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Alright, thanks for stopping by.. Jai and bosgap will be liveblogging the game from the comments section when it starts. Until then, we have El brujo reporting live from Pasadena.
Bruin beverage of choice. Not Mountain Values.

Bruin beverage of choice. Not Mountain Values.

El brujo drinks his PBR won in weekend betting pool.  Welcome to the big city.

El brujo drinks his PBR won in weekend betting pool. Welcome to the big city.

Vol fans steal a picture with UCLA tailback Craig Shepard before getting back to "crazy" Bruin tailgate.

Vol fans steal a picture with UCLA tailback Craig Shepard before getting back to "wild" Bruin tailgate.

Update (6:33 est) – Orange pants, white jersey (HT El brujo).

6:43 est – Threat Level: Motherfucking ORANGE

The best $$$ can buy.

The best $$$ can buy.

Norm Chow in the house. (HT TI)

Norm Chow in the house. (HT TI)



419 comments on “Live Blog Here

  1. orange pants!!!!!!!

  2. Orange letters. Ballgame.

  3. Go Big Orange… watching this one all the way from Denmark… its about 1am here and I am ready to watch the Vols stomp UCLA…

  4. BTW – slingbox is AWESOME

  5. Thanks for stopping by Justin.

  6. Enjoying a nice cold Carlsberg (wish it was a Natty) and waiting for the Fulmer to prove the nation wrong… again

  7. If UCLA plans to go hard to the rim…

    Cam Tatum.

  8. Any late gameday developements??? The Dankse Post doesn’t cover UT ball that much…

  9. By the way, I can confirm they’re in orange pants with two white stripes down the side, in case you care or know anyone who does.

    Wesley Rucker from the Chattanooga Free-press

  10. Orange pants with white stripes. Orange lettering on white jerseys

  11. Nice… love the orange pants… now lets get this Rutgers vs Fresno St bs off the tv… 47 minutes to go…

  12. Is UCLA going to fill the stadium? I read that they only sold somewhere around 65,000 seats for a 90+ capacity. What’s the word on the street El Brujo?

  13. I just sent out feelers to El Brujo on the scene in Pasadena.

    Stand by.

  14. Oh my Goodness….Fulmer pulled out the ragged 1984 Steve Alatorre Garden State Bowl uniforms….I hope that UCLA are ready to play a 1984 Big Orange like team!!!!

  15. Here we go folks…pregame, engage

  16. Those uniforms. Gangsta

  17. Happy Birthday, Battle Captain.

  18. Holth high on the Vawls. Beware.

  19. DEAR LORD!!!!

    Did Mike Patrick lose a bet???? Look at that hair. HAHAHA

  20. The wait has been agonizing. The orange pants and white shirt combo make up for it. Mount up!

  21. I think Rece was even laughing when they cut back to him. That was epic fail.

  22. I am ready for some Fulmer-riffic game strategy

  23. @23 Steady in the saddle fella……STEADY

  24. This is the first step along the path to the Promised Land.

    David Crompton is ready. Are you?

  25. homecooking…beg for it

  26. UCLA fans breaking all kinds of attendance records..

  27. booking a trip to the Downtown Athletic club

  28. Hell yeah! Let them keep on doubting, Jon!

  29. How many UCLA fans showed up at the Coliseum looking to see LA’s football dynasty?

  30. UCLA atmosphere…………………..lollerskates

  31. 70k there…14-15k of that are Vawl fans. You do the math.

  32. That’s the emptiest stadium I’ve seen for a game that’s been hyped this much.

  33. Mr. IBM looking the part. Ruff N Tuff here we come

  34. great pac 10 entrance….coldplay

  35. Lame intro, UCLA.

  36. Locked arms.

    Fired up. Focused. Prepared.

    UCLA coming out to the new Colby Callait.

  37. Chris Leak level shart in my pants.

  38. Fights off the rush. Hell yeah

  39. Good luck, Vols. I expect nothing less than a good ol’ fashinoned SEC ass-whippin.

  40. Mountain Damn Fumble

  41. Oh my lord. I am almost laughing.

  42. On the audible, he had Briscoe open for the first down. Ruff n tuff,

  43. Welcome aboard the Hell Train Jim Bob

  44. THUNDER DAN WILLIAMS. Not effected by Crompton

  45. Swarming D.

  46. UCLA Offensive line FTLMFL

  47. 3rd and Chavis…back at it. Mustache Mafia

  48. Who was Willingham covering 20 yards past nearest WR?

  49. they cheat like an sec team….holding

  50. Craft looks like a date rapist in his player bio pic.

  51. Nice

  52. willingham just raped his ass

  53. was that randy sanders in the stands?

  54. Nice route-running

  55. Slant route? Do what?

  56. Foster has that “step” that amenhotep was talking about. I want to school them in an open forum.

  57. RUFF N TUFF…mountain feet keep him balanced. 1st down

  58. JC tripped on purpose…ON PURPOSE

  59. laser rocket arm. cannon

  60. Ok, is it me or does JC look like a heisman candidiate? Fire it in there!

  61. Did they say Foster was a fumbling major?

  62. Mountain Boy locking on like a pilot.

  63. @75,

    Yes, he is the only RB in the country that is a Fumbling Major. Graduating with honors.

  64. FG try got caught up in the LA pollution.

  65. Dare I say the G-Gun?

  66. I love this QB…Love his ass

  67. There will not be a camera angle to overturn that hopefully.

  68. Craft is going to rufee two girls tonight.

  69. fucking ruff n tuff only has 40 seconds

  70. He’s in.

  71. Gator refs can’t fuck us on theat call

  72. Heisman…”poor pass”? Fuck off

  73. Fostermom is boiling over right now.

  74. fuck…..nice tight spiral

  75. Drop back. hold breathe

  76. Holly Rowe is thick & nasty.

  77. Who cramps in the first quarter?

  78. I blame the Nite Nation for his cock blocking

  79. Holly Rowe was Ron Franklin’s downfall.

    God damn Todd Blackledge and Mike Patrick

  80. @98 he would have never survived a Bammeroid camp, Aight?

    The word “aight” was actually spelled out in the Dothan Eagle in a Lil Saban quote

  81. I am Tennessee, Collected Readings of Larry W. Smith

  82. LOL, after 3 series of shifting and new formations…we get two wide/fullback/run. Tennessee baby BABY

  83. oh boy…AR21 will get hung for that one…even with the ball high and away

  84. Frank Beamer would be proud

  85. they will blame all of that on AR21

  86. It is over. Crompton is responsible

  87. 7 points is to huge of a deficit

  88. what the fuck is the line doing

  89. WTF was that kind of punt formation??/

  90. The mountain boy must respond

  91. We need to convert turnovers to points

  92. Dave, we used that last year. It works when you block

  93. the Cromptonites are fuming

  94. Fostermom better be ready to debate me in an open forum.

  95. Did Duke play this weekend?

  96. I feel a 80 yard TD on the horizon…..get ready, Crompton about to put on a clinic….

  97. Crompton may be a prince, but:

    Hardesty is KING!!!

  98. Duke lost to James Madison, i think

  99. Holy shit.

  100. UCLA DC has Ruff n Tuff by the bawls

  101. laser arm cannon straight outta crompton

  102. Clinic??? Do you doubt the Mountain Warrior Prince

  103. Mountain Damn Rust

  104. I now believe our Battle Captain was right the last 3 years. JC has no brain.

  105. Vols, Bitch.

  106. Mountain Damn Rocket

  107. What now Jim Bob! Take it back!

  108. those penalites are padding JC’s stats/

  109. Arian Who?

  110. Jim Bob, sing Rocky top with me

  111. Arian Foster is a tough runner that gets hurt for running over people.

  112. and dropping shit….like footballs

  113. Hardesty ran so fast his contact fell out.

  114. Hey we are wearing white socks

  115. I’ll sing on the next TD.

  116. If he was playing defense, this would be easy

  117. Great call by the Talented Battle Captain taking the penalty.

    I will take up everything I have and follow him.

  118. straight into hell with a bucket of water

  119. Tee Martin, bitches

  120. Is that The Boz’ kid? What a douche.

  121. audible audible audible… pass pass pass. He is ready, David.

  122. There is more than one eligible receiver?

  123. Cutcliffe is responsible.

  124. 159, no, it is the Boz’s nephew.

  125. Mama Crompton buzzed them

  126. Mountain Damn Pressure.

  127. they are cheating… like cheaters

  128. Are they getting this game in NC mountain country or are they going to have to read about it in the paper?

  129. total domination is pending

  130. We need some Mountain Damn Penetration on D.

  131. we only test the best, not the weak ones blackledge

  132. we suck, we might not be able to beat Ohio State

  133. Cromption, “fuck this swing pass, quick slant, flanker screen shit. I’m going deep!!!”

  134. And a child shall lead them

  135. Crompton willed that interception, He WILLED IT

  136. Craft getting an earful — just like his third rufee victim tonight.

  137. Hard to figure who is worse, Craft or Crompton.

  138. Craft is trying to one up J-Crompt

  139. The Mountain Messiah may look a little shakey, but Tennessee has the best secondary I’ve seen since Florida beat Hawaii on Saturday.

  140. I think we need to tell the Battle Prince that every series is a two minute drill.

  141. Craft impregnated Sarah Palin’s daughter.

  142. Clinic, he just tackled Fumbles

  143. nice form tackle for Fotser

  144. At least Foster knocked our Battle Prince Forward!!

  145. Palin= Naughty Librarian

  146. Fumbles Foster thought he was getting the ball. Why?

  147. you are so right Vol Dave, he fell fowward

  148. 4 and 14 is nothing……to Chavis

  149. that’s aight, 3rd time will be the charm for Lincoln

  150. Crompton willed it.

    not bad work, my beloved Vols have 7 points off of 4 turnovers. I like those odds

  151. No doubt now, Craft gets the gold.

  152. what the FUCK am I watching right now?

  153. UAB better get ready. Bad as we wanna be

  154. Kevin Craft FOR THE LOSS

  155. Punting is winning, Rick. Cover the spread

  156. 197, LOL!!!

  157. Noohisel is dreaming up ways to cheat right now.

  158. Vols win this one by 17 or better.

    Call your bookie.

  159. 200, they just gotta get it to the 4th qtr. The home cooking is waiting.

  160. Crummy first half.

  161. The Nites are out in full force… ready to hang IBM

  162. If I only had another year….

  163. end of the first half.

    time for more gumbo and beer

  164. UCLA is awful and UT is only up 7. Get the windsock ready.

  165. I just tuned into EDSBS radio. Wow.

  166. what was the spread in this game?

  167. Fulmer is just fucking around Jim. Lulling the SEC into a false sense of security

  168. I admire your optimism and loyalty Jai.

  169. Good, Chavis gets to show the CFB World why is the best DC strategist

  170. Jim,

    Line was 7 1/2

  171. Holy rowe has short stubby fingers

  172. Thanks Dave. Holly also has a head like a pumpkin

  173. Holly Rowe has short stubby fingers, like I do!!


  174. UCLA might have a chance if Craft gets injured.

  175. Punt UCLA Punt.

    Clinic engage. 80 yard TD Drive pending

  176. smart. underhand pitching to Fumbles

  177. Punting = victory if the returner fucks up

  178. Look at JC go baby!! awesome

  179. Philosophy store? WTF???

  180. JC always tries to pull out early. WTF???

  181. Mountain Damn Stiff-Arm

  182. That’s the second time Foster has pushed that same little girl around.

  183. Michael Norris has to be pretty embarrased

  184. The Third quarter belongs to the Tennessee and ultimately Crompton.

  185. Brandon Warren!!!!

  186. Mountain Damn SEC power run

  187. Crompton administers a pancake block. Tebow would have fallen down

  188. Why can’t we get any push on these defensive tackles?

  189. Hardsty up the middle….sticking with the classics!!

  190. 3rd and 13, Crompton excels

  191. Mountain Damn Redzone

  192. Damnit

  193. Foster just fumbled? NO FUCKING WAY!

  194. Pick six coming (if they dare to throw)

  195. Ball security for Dummies

  196. He really tried to make me right.

  197. He had that ball right where he wanted it. Away from the body in one hand…

  198. I sure hope we run the ball up the middle some on this drive!

  199. Does anyone really believe Tebow is commenting here tonight????

  200. JC has the strongest arm in the history of SEC football.

  201. Does Crompton practice with 9 foot tall receivers?

  202. Crompton is showing a nice arm on the deep throws. He seems to have a problem with the shorter ones.

  203. His moustache is killing him I can’t believe Mama C let him on ESPN with that thing

  204. Western North Carolina thinks that was a catch

  205. 256, LOL.

    4.4 Speed Rogers gets behind the defense

  206. The Mustache Mafia is really attacking the QB eh?

  207. Yeah Tennessee, knock him in the ground.

  208. Chavis is fixing to close the door on this shit

  209. 3rd and 18. historically Chavis excels here

  210. Chow is a genius what a brilliant call on 2nd and 19

  211. I repeat: I sure hope we run the ball up the middle some on this drive!

  212. We need 6. Keep #30 on the sideline.

  213. who the fuck is he throwing to?

  214. two really bad intermediate throws.

  215. i repeat, who the fuck was he throwing to on that play?

  216. crompton is turrible.

  217. Is Crompton used to throwing to 10 ft tall mountain men?

  218. The Battle Captain has a plan

  219. Chavis is playing for a safety

  220. Hey, Turd,

    That is some funny sh**.

  221. 4th Q starts, get ready for the home cooking.

    a Vawl loss looms, mark it down

  222. playing for the safety

  223. the Illuminati reaches far into the refs pocket.

  224. Home Cookin’

  225. It is 2 points. mark it down and give it to JC for a 3 and out

  226. Bull shit.

  227. If anyone ever mentions Chow in the same sentence as Spurrier I am punching them in the face. Genius my ass.

  228. As Ricky said, he needed some 4th qtr home cooking!

  229. Chavis will get it back

    Craft 1 Cahvis 4


  231. Our D looks like winners tonight!

    Norm chow is a homo.

  232. Clawfense/JC haven’t done shit. He should have teken it to paydirt if UT wants anymore points.

    Get ready to hear the excuses from o’er them thar mountians

  233. we got robbed on the safety. We should have lost this game 17-16

  234. In defense of Chow, UT’s OC is not doing much better.

  235. again, crompton is turrible. Me ftw.

  236. UT looks very poorly coached.

  237. did yall see J-Crompt run over the Bosworth bros? He fucking pwn3d their asses

  238. How does Chow think that toss to the right is going to work? UT’s DL is faster than UCLA’s running back.

  239. I am number 300!

  240. tn gets down, JC can’t lead them back. Done

  241. Patrick ad Blackledge take turns sucking Neuheisel’s cock.

  242. Crompton is gonna need a little Mountain Magic

  243. It is a game like this where Messiahs are born. 6:51 is plenty of time.

  244. Don’t worry guys. Crompton will lead the come back. Wait what

  245. crompton does not possess it

  246. Outclassed by a 3rd string backup. Crompton is Mountain Piss.

  247. Warrior prince looks like a pussy.

    He can’t lead the vawls back.

  248. It is also games like this where coaches who like Krispy Kreme’s a little too much get fired.

  249. 5 points the refs and Illuminati have cost us

  250. Hey guys I called it early tonight, Crompton has been turrible all night.

  251. if JC leads us back, I will wear a houndstooth ball cap

  252. So then what you are saying is you should only be up 23 and poor coaching only cost you 26 points?

  253. 1 score off of 4 t/o’s says it all

  254. No problem, me too.


  256. That girl finally made a tackle.

  257. I called it early too, my arm hurts me.

  258. automatic first down.

  259. facemask, bitch!

  260. if we can give it back on a 3 and out, we can win the punting duel, and ultimately the battle for field possession

  261. I saved the day!


  263. The messiah miracled that one. water. wine.

  264. that facemask cost us the game

  265. oh shit, Foster is in the game

  266. EARLY UF @ UT LINE: UF -17

  267. 3rd and long. Walking on water.

  268. Jim, I will not live blog that game

  269. Since ya’ll called it early we did too!!! Krispy kremes please coach!

  270. Fulmer looks like a deer in the headlights.

  271. I actually think UT will, like almost every year, get it together around week 6.

  272. We wouldn’t live blog our games either.

  273. Jim that would be JC. Progression is not part of his vocab

  274. Here goes my best Chris Leak impression!

  275. And theres my Tebow impression but only half as good. 😦

  276. beating the 40 second clock is a chore

  277. 3 yard passes to build confidence

  278. Could it be a Mountain Pisser comeback??

  279. Walking on water. The touchdown is willing and waiting.

  280. That is the resume for the OC of UT? HAHAHAHA

  281. Nice injury extended timeout for the baby blue bullshi**ers

  282. @342,340,337, etc.


  283. Thanks Jim, can you believe how bad we are getting screwed? We should be winning this game 35-0.

  284. Workable down and distance for JC

  285. dominating OL. Hardsty is the balls

  286. This drive should have been the 10th drive exactly like this for UT this game.

  287. SEC, bitch! Don’t forget.

  288. I hear the music!!!

  289. Motherfucker, Hardsty is the balls of a motherfucking cat. Someone please explain why we let JC throw the ball?

  290. I knew I wouldn’t be the reason for the comeback. Go running backs!!!

  291. Great Drive. I am submitting a resume for UT OC. I am pretty sure I am more qualified than this guy. Plus I promise to run off tackle and not to call 15 yard outs where Crompton clearly cannot make the throw.

  292. So Jim Bob, it should be 82 to 17?

  293. I am butchering the lyrics to Rocky Top. Somewhere in Iraq, my brother is weeping.

  294. 23-17 at the very least

  295. If I were the OC, and we both will be competing for the OC job, JC would play tight end

  296. Hey I can make the 15 yard throw….to the feet of my receiver.

  297. JC would be a hell of a LB. You saw how he took down Foster

  298. I see a really suspect pass interference call coming

  299. Time to play BALLS-OUT D, Vols.

  300. We don’t got none to put out. 😦

  301. Zone D, keep them out of the endzone. Fieldgoal doesn’t do shit.

  302. I thought UT was supposed to have a decent secondary

  303. The Bruin cheerleaders look GOOD!

  304. Mountain Damn…Awww, Fuck It.

  305. Need a corner blitz for the sack.

  306. Help me Jesus help me jesus, i cant win a game with 10 seconds left.

  307. Sweet baby Jesus

  308. Chavis meets intellectual checkmate

  309. Get me a Kreme right now

  310. You have to applaud Fulmer for opening up the offense though…I see great things coming.

  311. I was wrong before. With :23, a mountain damn messiah will walk on water, all the way down to the promised land endzone. For it has been written and it will be done.

  312. I think the most telling stat is UT averaged just under 7 yds/ carry when giving the ball to the running back (26 times). Despite that, UTs retarded OC called for 37 passes.

  313. he did not fuck up the spike

  314. Those 3 looooong field goals come into play here. Let us not forget the great Pac10 officiating crews.

  315. Field Goal, Bitch.

  316. oh hell, Lincoln is pretty good, knock on wood

  317. Coe on Jai, don’t jinx him!!

  318. Fucking Awesome. Mountain Messiahs are born in overtime.

  319. like I said, 3rd (or 4th) time is the charm for Lincoln


  321. Just think, Britton Colquit is getting plastered in the back of his truck with some fine Appelachian tang right now. Lucky bastard.

  322. he did not fumble the coin toss

  323. No worries….Here we go Crompton….VOLS MAGIC TIME!

  324. Walk on 25 yards of water.

  325. Crompton tried Tebow those guys.

  326. chip shot

  327. Lincollin blew it.

  328. Poor kid. He is gonna take the blame and it is not his fault.

  329. Mountain Damn Failures

  330. @404 The 3 50’s weren’t, but that one was.

  331. Neiuheisel said at halftime “I thought we were in trouble until I looked across the sideline and saw Phil Fulmer.”

  332. I am now broken. Windsock tattered.

    Cromptons Football Clinic was a sham

    Thanks for posting !!

  333. Crompton sucks.

  334. Can Florida postpone the Thug U game and play Tennessee next Saturday? Please???

  335. That’s all I can take. I’ll see ya’ll here tomorrow, at the fucking grind.

  336. Clawfense looks dangerous. Bama’s screwed.

  337. It’s going to be a longer year for the fat……

  338. nice live blogging from the game. in case you hillbillies were wondering UCLA is usually a shortened version of University of California, Los Angeles. After tonight, those four letters also fit nicely as:

    yoU Cromptonites Lick Ass
    yoUr kiCker Looked Awful
    neUheisel Coaches Like A mofo
    yada, yada, yada

    And you should edit your little “Vols Bitch” youtube and photoshop crap to read “Vols R Bitches” or something similarly fitting. SEC indeed!

  339. 1 space left on the crown.

  340. Got damnit, Shit, Fuck! After all that Crompton talk I was waiting to see something spectactular!? Did he learn anything while holding the clipboard!?!? As a Gators fan, I’m thoroughly embarrassed by Tennesshit!

    I am impressed with the Safeties, but the offensive coord, play-calling, and Crompton should be shot! Why in God’s name would you get away from what you’re known for doing, and that’s running the ball. I could go on, but why, everybody saw the same thing.

    Bring back Cutcliffe and Trooper Taylor and apologize to both of them.

  341. I saw powder blue boys hobbling off the field the entire first half to further decimate UCLA. But the Orange couldn’t get the job done even with playing the second stringers. God awful, Crompton looked like a frosh playing in his first game. He couldn’t get the snaps right, stumbling and bumbling, just sick. Satan Saben, the Dogs and Gators are all salivating…….. I’d even be afraid of Kentucky right now. 7-5?

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