn’t play big boy football, now does he? Ohio State still has games at Wisconsin and Iowa. They won’t even win the Big 10 let alone play in the (if there is a God) BCS title game.
I’m not sure that they’ve actually started playing decent football yet; they’re winning, sure. So was Michigan. They beat Miami, which may or may not be a good win. They beat Illinois, which, like Miami, may or may not be a good win.

So really, who has Ohio State beat?

Alabama beat three ranked teams already, and lost to their fourth. They play two more teams likely to be ranked at the time, and then the SEC championship, and then a bowl opponent. Total, 8 games against ranked opponents.

What say you, Buckeye Fanboys? I say FAIL
(Picture by Charles)

3 comments on “Pryor? Heisman? Not so much

  1. With all due respect, I feel by the end of the year we will be able to sum up Ohio State’s powerhouse run in two words…….THE FAIL. The word THE is very important to Buckeye fans so please make sure it is added.


  3. Next to a Vol win, the things that excite me are losses by the Gaytors , Ohio State and USC. My schadenfreud was in high gear after today . Now, maybe that never-was Hirk Kerbstreit will shut the fuc@ up about THE Ohio State Football Team. Talk about over-rated! I was hoping that Hirk would actually cry during the Cluster-fuk effort by the mighty Bucks . I am 60 years old and I can outrun half the OS players . No mystery that they have lost 7-8 in a row to SEC teams- most by big margins. The buckeye fans should be happy tonight cause they won’t need to humble themselves once again in the BCS Championship Game. And , once more, shut the F up Herbstreit- you really irritate me with your blather.

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