Current SEC Grudge Status

Here is the current grudge status for the SEC. Anyone see any corrections or deletions?

[Sports Illustrated’s link]

-Arkansas dislikes LSU, pities Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Finds a soul mate with Bama after the Petrino (Saban)hire

-LSU fucking hates Alabama, dislikes Arkansas, pities Ole Miss and Miss State, dislikes Florida and Georgia

-Ole Miss hates Mississippi State, and Alabama

-Mississippi State hates Ole Miss, Auburn, and dislikes Arkansas

-Alabama hates Auburn, Georgia, and they dislike Ole Miss (don’t forget the ULM Fighting Nutria).

-Auburn hates Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas (likes Tennessee for shared hatred of Bama)

-Florida hates Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Gators dislike Spurrier in a “drop a deuce on my chest while I am wrapped in saran-wrap” kinda way

-Tennessee dislikes Florida, feels pity for Georgia, and feels shame and revulsion for Alabama.

-Georgia hates Florida, Alabama, and Auburn. Always looking north and feeling penis envy towards their orange-clad big brother.

-Vanderbilt is pretty sure that all the other SEC schools will produce people to pump their gas and fry their whoppers.

-South Carolina might hate some schools but they’re an the ‘square peg in a round hole’ fit in the SEC but seem content with moral wins

-Kentucky fans occasionally realize that they have a football program. Now get back in your box Rich Brooks, you psycho.

307 comments on “Current SEC Grudge Status

  1. Don’t forget we all hate the pussies in the Big East!

  2. We dont like the coonasses either

  3. As for LSU, I would say that we (respectfully) dislike Auburn, and Bama will be simple hate after another year. Also I’d bet that for the next 2-3 years, Arkansas will fucking hate Ole Miss, but after Nutt gets fired/resigns/is lynched/goes over his text limit/gets caught in a compromised position with a 5 star recruit/simply has a heart attack, it will fall back to simple dislike, or even pity if Petrino is successful with Mallet (and is still around).

  4. I’d say UGA “hates” UF and has a strong dislike for UT. The UT hatred disappeared right after the 41-14 UGA win. Since then, things haven’t been as bad, even with Ainge beating UGA so often. I think a massive amount of obnoxious UT fans quit being so loud all the time after 2002. So long as Fulmer keeps UT in a state of grits with no butter, then I don’t see the point in wasting time hating them. UT should hire Spurrier, then we could hate them.

    UGA and Auburn is a strange rivalry. It’s very brotherly. UGA and Auburn share a lot in common as far as ex-coaches and players and academics, so that kind of takes the hatred out of the rivalry.

    Where UGA “hates” Alabama came from is a mystery to me. Every UGA fan I know either likes ‘bama or has no problem with ‘bama. ‘Bama was my #2 when I was a kid. There are no feelings either way about LSU.

    I know for a fact that South Carolina hates UGA as much as they hate Clemson. It’s amazing how much South Carolina hates UGA, even though very few UGA fans know it. Kinda like Buddy from The Incredibles movie. South Carolina is very content with 2 wins a season if UGA or Clemson are one of those two wins.

  5. Ole School LSU and Ole Miss fans hate each other with a passion.

  6. Bama fans like Georgia. Very similar fans and campuses, I think.

    We hate Auburn and Tennessee. How did you not get that?

    We could care less about Ole Miss.

  7. Most Auburn fans I know (and explayers) hate Alabama, UGA, and Ole Miss. I agree with @ 4 about AU and UGA being a strange rivalry with all the connections between players and coaches, but for the most part there is not a lot of love between those 2.

  8. those houndsthooth baseball hats are ugly

  9. @6

    agreed…. although we’ve never liked Miss. State either. Still, we hate AU, UT, maybe OM, and LSU for a little while.

  10. The Bammeroids are finished, you understand? I see a houndstooth baseball cap, I kill the man wearin’ it.

  11. As a Gator, I hate Georgia.

    As for Tennessee, I agree with jonkoncak when he said — “So long as Fulmer keeps UT in a state of grits with no butter, then I don’t see the point in wasting time hating them.” Nice. I think Jai is a bit off when he says that Tennessee fans “dislike” Florida. I would say that they downright “hate” Florida.

    We play LSU every year but I don’t mind them too much. One of my best friends is an LSU dude and not obnoxious. However, I have yet to make the trek to Baton Rouge for that game, so that might change my perception a bit as I’ve heard bad things about it.

  12. “I hate your team, but I love your girlfriend”

    I don’t hate the teams, I hate the guys attending UGA and Bama wearing 2 collared shirts or a shirt with a fish on it, having a karate kid haircut, wearing croakies, cutoff jean shorts, and penny loafers. Usually found congregating in “xxx” frathouse frontyard, surrounding a keg of cheap domestic, throwing the shocker sign at each other while they tell the story of hooking up with “xxx” sororislut by telling her their daddy owns a dealership. How those schools were blessed with hot chicks is beyond me.

  13. LL

    Older fans hate bama. The younger fans hate Florida. I chose the middle ground

  14. What Jmuthaf’nT said, too.

  15. Ahh, ok. Gotcha Jai.

  16. I agree with #3 as far as AU-LSU. It’s a respectful dislike. It’s usually one of the best SEC games of the year, and it has been won by the home team since 2001 or so. It’s the definition of a rivalry, yet there’s not really any hate involved (other than the hate that is shown normally on saturdays by LSU and AU fans). Also, a lot of us Auburn fans dislike Florida. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s something to do with Spurrier. They should hate us more because the only times we really ever beat them are when they’re ranked in the top 5. When they beat us it’s usually been a shitty year anyway.

  17. South Carolina hates Georgia and Tennessee.

    Georgia pretends to be oblivious to South Carolina and their hatred, but the hatred pours out from UGa whenever South Carolina beats the Bulldogs.

  18. MSU hates Ole Miss and Alabama. Ole Miss hates MSU, LSU and Auburn since the Tuberville move.

  19. LSU/AU might have gotten up to the hate level after the chop block on Dorsey.

  20. Whoppers are flame broiled

  21. Personally, the only team absolutely hated and despised in this Gator fan’s book is the Noles…

    UT, UGA and Bama are simply disliked…

    I can accept losing to an SEC brethren losing to FSU is FAR worse…


  22. @12 true, my friend, true….some things never change.

    you forgot, florida fans (at least me) hate auburn. why they did away with that yearly matchup is beyond me….since auburn has an uncanny ability to spoil our seasons, i have a strong hatred of that damn bird, the stupid fight song, the two ‘mascots’, toomer’s corner (got caught in that shit the 89 reggie slack game when emmitt wept like smokey on this site) when i got back to my house, some high school aubbie fans ‘toomer cornered’ my freaking house…..

    so….you could say i hate them, jeff burger, all their damn great linebackers…..and reggie slack.

  23. @21 can’t disagree more….

    i’d rather lose to f$u 5 times in a row for every georgia loss…..losing to georgia is the litmus test on whether florida had a good season.

    and no….we didn’t have a good season this past year.

    i respect tennessee, believe it or not. for the most part, i find their fans gracious, knowledgeable, and ….well, not bama fans. although i will say their obsessiveness about my gates borders on weirdo stalking lifetime channel shit.

  24. #17 has got it. However, we hate Georgia a lot more. And Auburn is Clemson without a lake, so we don’t like them.

    My fraternity brothers and I always looked forward to going to Tuscaloosa, so I guess we liked Alabama.

  25. oh yeah, i was brought up to hate bama…..my dad’s an old school ole miss fan….his hatred of the bammeroids and coonasses is as irrational as it is funny.

  26. LSU fans definitely do not “respectfully” hate Auburn. Nothing respectful about it, although it’s mostly directed at cigar-smokin’ Tubby. The Dorsey chop block did nothing to help. Ole Miss hates Auburn too since Tubby left them. Gee, why do so many people hate the Riverboat C*cks*cker?

  27. @12- “I don’t hate the teams, I hate the guys attending UGA and Bama wearing 2 collared shirts or a shirt with a fish on it, having a karate kid haircut, wearing croakies, cutoff jean shorts, and penny loafers.”

    You just identified atleast 50% of all southern males in college. That look is as bad as grown men wearing jerseys, jean shorts, any NASCAR hat and/or jacket, or white new balance shoes.

    Attention All:
    Carpenter jeans are as out of style as mullets and jorts. Unless, of course, you’re wearing them as a work requirement. I know this is a shock.

  28. I can’t think of a single other SEC school that I really like. I get the most excited about playing and think it safe to say that most Alabama fans loathe Auburn(Booger Eaters) and Tennssee(Cousin Fuckers) with LSU catching up quickly, especially the way LSU fans were in Shreveport cheering against Alabama would be the Bayou Bengals. Of course, no success on the field has only made those feelings worse.
    I will also say that growing up with a grandfather that pulled for Tech, I personally can’t stand Georgia and the way their fans come off as arrogant to me has not helped that. I have observed that most fan bases in the SEC don’t care for Alabama.

  29. @28 bama fan: “and the way their fans come off as arrogant ….”

    that’s funny….

  30. In addition to Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, Tennessee likes to think that they have a “heated rivalry” with Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina (errr… Spurrier). Yeah, sure.

  31. Man, I am so confused by all of this front loaded bullshit that my shaky mental stability is at stake. Most of those that think they hate Bama really despise $aban. I will add though, that South Carolina and Arkansas hate each other because neither should be in the SEC. Ole Miss hasn’t been in the SEC either during the past three Bat Shit Crazy years, when the best thing that could happen to an SEC team, even better than a bye week, was to take on the Rebels.

  32. Mississippi State hates Auburn?? Man, did you get that wrong.

    The order of hate for State goes:

    1. Ole Miss
    2. Alabama

    Followed distantly by:

    3. Arkansas
    4. LSU
    5. Everyone else

  33. Younger Gators hate UGA, UT, and Auburn, with a dislike for LSU. But we HATE Florida State. Gators at least respect the academics of our rivals, not with FSU though. I want a asteroid to smash into the Doak Campbell Erector Set and destroy the rest of Tallahassee Community College.

  34. @ #33 – That’s what I’m talking about…

    Blow that effin’ place up…

    I hate those SOB’s…

  35. @33

    gator fans that lived thru the 80s = HATE georgia more than is healthy

  36. It sucks that my girlfriend is an FSU Alum. The only thing we really bitch at each other about is football.

  37. @28 Since Auburn kicks Alabama’s ass every year, and Auburn fans are “booger eaters” does that mean that Alabama fans are “boogers”?
    One other thing, if Tennessee fans are “cousin fuckers” is it possible that Fatso Fulmer could be Pat Summitt’s uncle?

  38. @37 originally, i thought it was ‘gators eat boogers’, at least that was the pre-jort persona we had, according to georgia fans..

  39. From a Dawg,

    Hate: Tenn., Auburn

    Dislike: SC,

    Respect: LSU, Alabama

    One Thousand Suns of Suckass-Hatered: FLA

  40. Carolina fans HATE, HATE, HATE Georgia. I know many other Gamecocks who would rather beat the Dawgs then win against Clempson. For most fans it’s a toss-up. (For the record, besides hating UGA and Clempson, we also hate those blue babies at UNC)

    USC also dislikes UF, UT, and Arkansas. The dislike for Florida is slowly increasing, so it may graduate to hate sometime in the next few years.

    A lot of us like Ole Miss, though I’m not sure why.

  41. I didn’t make it up, that’s just what I have always heard-long before Auburn beat UA every year. I have good friends that are fans of both schools, I’m just saying what is joked about. I don’t “hate” anybody based on the school they pull for. For that matter I don’t think Auburn fans eat their boogers or UT fans fuck their cousins. I got kinda wasted at a party awhile back and said something about booger eaters and a friend of mine got pretty offended by it. I probably would have said “6” or “5”,at the time, if I was him but he just sulled up like I really believe that.
    Oh… and I think Summit is probably Fulmer’s uncle.

  42. @39 it feels right…natural, even comforting that we share the hatred in such a symmetric way. it is one of those laws of physics that i can’t quite understand….but fully embrace….

    the (lindsay)scott-spurrier law of hatretivity.

    ….although ray goff was like a salve of healing and reconciliation as far as we’re concerned. dooley burned us like gonorrhea. all his poor-mouthing psychological babble about the mighty gators….hell, it worked!

  43. I wish Pat Summit would leave the Lady Vols and come coach Auburn’s mens Bball team. They have not had a decent team since Barkley, and even then they were suspect.

  44. @32 Am I misinformed! I did not know that Mississippi State hated anybody. I was always told that there were just Jackie Sherrill worshipin, overall wearin, shit kickin farmers at MooU.

  45. For God’s sake, everybody hates Florida. Those moussed-up tight pant wearing car salesmen are irritating beyond words. Everyone knows this and everyone agrees with this.

    OK – you got me – I’m a UGA grad. hahahaha

  46. Let me add one thing: I am very glad to see that Gator fans really do hate Georgia. Because the worst kind of hate is unrequited hate – when you really hate someone and they don’t hate you back.

    This is the relationship Georgia has with South Carolina. They hate us all out of proportion to how much they should. We HATE Spurrier and we find the Cock fans delusional (think Alabama fans but with a perennial 6-6 team). We have a similar relationship with Georgia Tech. We hate ’em when we play ’em, but they hate us on a Unabomber level. Seriously, there are guys over there who are so bitter about UGA that it is seriously unhealthy.

  47. travis: no offense but i really didn’t think a whole lot on MSU. I do have a shit load of MSU caps that I am thinking of selling on EBay though

  48. You whiffed big time. Florida despises Auburn, pities both Georgia and Tennessee, and barely can recall most everyone else’s names, except that Spurrier’s a cock, but damnit he’s still our cock.

  49. I actually have placed a lot of hate on the OSU Failboats. Those fucks just don’t seem to understand that they are the SEC’s cupcake

  50. Agreed with the poster above who said Arkansas fans will hate Ole Miss during the Nutt era, however long that lasts. I’d also add Bama and Tennessee to the “strong dislike” category for the Hogs.

    The great thing about the SEC is that there’s plenty of hate to go around (until an SEC school plays a Big 10 team, then most people jump on board).

  51. I really thought that i nailed the spurrier thing with the deuce drop on the chest coupled with saran wrap

  52. Ole Miss fan here.

    Ole Miss Hates: MSU, LSU
    Dislikes: rest of SEC West

    But if you don’t think LSU and Ole Miss HATE each other, you’re dead wrong. Even though Ole Miss hasn’t taken one from LSU the past few years, the hate still burns something strong.

  53. I hate Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina (largely due to the fans on the last one). I dislike Auburn and Alabama. I have a “meh” attitude towards LSU and Arkansas, and I usuallly pull for Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Vandy and Kentucky.

  54. Since my Big East owns the SEC’s ass (19-14), I hate all of you. UGA is WVU’s bitch as is Oklahoma

    I consider myself married to EER Football…..Till Death do us part.. you bunch of delusional elitist heaux-meaux

  55. @ 53

    Of course the hatred burns in Ole Miss after a string of losses. If it continues, you’ll begin feeling jilted when LSU eyes another gentleman caller.

  56. Erik and RCR bring the sexy talk. I hate y’all as well, won’t stop till I’m dead.

    Anyone who doesn’t think LSU and Ole Miss don’t hate each other doesn’t know as much as they think about the SEC as they think they do.

  57. @40
    “Carolina fans HATE, HATE, HATE Georgia.”

    Us UGA fans don’t really get it either. Our rivalry with Clemson was much nastier than SCAR, but I guess that’s another reason why SCAR fans hate us. We recognized Clemson more than them.

    I don’t think any of the original SEC members hate SCAR.

  58. This shit is really beginning to get out of hand but in the meantime Angry@55 Was Rich Rod your best man at that marriage to eer football? Did you consider divorce or suicide after Wannstedt stuck it up your ass? And please, the “light in the loafers” crowd prefers “flamin faggots”. Save “elitist heaux-meaux” for those nasty cajun corndog boyz.

  59. Here is the way I see it: The Barners and Wingnut see another Big East ass-whipping looming on the horizon. What do they do? They go hire a fucking genius that was successful in upsetting one of the premier teams in the Nation….my Eers.

    Did you follow that?

  60. Rhoads replaces Muschamp so they can do the same thing to the eers that Pitt did.

  61. “…premier teams in the Nation…my Eers.”

    Wow, the bar has been set incredibly low these days.

  62. Ask yourself and don’t lie, Muschamp left because the Buzzsaw was on the schedule

  63. Eer, the aliens are calling you home…and they said you won’t need any country roads.

  64. @45:

    My “hate” for UGA is cyclical. I hated them in 1997 and I hate them this year because they beat us and kept us out of the SECCG.

    But you’re right: EVERYONE hates Florida.

  65. I don’t hate florida, i just don’t respect florida. florida is beginning a downward spike that would make Ron Zook blush.

  66. And you know what else I dislike? All of the fuckin’ POM-POM waving – Auburn, Bama, Tennessee, Georgia, etc. That shit is horrible. Fuckin’ grown men waving POM-POMs. And Mississippi State, you’re not exempt. That cowbell shit is equally terrible.

    I know, I know. The Gator Students wave POM-POMs at the bball games. I wish that would cease. And I know everyone hates the Gator Chomp but I love it and at least it’s original. Plus, it gives you guys something to mock.

  67. I understand, ‘Eer. It’s hard to respect a school that put on a 41-7 clinic in the 1994 Sugar Bowl. A loss that still stings you to this day.

    Hi-5s all around!

  68. LL, you knew how much those Big East beasties love to go back in time. That had to sting.

  69. Hey #28 “Alabama fans loathe Auburn(Booger Eaters) and Tennssee(Cousin Fuckers) with LSU catching up quickly, especially the way LSU fans were in Shreveport cheering against Alabama would be the Bayou Bengals.”

    I was one of those assholes! Go me!

  70. @67

    I loved it when State fans got their team back-to-back penalties for those cowbells several years back. To this day, my friends don’t seem to realize they proved no point by rattling them louder after the first penalty.

  71. Yeah, it hurt. It hurt like a Bob Stoops defensive game plan. Where did he coach before Oklahoma?

  72. Fast nasty and bad as hell Big East Speed is coming, you turdknockers in East Alabama.

  73. ‘Eer, he coached at Florida. Where he helped them win a National Championship in 1996. How many West Virginia coaches can say they’ve won a National Championship, huh? That’s right – only ones who have Morgantown left for greener pastures.

  74. Like Doc Holliday and Drayton??

  75. WVU=stepping stone on journey, not destination

    You keep talking the talk, but stumbling on the walk. ZERO National Championships.

  76. And Bobby Bowden.

    Are you that dumb, ‘Eer? Drayton and Holliday already have their rings at Florida. Pay attention.

  77. artiger: I think they have a National Championship in intramural female archery or some shit like that.

  78. Banjo playing and nose picking is more like it.

  79. Oh, and a reputable chemistry department. That explains the meth lab predominance.

  80. it was air riflery, turdknockers

  81. It certainly wasn’t genetics.

  82. As a Kentucky fan, I have to say, We play football????

  83. “It certainly wasn’t genetics.”


  84. Rifelry isn’t even a NCAA sanctioned sport…

    It’s a club sport for cyin out loud…

  85. I’m still waiting for some of Eer’s “Mountain Mommas” (or better yet “Mountain MooMoos”) to come get his slack.

  86. Oh, honey, no. “Dislike” does not even BEGIN to cover Tennessee-Florida. Turn that shit up to eleven.

  87. As an LSU fan I enjoy watching the bammers wishing to be like LSU while dreaming beyond hope that they will catch up.

  88. LL the lizard chop is certainly not original, just a pathetic gator attempt to emulate the Seminole chop. It was the best they could come up with.

    I mean they didn’t even have a gator patch on their uniforms until they saw how dazzling the noles looked with theirs.

    Noles never really thought much about the gators. Our biggest rival was always Miami. UF was simply looked at as a guaranteed way to share the SEC title after SOS won it.

    Lately it has turned to dislike at least with the 4 losses in a row, a gift from Jeffy. It is good that Jimbo and Trick have showed up to put a halt this silliness.

    Stop beating up on our farm team, the mountaineers also boys. I mean they have been good to us sending Bowden, Fisher and Trickett our way. We will be watching them closely. Jimbo will need a new oc when he takes over.

  89. @89 “Noles never really thought much about the gators. Our biggest rival was always Miami….”

    that’s crazy talk seminole….for an all-girls college, that’s big talk, eschewing the big state school like we’re some conference usa hasbeen. you and i well know that, at least historically speaking, beating florida was of the utmost importance for both your all-girls school and that wasteland in coral gables.

    so….you must be referring to that blight of thuggery between the mid to late 80s and mid to late 90s, when your programs were top flight….ahh, the memories….

    in fairness, i don’t hate f$u nearly as much as i should. i respect papa bowden….the war chant, osceola…when you all were dominating in the 90s, that damn chant was intimidating, daunting even. i actually think it is good for gator football to see f$u return to prominence…..

    gator nation is waiting……but, to say dismiss the gators as second-rate rivalry is nonsense……just because you’re losing the rivalry doesn’t mean it isn’t important…

  90. Hook em Horns!!

  91. SemenoleUprising:
    Ridiculous. All of the Semenholes I know hate, hate, HATE the Gators. They hate Miami too, but since Miami only has about 6 fans who all live in Little Havana, they don’t have to deal with their gelled-up, jersey and gold chain sporting asses that often.

    Keep holding on to that 14 years in the Top 5 streak. That ended 8 years ago and you guys have been irrelevant ever since. You can’t even win in the shittiest conference that is being dominated by Big East defectors. That right there shows you just how pathetic the ACC is. That, and their 1-6 bowl record this year.

  92. Florida hates UGA and LSU. Thinks UT and Fulmer are cute in a loser-ish sort of way. And lives in fear of Auburn when they (UF) are having a good season.

  93. i would pull for iraq before alablama!!!!!!!

  94. There are also a lot of Carolina fans who aren’t found of Bama because of the all “Spurrier wants to come to our glorious school instead of your sucky bass-ackwards wasteland” comment during the coaching search rumors. Not so much because they wanted Spurrier — we understood that — but because they were such jackasses about it.

  95. Why am I not suprised to see that Bammer chick in the link on 94 wearing houndstooth? They have an unhealthy infatuation with a dead guy.

    This just in… UAT to have Houndstooth Alternate Jerseys next season.

  96. What a fashion statement those houndstooth jerseys would be, classy traditional (obviously) and yet humble

    Maybe a Mastercard logo stitched on the jersey?

  97. UGA-FLA posters have it spot on. UGA-AU (and to a lesser extent UT) are mutual-respect rivalries. Which is to say, that you’ll likely pull for them in bowl games, championships, etc. However, if you’re a Dawg, as I am, hating Florida is as natural as breathing. Great call on the Scott-Spurrier Law, #42. But you’re a gator, and therefore I still hate you.

  98. i’d say the author doesn’t exactly have his finger on the pulse of the gamecock nation. Shared hatred of the University of Georgia is the glue that holds the balkanized orange-and-garnet Palmetto State together.

  99. joe morrison….a lobo and Moc….High 5

  100. You forfgot to say:

    “But Arkansas feels like EVERYBODY hates them.”

  101. I’m not sure who is your source about Bama and UGA hating each other, but I’ve never heard such a thing.

    I hate Auburn, but in a “yeah, he’s my redneck cousin, but don’t you say anything bad about him” kind of way.

    Florida, beyond hatred for the Gators and their arrogant chomp.

  102. The SEC is like a group of brothers. When your brother is playing 1 on 1 against some kid (team) from another neighborhood (conference) you want him to whoop his a$$. But you play your brother, you want to whip his twice as bad.

  103. Arkansas also has a weird hatred for Tennessee. I think it’s the orange and the “T” Just can’t stand to look at it. Way too close to Texas…

  104. Moooooooooo, Wig! Pooie

  105. Go to Hell Ole Miss, Go to Hell!

    I have really enjoyed our success against the webels this decade.

  106. Who exactly are you southerners trying to fool? This is the lamest article I’ve ever read, especially because it’s BLATANTLY FALSE. There’s no hatred in the SEC. Period. You are all in love with each other. You chant SEC after you win a title! You talk trash to fans of any non-SEC opponent, even if the SEC team that’s playing isn’t your team. You coattail each others’ successes. That’s why ‘Bama-Auburn will never = Ohio State-Michigan. Why? Because no one believes you when you say you hate another school in the SEC. Georgia and Florida throw a big barbeque for each other, for Christ’s sake.

    This two-faced behavior is outrageous to all other fanbases in the country.

  107. I sure hope Bama-Auburn never slips to the lame level of tOSU-Michigan. Go back to your loser conference, and let us get back to counting our BCS trophies.

  108. @108 If you’re a Buckeye, how long did it take for you to type that paragraph???

  109. Joel, if you’re an SEC fan, how long did it take you to READ that paragraph???

  110. Maybe someone else read it to you, and then you took credit for it.

  111. About as long as it took to count the # of championships in SEC team trophy cases…

  112. Arkansas fans hate LSU.

    Pity is right for Ole Miss, and Miss State. Miss State fans are enough to garner some hatred, but since they haven’t beaten Arkansas since the Clinton Administration, its hard to feel any real dislike for them.

    Back to LSU. I don’t believe Arkansas fans hating LSU is special. Everyone hates LSU. Even when they suck, their fans are the absolute worst in the nation.

    Of course, considering LSU fans live in America’s Asshole, its understandable why they’re all alcoholic and dysfunctional.

  113. True, I don’t know if you’re a Little 10 guy, or whatever pathetic conference you crawled out of this afternoon, but are you telling us that you don’t pull for other schools in your league when they play out of conference? Or then again, maybe you’re from Notre Dame, and that’s even worse. That would explain your bitterness.

  114. with all the UT bashing it seems that every school hates UT. obviously the better the team the more schools are going to hate that team. The younger Vols fans “hate” UF, but the past 7-8 years UF fans have transformed to where going to games in G-ville are actually enjoyable, win or lose. Older fans consider Bama to be the biggest rival. Although UGA & UF are the most important games in order to win the East. If you’re biggest rival is SC, Ole Miss, MS St, Vandy, UK, or Ark, then your team is not very good.

  115. @107 You don’t say where the hate comes from but if it’s from Cowshit U in Starkville, prepare for a Maroon blood letting when the dawgs get castrated on November 28. If you are a $abanite, all of you need a Fleet’s enema and some rest, otherwise I do apologize if it’s any other SEC outfit on the schedule.

  116. Razor, call when you get just one BCS championship. Or one BCS bowl victory. Or even one BCS bowl appearance.

    And considering that the Ozarks are West Virginia Lite, I don’t know that I would call anywhere else America’s Asshole.

  117. No team in the SEC hates LSU more than Ole Miss…they yell go to hell LSU after every national anthem regardless of the sport and who they are playing

  118. artiger, you already proved my point when you defended Bama-Auburn, when it’s obvious that you’re an LSU fan. And Joel already proved my point when he said he’s busy counting SEC titles. You guys don’t hate each other. You love each other. Thanks for the validation.

  119. True Moron, I am pro-SEC, and don’t deny it. But answer my question, do you pull for teams in your conference when they play OOC? Do you have a conference?

  120. artiger-bandwagon, what part of, “This two-faced behavior is outrageous to all other fanbases in the country,” didn’t you understand? If you’re having trouble reading, then maybe you should apply to school elsewhere.

  121. Well, the Dawgs don’t “hate” USC until we walk into their place and ruin their MNC chances…sorry about that. Georgia, to its credit, has established rivalries in the conference, and doesn’t really want to have one with USC. But, sometimes they are forced to because of the proximity of the schools/states, the fact that their more famous rivalry turned rather lopsided until this year’s EST-like breakthrough, and the fact that uppity USC started giving them more than they wanted. Having Spurrier certainly ups the hatred ante…never seen more anti-Spurrier flair and sentiment than in Athens. Better luck next year, leghumpers…maybe 12-1 will get you and dancin’ Knowshon a MNC in spite of the cockslap.

  122. @122, who is your team???

  123. True@108: Of course SEC fans are outrageous. We are outraged at having to savage those Tressel Vest pussys every year for the National Championship. We want some competition dammit, so if you are a SoCal Condom, tighten your sphincters, your ass is next.

  124. I don’t call that two-faced. I’m sorry you don’t agree, but I doubt that you represent the opinions of everyone else in college football fandom. You are acting like a pitiful, bitter, and beaten tOSU fan–if you’re for some other team, by all means enlighten us. I don’t know why you can’t understand that you beat like hell on your conference opponents, but pull for them in OOC games. Maybe it’s because your conference sucks. Again, enlighten us, please.

  125. artiger, why don’t you take a sledgehammer and bash your crystal ball, then give a piece of it to each team in the SEC? After all, they take credit for your victory, and you also give credit to them. The whole country saw it televised on national TV. You might as well put your trophies on a touring rotation amongst all teams in your conference.

    Why don’t you go up to a Cal fan and tell them to be excited that USC wins national championships? How about an Oregon fan? How about you go up to a Michigan fan and tell them to take some credit for Ohio State’s championship? Or how about a Pittsburgh fan for all of those championships Miami won? I dare you.

  126. H-Back

    I am scheduled for a trip to your AOR next month

  127. True CF Fan, who is your team (again)???

  128. cool, I should actually be around then and not on the road.

    Irwin still fucking sucks, BTW

  129. We do share the revenue, as do all conferences, but now you’re just being obstinate. When So Cal played Texas a few years ago, would it surprise you if Cal and Oregon fans were for USC? The whole point of the SEC chant at the end of this year’s game was just a dis to the Big 10.

    And are you ashamed of your team/conference, or what?

  130. if it does not have a 10000 X 300 runway with an ILS, I don’t go

  131. artiger, Joel wants a piece of your trophy. Are you going to give it to him?

  132. I’m sure as hell more likely to share it with him than you. Do you have a trophy?

  133. Oh, wait True, I happen to have two trophies. Sure, Joel can have a piece.

  134. Cal and Oregon fans most definitely did not root for USC. They didn’t root for Texas either, but there definitely was no rooting for USC. They hate Pete Carroll, they hate the Trojans, they hated Bush and Leinhart, they hate everything about them. You’re dilusional.

  135. There ya go proving my point again…hahaha! SEC bandwagoners. Why don’t you all just start singing koombya at your tailgates.

  136. Well, that’s surprising. While living in Oklahoma some time back, I noticed that the Sooners hated Texas with a passion. And the Red River Rivalry is no slouch. But once the bowls started, every Sooner I knew was for the Horns, and all other Big 8/12 teams. And just check out some of the pro-Big East stuff that Angry Eer puts up on this blog (crazy, yes, but pulling for his conference). So maybe this is just a matter of geography. Still, how many trophies ya got?

  137. 2000 more hits and the daily hit count is broken.

  138. I’m doing my part, Jai.

  139. There wasn’t a single Sooner in the state of Oklahoma that was cheering “hook ’em” that night. You’re insane.

  140. Angry and the rest of the Big East crew were facing getting buried further in the mid major boneyard. It is their best interest for the BE to do well.

  141. And you are full of shit, sir. I lived in OK for seven years, and my wife is a Sooner. Plus, check this site out. Prior to the latest tOSU beatdown, we had Michigan and Michigan St. people posting here on what the Suckeyes were going to do to us.

    Sounds to me that you’re jealous because your team/conference is second or third rate.

  142. The only thing that gets any team rooting for another team in its conference is if they’re playing an SEC team. That’s because your fans are the most bandwagon, delusional, confused, and uneducated fans in the nation. Your teams are in conference contention on such a rare basis that you have no other choice but to root for each other. It’s sad.

  143. See, here you go…the only way you’re going to be able to argue with me is if you know what team I have or what conference I’m from. How am I supposed to take you seriously when you can’t really defend yourself without insulting my team or my conference?

  144. True CF fan,
    The SEC fans are supportive of each other because we are smart enough to realize that the success of LSU and Florida paves the way for other SEC teams in the future. Both Florida and LSU were not being considered or were shaky for the BCS championship a week before the game was announced. They both cruised to a win. Now, next year when USC is 11-1 WVU is 11-1 OU is 11-1 and an SEC school is 11-1 who do you suspect is most likely to get the bump up from the human pollsters(besides USC, obviously)? The SEC school based on past performance and a second to none BCS record.

  145. In conference contention on such a rare basis? What do you mean by that? Is your team in “conference contention”? Oh, that’s right, you aren’t going to tell us.

    Look, let me try to make this logical for you. If an SEC team beats an OOC team, and we beat that SEC team, it’s going to help us as far as the computers and nerds who compile the rankings. Aside from conference loyalty, does that make any sense to you?

  146. Here’s a question: Why do you think it makes you look good if one of your teams wins a bowl game? Miami has 5 national titles since 1983, and they came from the shabby Big East. Do you really think there were Big East teams rooting for Miami?! Hilarious!

  147. Hook @ 107: I think every team in the SEC can agree; and tell your cousin (Isaiah) to holler sometime (we went to high school together)

    @ 91: This is who Arkansas fans HATE most. Thus the hate for Tennessee whenever we play them because of that gawd awful orange.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I have nothing for respect for ‘Bama. That school/team defines this conference and college football (historically). And their fans aren’t assholes.

    LSU fans have to be the worst in the conference, if not the nation. UGA fans a pretty fucking annoying too with their dumbass dog chant after each kickoff. That goddam cowbell is pretty annoying too. Kudos to all the State fans for actually having something to cheer about for the 1st time in a decade.

    The article has is spot of us Arkansas fans hating Ole Miss as long as HDN is there. But the grove is still one of the top attractions in college football.

    I don’t really consider Auburn that big of a rivalry, but if they ran for 400+ yards on us at our place every other year, I might consider it a rivalry too.

    SCAR: See above paragraph
    UF: Damn…I got nuthin…

  148. @148 If you want to hide your support, fine by me. I’ve just given examples of other conferences where the schools support each other in OOC games. You offered up one or two yourself. Great. You can portray yourself as the collective opinion of all non-SEC fans, but I’ve seen otherwise, and so has everyone else.

  149. So, the computer rankings go into computing the BCS standings, which really only matter for 2 teams in the nation, #1 and #2. The BCS standings don’t preclude you from getting a BCS bowl bid, either…look at Missouri. There’s only 3 situations in the BCS era where this has mattered, each involving SEC schools, and from a historical standpoint, it only impacted 2 of those 12 schools. So, I ask again, there’s no reason it should matter to an Alabama fan if one of its conference opponents goes to the national championship, because it’s never going to impact them!

  150. @154. I believe it’s already happened, somewhat. LSU lept those spots this year at least in part because of what Florida had done the year before. Remember, many were not wanting Florida in that game and severely underestimated them. That obviously was a near miss. The human polls want to get it correct and so may now find themselves deferring to the SEC Champs when in doubt. Next year it could impact Alabama or Georgia or Auburn, etc.

  151. Not just the computer rankings, but the AP voters look at that stuff too. And being ranked higher does help your cause when bowl bids come out (although it’s no lock; see Mizzou).

    Again, you’ve seen it one way, and I’ve seen it entirely differently, from at least three other major conferences. Maybe the Pac 10 is apathetic with regard to it’s overall standing in college FB, but other conferences see it differently.

  152. Auburn really only hates Bama.
    UGA is like a brotherly hate.
    We used to hate Florida, b/c nobody liked Spurrier.
    We don’t like Ole Miss b/c they hate us.
    We like LSU fans when they come to Auburn, but not when we go down there (which is normal for anyone)
    Everyone else we think we get along with…

    BTW I was surrounded by LSU fans at the Auburn game this past year, no one said anything about the chop block at all. On TV it did look alot worse, but no one in the stadium thought it was that bad or even realized it happened. I didn’t even know it until i saw sportscenter the next morning.

  153. I hate Ohio State, Kent State, the Big 10, Sweater Vests, Failboats and how the left wing drive by sports media pushes their overrated ass on the world

  154. @157 Well, most of us took Tub at his word (he said one guy, I think the guard, messed up his assignment, and that the chop was the result). It looked nasty on TV, but two things come to mind. One, it wasn’t a season ender, which is often a result of a chop. Also, it was on Dorsey, who I think received an apology later, and he is a forgiving sort of guy. Most of the stadium was probably too drunk to clearly see the replay.

  155. How you do against non-conference opponents doesn’t matter. The SEC had an average non-conference win record during the regular season, going 7-5 against BCS opponents this year. The ACC had a better record than that.

    Face it, there’s no real hatred down thar. You guys love each other, and you love sharing your victories and making excuses for each others’ losses. Like, how in the BCS era, the Big Ten is still has a winning record against you in bowls, including 2007. And how the Big Ten still went 2-1 against you in 2006. And like how you can’t beat Michigan. And maybe how USC perpetually creams you.

    Go ahead, go make excuses for it. All of a sudden, the Big Ten has a winning record because they never play the “best SEC teams” (contradictory). Since 1970, Michigan is 7-3 against your teams, what are those excuses? The same one? You end up brushing USC’s dominance under the rug.

    See, that’s called being a bandwagon fan. That’s when you take pride in a team’s victories, then are either emotionless or excuse-filled when someone calls you out.

  156. your data on UM is incorrect. I don’t think the Bammeroids have ever beat michigan

  157. Jai, what the hell are you talking about? Michigan is 7-3 in bowls. Are you making some kind of SEC excuse? They’re also 20-5-1 all-time.

  158. I AM VERY concerned! It’s apparent that True CF (Compacted Fudge) is so full of shit he needs to get a high colonic, a Fleet’s enema, inject some Versed and take a long nap.

  159. Like shit Spackle impacted on the colon?

  160. The Big 10 did not have a winning record against us this past season.

  161. In the bowls.

  162. Nick Saban is a beautiful, beautiful man, perfect in every way. I wish I could be him. I wish I could live inside his uber organized brain forever, subsisting on nothing but his stubble, dried aftershave and the saliva of Bama Boosters.

  163. Whoever posted that, it almost made me spew my beer.

  164. what the fuck is going on here? Is there some motherfucking interloper busting on the SEC???

    Did somebody kick this cockfaced ass? Give him the SEC Mushroom stamp on the forehand??

  165. Oh my God, Eer to the rescue!

  166. you fucks are rudderless without Big East speed…hot and nasty

  167. Great, glad you are here. There is a post on WVU….move along

  168. I guess True CF (continuous flatulence) heard you were coming and crawled back to his hole. Thanks, Angry.

  169. Jai, what’s the hit count?

  170. for the day, it was new record of 14, 012. that post bt Angry was a ballslapper


  171. I knew he was good for something. Congrats.

  172. Hey AngryEer, are you joining in on the lovefest that is SEC football fans? You guys aren’t fooling anyone. Now we got a Tennessee fan sucking on LSU’s balls? Shocking. Tell you what, when you actually find your own pair and fire your dumbass coach Fulmer, then you can talk.

  173. Does anyone else think that Saban is beautiful enough to win the Miss America pageant? I mean from the physical beauty side? He would take the talent piece easy..

  174. @179 you must want to wash my balls really bad. Odd, I don’t see one motherfucking indication of your team.

    So what you say if I say that Ty Willingham wishes he could rub warm buttermilk on Pat Whites sore thighs?

  175. Oh my, artiger made a fart joke. Hilarious. Why don’t you go give Eer a piece of your crystal ball? Better yet, maybe you could both get together and swap trophies. I mean, you’re both in the SEC, and everyone knows that SEC fans share communally in each others winnings.

  176. i want a PAC 10 handjob with buttermilk as the lubricant. Whatcha say suck ass Husky?

  177. I’d say that you’re either a racist, a homophobe, or a complete and total idiot. Wait, that describes every single southern football fan. I guess that doesn’t really narrow it down.

  178. Ty Willingham coaches at Washington, and Pat White is the QB for West Virginia. I don’t get it.

  179. don’t fight it, cock fighter. WVU is in the Big East. The biggest baddest and fastest conference.

    We are 19-14 over the mighty SEC.

    SUCK ME Cock Fighter!!!

  180. oh, your “whois” data is a bit telling….

  181. and Jai? Yes I think that Nick Saban is perfect for Miss America

  182. Still not sure what you’re ranting about. Is this how they talk in West Virginia?

  183. True CockFeeling fan…

    Don’t be jealous of the SEC.
    Stop posting on here or elsewhere for that matter.
    Go out and lose you virginity, pay for it if you have too.
    Go do you Geometry homework and stop playing on the PC.
    And lastly, go sit on your fucking thumb you fucking loser.


  184. we don’t fellate the pac 10 here.

  185. Hey hawg, go lick the sports illustrated cover of LSU hoisting up their national championship trophy that you have framed in your room.

  186. True, I tried to tell you that the SEC wasn’t the only place that show conference loyalty.

  187. LOOK OUT! Some asshole hit a nerve and woke up True Compacted. And what does he do of course? He starts talking about guys doing strange things to each other. Maybe TCF can give us a few pointers. For God’s sake though don’t fire Fatso Fulmer, he is the SEC’s answer to Mangino, Friedgen and Weis. The SEC cannot survive without one waddling lard ass.

  188. My closet is full of LSU stuff, I won’t lie. But that is because I married an LSU fan and I’m happy for her that they won the trophy that your school has tried and failed winning two years running. We don’t take credit for any success of any other SEC school, we just celebrate playing in the greatest conference in the nation.

  189. No Eer, you just fellate the SEC.

  190. I can promise you this mr Washington.edu, that kinda of weak smack will not work here.

    this seec homos are like a pack of rabid dogs. and from reading your comments, you will get embarrassed or banned

  191. w/ a 19-14 overall conference win loss record, i can get away with a lot here. these fuckers fear my Country Roads.

  192. Eer, don’t get carried away.

  193. good luck with that, dumbass. Did you need the website legal contact info? Jai has 3 lawyers that post here

  194. Uh oh, sounds like someone just “started”…

  195. Yuppers, I do have 3 lawdogs that post here. Take your best shot dickweed. BTW, you post your email address in the comment form. i have not published it here.

    Your IP, like the EER, is from the university of Washington. Now stfu and move along

  196. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  197. OH SHIT! Get out of the way, here it comes, TCF has his nuts in a vice and his panties in a wad. We are definitely on the verge of a Galactic Storm. Put on you game jerseys, paint your faces and go to your respective stadiums.

  198. Well, thanks a lot, Eer, it was just starting to get fun, and you freaked out Mr. Left Coast, Elitist, Pac-10 fan, and sent him to the nearest java stand for a double amaretto decaf latte. If he didn’t go him and lock, double-lock the doors.

  199. It makes enough sense…who else but a Pac 10 fan would try to convince someone that there is no such thing as conference loyalty, except in the SEC?

  200. Washington fans are “class”. They stick up their noses to the SEC folk drinking bourbon while they tailgate on Lake Washington in their boats and drink red wine before the game. The red wine does the trick because the games at Husky Stadium are usually a snoozer anyway.

  201. Class? Another term for them would be “loser”.

  202. sorry. i love smack talk as much as the next guy, if not more. that dood was weak.

    lost hog if you are there, make sure i did not ban you by accident

  203. Yeah, I was being sarcastic, artiger. Fuck those dorks.

  204. Congrats on the hit count, Jai!

  205. Jai, you banned him? I thought Eer scared him off, in a stalker kind of way.

  206. did you all see comment 168?

  207. yeah, he is blacklisted. i suppose that was kinda harsh though. i will move to the comment is always moderated

  208. i move that west coast dood to the comment moderation window

  209. I guess the Eer did run him off

  210. I fyou can’t stand the heat in the meth lab…get out

  211. The hit count is especially impressive given that it is post season.

    “comment moderation window”–Is that like probation?

  212. 14k in a day is pretty decent. I think getting the lead off of SI is cool. The off season is going to be tough. I floundered through it last year.

    Yes, it is probation or parole

  213. I am up to my ass in this shit, can I go home now?

  214. I can’t believe this CF dude is for real. He has balls though, bringing his non-superior conference loving ass in here.

    Last off-season was how I became a daily reader of this site with the Build a Bear, Gunsville, and the Nutt text messaging plan. Hope this year’s off-season is just as eventful.

    Jai, give me a holler if you get a chance when you arrive in my AO.

  215. Crazy times..The Build a Bear Series and all of the Gator’s legal issues. Someone will fill the void. If not, pitchers and catchers report in 41 days.

    4th…last week in Feb

  216. LL actually I was just pulling your leg earlier you know I despise the gators, that is understood. Ocasional marginalization seems to make them more frantic and vengeful, which is part of my reportoire.

    I do still hold Spurrier in high esteem still. We would never be 4 time SEC co-champions without him. We could always count on him to win that SEC title and then take an ass beating from FSU.

    We have recruits now who had tears in their eyes because they couldn’t get out there and spy Timmay in that last game. The one year dynasty is over however. Get used to the whipping post again.
    We are once again where moving to a stage where opponents will shake with fear at the sight of the garnet and gold and their pupils will dilate.

    Please stop with we are all SEC brothers routine also. It is sickening and repulsive. Come fall you will all be back to throwing golden rain and beer cans at each other.

  217. 224. SemenoleWhatrising…What a jackass! I hold BB in the lowest esteem possible; as do many of your boosters. As for F$U playing in the ACC with a bunch of high school teams to practice for their bowl games, the only thing greater than their ability to play football is the integrity that they live their lives. How many made it to the bowl game this year? What a disgrace! How bout some more free shoes.

    Keep a positive attitude though. I think opponents will look forward to playing F$U and their head coach, er CEO, er puppet as long as BB is there.

    Oh and you are no SEC cochampion. That’s why you went to the ACC back when…to win football games and continue to build your program. If F$U had joined the SEC, they would be a middle tier team such as South Carolina.

    As for being repulsed by us being SEC brothers, look at the article this response board is about. Go elsewhere. What a jackass!


  219. Bobby Bowden is an old, incoherent suckass who needs to be eating oatmeal and drinking hot tea with that ancient old fart, Joe Paterno in the Sewanee River Old Folks Home.

  220. when Les Miles dropped that mispronunciation of Arkansas, he moved LSU past a dislike and right into a hate. you just don’t do that. if petrino gets us on track before he leaves, this ‘golden boot’ rivalry might actually start to mean something.

  221. jonkoncak,

    “Massive amounts of obnoxious UT fans”? Why would UT fans be obnoxious towards UGA gans- we owned you for years, 9 to be exact from ’89 to ’99 and have kicked your ass the last two.
    I live in Atlanta and used to see more UT colors around town than UGA until 2002. After beating us twice in 00-01, UGA fans came out of the closet and proceeded to buy apparel, flags, stickers, etc. to display. I have never seen so much “new” stuff at one time.
    Going to games in Athens, I was always impressed with the genuine good nature of UGA fans until your two-in-a-row. Then UGA fans became the most obnoxious, rude, mouthy fans, rivaling even Florida’s.

  222. I can promise you’re all going to hate Arkansas in a couple of years and for a few more after that!

  223. wow….just managed to read all this crap and not one of you outside the SEC can evar admit it that the SEC is kickass not only in football, but in every other sport as well. look at the titles you dorks. every weekend in this conference is like murders role. none, not one, of you outsiders could come in here and go through our conference unskaved. and you fucking know it. SEC stands for supremacy and you fuckin’ haters better get used to it so STFU.

    as to the rest of my SEC brethen. screw all of you esp. the corndogs and viles. and that frickin’ Nutt loser.

  224. @231 Careful, you’re acting like a WVU fan after the Rich Rod departure.

  225. You forgot Ole Miss and LSU hate each other almost as bad as Ole Miss hates state! LSU doe not pity us, we just hate other!

  226. rebfan

    have you ever seen the school without a mascot play? It is pity that the SEC feels for pete boone and crew.

    As shitty as your team is, IMO you would still beat Ohio State

  227. Well here we go again. I’m addicted to this shit like I am to salted peanuts.
    @230 Why wait? The despising started when you hired that “trained weasel” Petrino. You “Johnny Come Latelys” to the SEC will think that Houston Nutt was Vince Lombardi when that prima donna pussy gets through castrating your Hogs.

  228. Bama fans despise Tennessee

  229. Chris? Why does Alabama have to cheat to win?


  230. Eer, what the hell is up with this?


    I would have thought that as bitter as y’all were, you would have just subtracted it from the buyout, even if it was a different clause.

  231. it is called taking the high road…like the florida coach did after losing the recruit to LSU?

  232. Funny Eer, I just figured that money came from Rodriguez’s efforts to recycle shredded bits of paper when he cleaned out his office. Think of all the player and football files that were shredded to come up with that dollar amount (allegedly)…

  233. High road? As in “hang him high”?

  234. Oh Shit! Vols 74 Fails 69, get out the chain saws.

  235. Hide all sharp objects in Ohio.

  236. more pwn on the failboats

    ohiostateforsaledm1 copy

  237. MS State hates Alabama only 2nd to Ole Miss. Who cares about Auburn?

  238. If you’re a contender, you care about Auburn.

  239. I promise that Nick Saban gives a shit about Auburn

  240. Nick Saban is so cerebral and well-spoken and so goddamn handsome that even the Louisana media are falling in love with him

  241. Hate to say it, but if Lester would have bolted north, and Nick came a courtin’, he would have been welcomed with open arms.

  242. Georgia Fan here:

    (1) Georgia Tech(I hate nerds)
    (2) Florida(Jean shorts and Booger Eaters. The rivalry will enter a whole other atmosphere this year)
    (3) Tennessee(Fuk that “penis envy”)
    (4) Auburn(Great game every year. Like close cousins who once a year wanna kill each other)

    (5) South Carolina(Run along….)
    (6) Alabama(Self-entitled and annoying as hell to play)
    (7) LSU(When we play, it’s like Clash of the Titans. Would be in the realm of Auburn game if we played them more often)
    (8) Vandy(They are annoying, especially two years ago….uh…)

    (9) Kentucky(Usual domination with a hiccup here and there)
    (10) Arkansas(Being a Falcons fan, this might go up in a few years)
    (11) Ole Miss(Use to be higher when we played them every year)
    (12) Miss State(The one SEC team i will root for, outside of bowl games)

  243. Oil prices fall on news that Nick Saban is not only articulate, intelligent and dreamy.

  244. Dawg @251,
    Based on your writeup is having a small penis is not limitation ?

  245. I’m trying to update my log on all this detritus. Are there any more “booger eaters” beside, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee? I have two “penis envys”, LSU and Tennessee, is that it?

  246. Only people who wear jean shorts are from UF.

    As a UGA fan I hate UF, AU, and UT.

    uSC I just hate their coach.

    Same with Bama.

    LSU not really any hate there.

    The others just see them as an usual opponent

  247. as a lifelong UGA fan and a general SEC fan i can say:

    I hate with a passion UF

    I plain hate Auburn and UT

    I dislike SC just cuz they hate us so much and their coach is a pile of shit

    Forget the rest, they are all just regular SEC opponents

  248. BAMA hopes that Tennesse and The Giant Pumpkin would just die….We despise LSU and wish anything bad on them…Auburn there is no questions about them…Ole MIss, Miss.St,Arkansas just games we like to win..Florida (Fuck Teabow)…o and did I mention how bad we hate Auburn??And as for GA they are up there with LSU

  249. As a UT fan I can say..
    1 – The hatred for Florida was much stronger when our spurned native son Spurrier was at the helm (I have to say it was also more fun). And yes, dudes in Florida are some cut-off jean wearing sons of bitches – why?
    2 – The hate for bama is instilled in us hillbillies from birth. Was never sure I actually hated them until I met their fans. Those poor, insipid fools…. I guess being the last state in the US in everything except football will do that to ignorant goat fuckers.
    3 – Georgia? I would class them right above Carolina in the pity catagory. They have yet to progress beyond 1980 and inevitably find some way to fall flat on their faces when all the media has them hyped up. Keep up the pathetic work – that genetically fucked up mascot of yours represents you dipshits well.
    4 – I rarely even watch the Kentucky and Vanderbilt games. They suck. Really wish FU would grow a pair and tell their big brother FSU where to go and play us at the end of the season instead of those two chumps.
    5 – For all the rest – I couldn’t give a shit. We just need them ranked to hopefully jack up our rank when we are actually having a good year.



  252. Still haven’t figured out the caps lock button, Bama4?

  253. Hate is such a strong word. I mean at the end of another beautiful day in Oxford with the strains of “Dixie” wafting through the air of the Grove with a cold libation in a blue or red cup, can a man truly hate anyone when surrounded by the beautiful belles of the South ? I think not, Sir. We shall save our animosity for the uncultured and un groomed who wish ill will to our civilized extracurriculars. Hotty Toddy! The South shall rise again. Colorblind.

  254. You are clueless…

    Tennessee (to use your words) “fucking hates” Bama. We could care less if they win another game of anything ever again.

  255. As a UGA Fan and Grad Given the opportunity I would piss in every single jean short wearing Yankee’s beer and then sodimize their mother. As for university of South Carolina fans (not USC there is one of those in California and not Carolina which is located in Chapel Hill not the Armpit of the Carolina’s called columbia). You haven’t earned enough respect from UGA to be hated (Spurrier has not SC) just like you haven’t earned enough respect to be considered anything other than the University of South Carolina anywhere but that god forsaken state. As for Tennessee go rape your cousins and bring back the ICEMAN. GT u have to win to be hated. AU is always fun but stilla rivalry. And I hate AL because my sis goes there now and even though they go 6-6 losing to LAMonroe she still feels filled with pride enough to talk shit during the UM FL game about how UM deserves to have shit talked about them because they lost to App state. AL fans still think they are fanastic becuase Bear coached there and only alabama fans with there creationism and lack Biology knowledge can live of a dead bear longer than a maggot.

  256. Jon Koncak, you sucked on the basketball court and you suck and stringing together an intelligible thought. First of all, as a Dawgs fan, I can’t f’ing stand any other team in the SEC- or the NCAA for that matter. Secondly, this is a sports forum, not the fashion network, you low-rise jean wearing, turtle-neck sporting metro-fag.

  257. True Rebels dispise LSU with a passion.

  258. It’s only a game, right?

  259. Excuse me…It’s the other way around…. Clemson is Auburn WITH a lake. The Clemson football program was started by an Auburn assistant. Thus, the “Tigers”, the “Orange” primary color, etc.
    War Eagle…and we hate Bamar…DUH!

  260. Whoever wrote this doesnt know shit. UGA and Alabama are not really rivals at all, I think that UGA fans respect Bama. There is nothing about how Bama hates LSU. Tenn takes pity on UGA?!?! that is laughable.

  261. kenny p

    you sure are sensitive about uga and UT. penis envy rides

  262. How Bama hates LSU? Safe to say the feeling is mutual.

  263. @259 & 260 Stated like a true 24 carat Bammeroid and $abanite, incoherent to the point of mental collapse.

  264. “Secondly, this is a sports forum, not the fashion network, you low-rise jean wearing, turtle-neck sporting metro-fag.”
    – King Donko of Punchstania

    I thought you said the wasn’t a fashion network? You just described your “down low” partner. I see my #27 post offended you.

    One thing is for sure, you’re the reason why QuikTrip carries UGA and NASCAR hats. I see them and think, “who would but that crap”, where as you see it and think, “Hail yeah. I luv me a bat with a tri-colored bill.”

    So what about post #27 offended you most? White new balance? Jeans? Jorts? NASCAR anything?

    News flash, dickbag, not looking like a redneck doesn’t make you a queer. You’re the UGA fan that yells at Richt the whole game in Sanford Stadium and your offensive strategy for UGA when the run is getting stopped is to “run it the other way, damn!!” I sit near morons like you that think they know more than any coaching staff.

    Do you have hookworm?

  265. @272 incoherent to the point of collapse.
    High 5s allround

  266. @273 Koncak, we’ve all got such warts on our collective asses. Everywhere, you go, you’ll see some. More so in some places than others.

  267. Auburn HATES LSU, Alabama hates Tennessee. You can’t forget either of those.

  268. @259, @260- Hell yes, RTR

    @262- It is the attitude like yours that results in going winless in the SEC.

  269. […] SEC Grudges: The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous — Loser With Socks […]

  270. The SEC needs to boot out Vandy and take in West Virginia, making the SEC pretty much a 3rd NFL conference.

    The SEC should segregate from the rest of football, and have its champ play an allstar team from the rest of the yankee states, and I still put my money on the SEC.

  271. The Hogs are still too new to the SEC to really hate anyone there. We only really hate Texas… and some of that hatred runs over on to Tennessee because they are just as smug and just as orange. My blood boils whenever I see a team in orange.

    I don’t think Hog fans will hate Nutt. Sure, is was time for him to go, but he put us on the map in the SEC.

    Petrino may be a merc and jerk, but if he leaves Fayetteville in three or four years with a BCS game or two, I’ll be a very happy man.

  272. “Koncak, we’ve all got such warts on our collective asses.”

    Actually, this site is a collection of collective warts on asses. I’d like to think of myself as a zit on an ass. Zits don’t really irritate for a long time and you can get your wife to pop ’em.

    Eer, you know you’ve had hookworm at some point.

  273. The word “Hate” may not be the correct
    word, enjoy beating the most might fit.

    As a Florida alumni “80”, beating Georgia
    has always brought enjoyment, especially
    when by more than 10 points. But they do have
    hot women!

    Tennessee is second, love the stadium hate
    hearing “Rocky Top” over and over. Always
    a good game.

    Ourselves, I have had to replace three TV’s in
    the past years because of bone head plays and
    my reaction…..note to self, put protective cover
    over TV screen.

  274. Disclaimer: long time rebel (as far back as Charlie Connerly): hard to work up much hate for anyone. rebs have no expectations of getting into top ten much less winning any sort of championship. HOWEVER, every once in a blue moon, we slip up and whip some poor SEC team that was looking past us so it is still fun. We live on old victories such as whipping LSU in a Sugar Bowl the same year Cannon (the crook) stuck it to us good. and what rebel will ever forget whipping those whimps from Notre Dame in Jackson when it was 110 degrees and 180% humidity. My personal favorite is whipping UT 33-0 when they were ranked number 3. Mostly though we figure 6-6 or 7-4 is a good year. and never forget our motto: We may not win the game but we’ve never lost a party.

  275. i think bama hates saban. as a dawg, i had an awesome time in tuscaloosa, but i always have and always will despise knoxville. tennessee, florida, and any spurrier-coached team are the bigguns for my generation. if georgia tech ever puts up a fight, maybe they can move up from “pitiable” to “disliked.”

  276. Me, I hate everyone. I wish their planes would crash into their stadium. Not terrorism, just hillbilly plane drivers drunk on moonshine.

  277. Of SEC opponents, Tennessee and Auburn are the two most hated by Alabama. Like HATE hate. Fans from the two schools rarely marry into each other. Friendships have been torn apart by college choices. Coaches (Stallings, Shula) have made and destroyed careers based on their record against these two.

    Georgia and Florida are disliked on game days, but there is no long-term hatred (unless there’s a player or coach transfer).

    LSU sits somewhere between the two. Always a tough game, the fan bases don’t seem to get along…and then there’s that corn dog smell.

    Ole Miss is a friendly rivalry. They rarely ever stand a chance and their campus makes for a great roadtrip for away games. MSU is similar to this, only there is a reason they’re located in STARK-ville and these last two seasons have just left us with a sick feeling.

    The rest of the SEC? Who cares. Rarely, if ever, do the games come close.

    Finally, Roll Tide!

  278. Ole Miss fans emphatically, deliberately and eternally hate LSU. We hate Bama; because, they are the biggest cheaters on God’s green earth.

  279. Kentucky fans really don’t hate anyone in the SEC, we only hate Louisville and Duke, Louisville in everything and Duke in basketball., Dukes football team is to pathetic to hate.

  280. Does everyone pity Ole Miss?

  281. yes Jimbo

  282. Does anyone really believe Ole Miss has a basketball team?

  283. @281 “leaves with a BCS game or two”. Take a deep breath man, I think your sanity may be in question here.

  284. @290 & 292 Methinks I detect the scent of cowshit. Could that smell be eminating from a Sylvester Croom lover?

  285. Zag, I think @281 he meant just making it to any BCS bowl. So far they are perfect (0-0) in BCS bowls.

  286. Arkansas hates all the rest of you mo fo’s. Now that Paw Paw is retired and we got us an AD that paid enough money to get us a real coach we’re gonna kick all of your asses. This means YOU Florida.

  287. Go back to the SoWhatConference, Billy.

  288. @297 Prima donna pussys like Petrino do not kick ass they suck ass. In the meantime, A butcher tells me that pork is best when you kill the pigs in the fall, so hog killing time will start early this year in Fayetteville. By mid-season Paw Paw will be loaning diapers to that transient jerk off.

  289. Everyone in the SEC hates USC because they know they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Trojans whom only PAC-10 teams can defeat.

  290. Who wants to tee off on this dipshit Condom Lover first?

  291. If it weren’t true, you wouldn’t have reacted so strongly, zigzag!

  292. Your comment was really difficult to read.

  293. @302 If it WERE true I wouldn’t be writing this shit I would commit suicide. But in all honesty the SEC desperately needs some competition for a change. We are sick of kicking the shit out of those Tressel Vests, but a fresh ass raping is possibly on the horizon in the form of the USC Condoms. For God’s sake we don’t want those left coast pussys to collapse like they did against the Cardinal Sad Sacks and then maybe, just maybe USC will finish # 2. We know that an SEC team will finish # 1, we are just not sure at this time which one of five or so it might be. The problem remains, God Forbid, though that one of those pansy PAC 10 units will knock off the Cons dropping them into the (Excuse me but I’ve got to use this) “Grandaddy of Them All” again, where they will draw that Ohio cupcake. If we are fortunate though, USC will finish second, so tell ol Curly Pete to strap on his spandex thong, your twinkie Mark “The Sombrero” Sanchez to tighten his sphincter because the SEC will shove it up your ass and won’t be using a Condom.

  294. And no reach around, either.

  295. UT loves to reward mediocrity.
    UGA loves to think they are the best pre-season team ever!
    UT fills a 106,000+ stadium that’s not loud
    UGA cheats to motivate (oops, I’m sorry, it’s team celebration)
    UT has become a basketball school
    UGA replys “run lindsey run” because it’s all they have
    UT doesn’t suck as much as UGA

    Go Tigers1

  296. @306 “UT has become a basketball school” Not after last night.

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