The basics of Failboat hate

“In all likelihood we will be the underdogs,” offensive tackle Kirk Barton said, “because we know that pretty much everyone on Earth hates us. So that’s cool, and we’re going to be playing in Louisiana and against LSU and against the SEC nation. … That’s fine with us; we’ve played in hostile games before. It will be a lot of fun.” [Columbus Daily]

So exactly when did the Buckeyes become the Patriots? Maybe more like the Buffalo Bills or the Atlanta Braves?  Hey Cupcake Barton?  Glendale was really cool last year.  I hope that you guys don’t get Hawaii’d in this game too.

I don’t hate you as a person. I just think your awful little team is vastly overrated. Big difference there, Cupcake. We love how you screw up. I’m kind of excited how you’ll top last year’s trainwreck. Remember the excessive end zone celebration injuring your star player on the 1st play of the game? That’s gonna be tough to beat.

Cupcake, I hate OSU because they benefit from a weak schedule and act shit-hot for beating one “good” team every year.

The hate is not you or your players Cupcake, it’s your idiot fans. There seems to be a higher ratio of bad apples. Read these observations from the Texas – Faiboat game:

….They bring back tales of jort-sporting jackanapes, parking lots full of angry white trash hooping it up like it was Talladega (and Texas is Jeff Gordon), beer and bottles thrown at kids, families, old people. As a friend described it,”Imagine every guy who has ever keyed someone’s car standing around outside of a stadium.” Young guys getting in the faces of women; grandpas getting a face full of beer and an earful of invectives. This clearly violates the Iron Law of Fandom: “Thou shall not antagonize women, children, old people, families.” Other young males are fair game. This is known in every place on the planet but Columbus, Ohio. This has nothing to do with passion or commitment. It has to do with a school culture where it’s a socially accepted norm to be a complete douche. Pointing this out to Ohio State fans engenders only defensiveness, not introspection. [link]

Worse than Florida fans? I say yes. I think we have found something that The Failboats are finally better at than Florida.

Cupcake, I hate your #1 ranking built on the roadkill of :

Youngstown State
Kent State

The legions of Bucknut fans that hang out here waiting to try to spell the name of their state probably won’t care for for this assessment, but for “pretty much everyone on Earth” who hates O$, “high 5s all around”.

346 comments on “The basics of Failboat hate

  1. Believe it…
    bugeye fans are major assholes…
    I’ve seen all of that crap..
    They can fuck-off..

  2. Herbie and Corso are nutting on themselves with the pro-Failboat propaganda.

  3. That is very important, as they both use Valtrex on a regular basis

  4. Tressell is a robot. Like Herban Meyer, cold and lifeless

  5. Anyone down to live-blog this bitch?

  6. Look at all those Tosu highights vs. Kent State and Akron, WTF ESPN?

  7. are you live blogging this??

  8. why not? I want to document the fail

  9. What if they don’t fail?

  10. then I want to document Les Miles’ fucktardness. That will be the only reason why LSU doesn’t win

  11. SOunds like COrso is sucking tOSU cock and Herbie is on the verge of tears…..

  12. Classic. ESPN loads up on Buckeyes

  13. God damn it Todd! How many SEC games did you watch this year? And you still pick OSU?

    I totally didn’t see that pick from Herbie coming, did anyone else?

    And the perennial wrong-pick man chooses OSU. I’m fucking confident about it now.

    The SEC is clearly superior.

  14. Herbie must pick against osu. His earlier manifesto supports his unwavering loyalty to the big 10

  15. nice star spangled banner

  16. LSU is going to make Herbie cry like Tebow after this beatdown.

  17. Herban is on. How fucking sweet. Probably stealing recruits

  18. These two SEC-hating dickbags doing the play by play. That is just going to make this victory so much sweeter.

  19. Charles Davis is a former Vols DB

  20. Why did he join in on the UGA bashing during the Sugar Bowl?

  21. Why wouldn’t he? WHen he played was during the Goff/Donnan era. Stomping on the T

  22. that interlocked arms shit is as geigh as it gets

  23. Les mIles will fuck this up

  24. My bad, slightly before my time

  25. his assistants had a month to prep for this. Miles can’t fuck it up.

  26. those are some hideous osu chicks

  27. hell of an offensive series for LSU

  28. Christ! Please tell me that was zone coverage

  29. Pellini was dreaming of Nebraska for the last 4 weeks

  30. Tosu’s band is dressed like Hitler Youth.

    Hester is a beast

  31. what the hell is up with all of the stickers on the failboat’ helmets?

  32. I just got home from the office…WTF???

  33. Same thing as last year. no injury during celebration. LSU is forgetting their formations

  34. 1 good cut back by Beanie Wells + 1 breakdown in zone coverage = 10 pts for the failboats

  35. motherfucking dreadlocks

  36. double teaming Doucet. I fucking called that shit

  37. Drink 1 every time you hear “Sweater Vest”

  38. Drink one for every shitty Fox reality show commercial

  39. Please tell me that it’s nerves or that Tressel is coaching his ass off…

  40. Hester is a fucking bulldozer

  41. Stupidest pitch I have ever seen.

  42. Drink 1 each time Michigan is mentioned

  43. Tied up bitches!

    Skank ass looking LSU band chicks

  44. Tressel better pop in that Tosu-bashing DVD again to pump up his troops.

  45. My son will never play for a big 10 team

  46. Chris Wells=Eddie George Lite…

  47. @55 was that them watching the DVD , playing truth and dare in that commericial?

  48. Is Maurice Clarett watching this game from Cell Block B?

  49. Eddie George = part of the 0-8

  50. @58, probably

    Hella good call, dude didn’t have it.

  51. Steltz needs to liberally apply some vagisel to that wrist

  52. OSU’s right tackle has been holding all night. They better startt calling it.

  53. im·plode (ĭm-plōd’) pronunciation

    v., -plod·ed, -plod·ing, -plodes.


    To collapse inward violently.

    1. To cause to collapse inward violently.

  54. #33 is lost as an easter egg

  55. Laryngitis is over rated.

    SEC speed, cheers!

  56. Holliday reminds me of a faster Dave Meggett…

  57. the failboat kicker earned yet another helmet sticker

  58. Why are they running Flynn on that shit?

  59. megget is before tbst time

    failboat FAIL!!!

  60. the crowd shots of failboat fans will be priceless

  61. The Failboat DB that got beat just received another sticker

  62. helmet stickers are for fails?

  63. I know about Meggett. Like half of Towson’s athletic facilities are named after him.

  64. The Bud Light commercial: The red & black team, is that the Fightin’ Nutria???

  65. are they lil pics of sweater vests?

  66. Not seeing the whole matt damon thing

  67. i am numb to commercials.

  68. dropped pass= buckeye sticker

  69. God damn what a hit! God damn what a pick!

  70. lsu 93 is a nasty dude. he is going to stumpbreak.

    tOSU just got a helmet sticker

  71. I think beckwith might be dead

  72. maybe Hester will do a Gator Chomp

  73. INT=5 helmet stickers.

  74. Show those padded Tosu stats vs. Akron, Youngstown St, and Kent State.

    This is the fucking SEC

  75. @86
    I do not think Hester can spell gator chomp

  76. #1 Defense motherfuckers

  77. It’s amazing that Pedro Serrano is doing Allstate commercials…

  78. 24 unanswered.

    Suck it Fuckeyes.

  79. I sense that the failboats are broken

  80. Was teh blue team the fighting nutria?

  81. @92,
    Pedro was President for a while until the terrorists or Russians or Chinese killed him.

  82. How many OSU messageboards an hour ago had posts saying “SEC speed lolz wtf omg pwnd!!1!1!”? My guess-all of them.

  83. Wells looks very explosive now

  84. LSU just had to stop drinking their NOLA Hand Grenades.

    Speed kills

  85. hartline is the only failboat wr?

  86. i say that lsu 93 is going to stumpbreak the fail #74

  87. completion short of the chains.

    failboat pride sticker

  88. those magnificent Failboats

  89. LMAO @ stump break definition on Urban Dictionary

  90. @103
    Could you please make a failboat pride sticker? My neighbor went to OSU and he is a prick. I would like to give him a belated Christmas present.

  91. Jimmy Carvile says “Cajun style”

  92. These SEC: A Story of Character PSAs are so classy.

  93. what the fuck woulda failboat sticker look like? I realy like the failboat on this post

  94. OK, since I got in at the end of the 1st Quarter, who gets the ball first after halftime???

  95. hope they spell “o shit “w/ the band

  96. Is the Buckeye band goose stepping???

  97. @111
    corndogs do.

    And its the Hitler Youth Marching Band from Ohio

  98. They were just in an anchor for the Failboat!

  99. @110
    Just have a scarlet and gray ship captained by a dork in a sweater vest sinking under the headline “OSU-dotting the “i” in failure”

  100. Who wants to watch a bunch of homos kick field goals? Have some dude throw a football through a hole for a million dollars.

  101. Tressell and the Fails are playing truth and dare

  102. nice spiked hair from the failboat kicker.

  103. I want to start a band called Tressell and the Fails.

  104. tOSU in the SEC = Weedeater Bowl

  105. I think OSU won the halftime show at least.

  106. They could have played UF in the weedeater bowl and beat us.

  107. Jesus. watching this makes me wish every SEC school put a brick shitting Big 10 school on their schedule every year.. It would be like watching UGA/Hawaii in every game.

    BTW, the announcers for Fox, suck floppy donkey cock.. They sound like Herbie and his vocal ball tonguing of Big 10, and OSU..

    I’d never spell like those cajun queers, but they are my team tonight, SEC baby…

  108. If I can’t start a band called Tressel and the Fails, we are going to be known as floppy donkey cock.

  109. See? Herbie was fucking emotionally distraught during his commentary.

    He was need of spome super max winged pads

  110. fuck me running, Beauiyckman got laid out on that pick.

  111. I liked how they mentioned a kid on the OSU is in his 4th championship game.. 2 JCs and 2 BCS..

    He’s 0-3 they said, hopefully trying to win one..

    Makes me wonder what kinda question they ask when recruiting..

    “Do you have a winning playoff/championship record?”

    “No wins? Well, how about a full ride, you seem like our man. We’ll mold you into something laughable.”

  112. Look, its God

  113. Herban’s mole is mesmerizing

  114. Meyer is holding that mic like he holds Tebows dugan… Only he’s not talking into as close as he does with “The Bow”.

  115. Jamarcus Russell stole that sweater from Heathcliff Huxtable.

  116. Is Jamarcus wearing his Bama bling?

    Take a drink SEC Speed

  117. June Jones said, “Fuck it. I want to go to a school where I have no chance of getting my ass beat by an SEC school with a national audience watching ever again!”

  118. Who’s that African with the elephant on his neck?

    And whats with these two fags wanting eddie george to smile.

    Who gives a fuck.. I want to watch the sweater vest be shredded.

  119. SMU would be the best place for him then..

  120. You know kids… there’s a fine line lesson in life in watching the Failboaters….

    You never fucking win in life, when you wear a sweater vest..

  121. i got a picture of Russell wearing bama bling on this fucking blog

  122. This halftime show needs more Shaq.

  123. that kids should wear socks

  124. What will be on next year’s DVD?

  125. OSU has towels-look out

  126. @144
    It will be a 20 minute DVD next season

  127. They don’t wear socks in LSU..

    Kmart feet are fashionable.. Much like that hideous shit Russell was wearing.

  128. They won’t have a DVD next year.. They will save up for the 0-10 against the SEC, since it’s such a milestone.

  129. Close your eyes Jai!

  130. troy smith or whoever the fuck that was, didn’t seem to have a good sense of humor. Give him a helmet sticker

  131. Hester, getst the 1st down

  132. Is it just me or does Miles look perpetually constipated?

  133. Clarett is snuggled up to Big DJ right now. It’s “Light’s Out” in the pen…

  134. Flynn gets a Failboat sticker

  135. Miles is confused again… TO Tigers

  136. LSU needs more penalities. too avoid the “homecooking” rants

  137. What conference are zebras from?

  138. can’t be from the big 10, they are proven cheaters and gamblers


  140. roughing the kicker… failboat pride sticker

  141. helmet stickers all around

  142. OSU is both slow and stupid. Sad really.

  143. I honestly would make the OSU-Vandy line Vandy +5 if the game was @ Vandy. OSU makes UF tackling look competent.

  144. LOL

    I don’t even think these slow fucks could win the Egg Bowl

  145. They must of fed the Fuckeyes some greasy crawfish or something, cause they can’t tackle..

  146. Tressel just dropped a brick

  147. fundamentally sound, those Big 10 teams.

    31 unanswered.

  148. They just give up too much after the first touch.. Can’t win like that, when they get 3…4… 10.. hell a TD after you try and wrap them up.

    and BTW… I fucking LOVED the formation LSU had for the 1st TD.. Fan-fucking-tastic set up.

  149. Sweater Vest: You’re not playing Kent State. This bitch is over.

  150. I want to see Tressel hulk shred off his vest after making it 0-5 against SEC…

    You might can rear-end Michigan year in and year out, but you can’t fuck with the South.

  151. 0-9 isn’t an accident

  152. How many helmet stickers did those DB’s get for missing tackles???

  153. You know.. OSU using all the steam power on the failboat too early.. Just like last year…

    Kinda like a pre-teen, shooting the gold early, and nothing left for the “game”.

  154. That’s Big 10 speed right there

  155. Alot of stickers… Look at their helmets..

    Another thing.. 2 rushing TD’s allowed this year..

    Did they fucking play in the para-football league, and no one able to run or walk?!

  156. Steltz you pussy. The Failboats don’t hit that hard

  157. SweaterTits is looking more and more constipated after every down. At this point when he does take a shit, it’s gonna be petrified. Somebody call the Smithsonian!!

  158. I hope somebody posts that androgenous (sp?) buckeye fan on Youtube.

  159. Where are all those damn buckeyes.. The shit was deep till kick off.

  160. Those crying Buckeyes look like some shit WVA would have rejected.

  161. Will sweatervest have a job tomorrow?

  162. They are on Bourbon St. trying to rent the services of a tranny prostitute.

  163. I swear to God that Failboat band looks like something straight off the history channel about the Nazi SS.

  164. When you look to a punt to energize your team, it is safe to say you’re fucked.

  165. SEC…SEC….SEC

  166. oh shit, Failboats have hope?

  167. Nice throw matty.

  168. How the fuck is that “a great pick”????

    It was thrown right to him!!!

  169. Matt Ryan would have never made that throw

  170. If LSU shits the bed I’m gonna puke!!!!!

  171. LOL

    fucking brick shitters

  172. Who are these announcers? I am pretty sure the color man has some sort of learning disability. I really hope Tressel kicks a field goal so I can laugh for about ten minutes.

  173. Jim, color guy is former Tennessee DB.

  174. That was a nice catch.

  175. i don’t believe that they fix the sinking ship

  176. @206
    That explains everything. As always, the correct answer is always the simple one.

  177. Isn’t the color guy that Canadian Fag Gate Jesse Palmer?

  178. I think I overused always in the previous post.

  179. OSU doesn’t have enough buckets to bail out the water that is storming in the hull.

  180. Salt in the wounds to Ole Miss fans, haha

  181. TBST

    The band looks like HS ROTC Drill Team

  182. June Jones must think he’s some kinda coaching messiah..

    He’s like a rehab team for a struggling program…People said he was stupid for considering the GT job, but SMU?

    The way the Failboats are going, June Jones might be rehabbin’ them in a few years.

  183. I think it is time for Herbstreit to strap on a helmet and take the field

  184. I think the OSU band looks like a bunch of extras from the movie “Taps” starring Tom Cruise, Seann Penn and Timothy Hutton.

  185. if my aunt had balls, she could play rof tressel

  186. Aight, LSU is playing with their heads up their asses. Time to man-up on this shit and 3 and out the failboats.

  187. “I think it is time for Herbstreit to strap on a helmet and take the field”

    Didn’t he pretty much suck ass back in the day???

  188. let’s go failboats! i’m bored

  189. They’ll choke on a few, and make it seem mildly exciting..

    It’s the UF/OSU blow out, but it’s certainly not… “close”..

  190. Herbstreit has got to be tired of being made an ass of year in and year out.

  191. this is no way near the dp moss/harvey ass-raping of last year…not even close

  192. @227….he’ll get used to it…he has the fucking yoda of it working in the same company (beano cook)

  193. @228
    That is what i hate about gator fans. They somehow need to compare this game to last year. Can’t we all just enjoy the failboats sinking?

  194. it was going that way until Matt Damon threw the int

  195. Peta Activist Ali Highsmith

  196. aw, c’mon jim….you can think of more reasons why you hate gators…..and, yes, i’m enjoying it

  197. #227 Herbie loves the cock!!!

  198. Failing in HD is simply amazing..

    I almost saw a tear on the sweater.

  199. look at those titties on that cajun queeen

  200. @234
    I graduated from UF in 98. I think I am pro gator. I am just anti-gator fans at times. There is a difference.

  201. i got bounced of the HD

  202. i want steltz to get back in the game….that pussy

  203. Fuck you all. There’s no HD in this piece of shit town.

  204. Jai, that was a dude pounding the wall..

  205. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  206. STRIP…FAIL….

  207. LSU says “no mas por el failboats”

  208. @238….actually, i agree with you jim….i was just having some fun….i’ve been a gator since the lean years of the early 80s, so i’m not really one to seriously talk shit like the ‘johnny come latelys’….

    by the way….that 4th down conversion was very ‘last year-esque’….;-)

  209. I think I just sharted

  210. i gambled…and lost while laughing at that Fail Play

  211. How soon until OSU fans run off Sweater Vest for not winning the “Big One”??? They stole the 2002 title…

  212. Tressel= Fail
    Ohio State= Fail
    Big 10= Fail
    Tosu fans= Fail

  213. My God the “anguish” on the tOSU fans faces is Pan Am Games Gold

  214. deep insight re: the pistol from Charles Davis.

    fucking kiss my ass dood

  215. it looks like the hindenberg is in flames everytime i see some pasty idiot with buckeyes around his/her neck

  216. I kinda wanted to see the hat rise tonight…

  217. I can hardly wait for ESPN post game show. Last year, Herbstriet looked like he just found out his wife starred in an all barnyard animal gangbang. I wonder what he will do for an encore.

  218. he is disappointly stupid

  219. jim: he will look like he just starred in an all barnyard animal gangbang.

  220. You know.. amongst it all..

    I’m sad about the end of the season. It was fun.

  221. This fucking gaotrade commercial with Peyton gives me fucking chills.

  222. Good call on the ESPN.. That might be better than the game itself.

    I wonder what excuse he can make this go around.. After 0-9, or whatever it is.. You’d think he’d run out.

  223. @258 you should be downtown, your dawgs turned back the clock to the early 80s….they’d be doing the same shit to the buckeyes… you sure whipped my gators ass this year. a great year for you all

  224. They should do that Gatorade Commercial with Bonds and Clemens, and have “Steroids: Is it in you?”

  225. How was that not a hold on the left tackle?

  226. fucking right tackle is holding everytime. do they not call holding in the Big 12?

  227. nica gator,

    It was a good year, regardless of the outcome, and more than anything was a surprise..

    Next year will be the year it really matters, or so it’s building to be like that..

    College football is just #1 and I hate every year when it ends.. Nothing like going from coffee and pancakes to beer and shitty snack food on Saturday morning.

  228. @267
    Actually I think they were both holding.

  229. doesn’t matter now…

    ball game bitches

  230. That one LSU cheerleader type girl had a five head

  231. Close the meat curtains.. Those pussies STINK!

    LSU can pop that strap now.

  232. @268 amen to all that….yeah, my stomach/liver take a beating in the fall…more so this year than last, i should say……

  233. nevermind. Les Miles could fuck this up.


  235. Lauranitis’s mom is a body builder..

    Can you imagine a bitch lookin like him with long hair?

    Jesus.. she’d snap your cock off with one kegel.

  236. Lauranitis’s dad was either the Hawk or the Animal of Road Warriors fame. He gets a pass on any barbs from me.

  237. congrats corn dogs

  238. Tosu loss- helmet stickers for everyone

  239. Corso, Herbie, and Todd Blackbridge are going to need a few boxes of kleenex.

    And LSU just dotted the i for the Failboats.

  240. It was Animal..

  241. YAY..

    OSU BCS Championship t-shirts for 3rd world countries!!!!

  242. Now even UT fans have to admit it was cool when UF did the SEC chant after winning last year. Hopefully LSU does the same.

  243. I like the chant..

    Better than the OVERRATED that Hawaii got..

  244. “SEC” chants from the Superdome!! Hells yes!

    When did Les Miles get a body double?

  245. jai you fuck… pass interference.

  246. CoonAsses win!!!!!

    Not quite the assrape as last year, but a nice beatdown anyway. Hear the crowd chanting SEC, SEC,SEC!!!

    Looks like SweaterTits won’t shit until December at the earliest!

    Hah!! Jai Eugene gets a penalty!!

    No offense Jai….

  247. And there is a Jai Eugene appearance. A waste of a DB.

  248. LSU players aren’t bright.

    Any psycho with a hat high on his head gets the ‘ade on the back.

  249. Boy, Ohio St. plays some “real juggernauts” in the Big 10…

  250. Tosu trying to make it look close… LOL

  251. Fuck!!! How could they let those lameass cunts score??!?!?!?!?

  252. My question is. When will the voters stop being toddlers putting their hands on hot burners, and stop putting fucking OSU in the Championship game?

    It’s getting old watching rape on public television.

  253. The dude just said UT was the dominant program in the SEC. When was that? Was I sick that week?

  254. New BCS CG matchup

    SEC Champ vs. BCS #2. Lets just call it what it is, please.

    The SEC is clearly superior.

  255. #296

    ‘Tard announcers????

  256. I must have been in a coma… unfortunately, i woke up when they beat the fuck out of georgia.

  257. TBST,

    Agreed… the SEC Conference is half of the proposed BCS playoff.

  258. Black Shirts = Nebraska (Many years ago)

    Black Shorts = OSU???

  259. OVER…


  260. They should just schedule the SEC championship the same day as the BCS and call it the national championship until the Big 10 agrees to a playoff.

  261. #283 i just saw a failboat ‘back to back’ MNC t-shirt here in nicaragua

  262. Wha the fuck did Glen Dorsey just say????

  263. Did Dorsey speak Engrish?

    Did he have his mouth guard still in?

    Jesus, get that man some speech class.

  264. Tosu:
    Please report to the Orleans Parrish Hospital to get a rape kit. Follow the path Hawaii took.

  265. Jim, I could not have said it better myself…

  266. @305 LOL

    I want a picture of some ethiopian toddler squatting in a field shitting in a field with a OSU BCS Championship shirt on.

    That would be priceless.

  267. It’s gonna be a quiet flight home to Ohio.

  268. @306
    You know his agent will. He’ll be the Dolphins #1 pick. I just hope he doesn’t get one of those tacky ass sweaters JaMarcus Russell had on…

  269. yep, in nicaragua jim kelly = joe montana+tom brady…..it’s highly complex mathematical theory….only valid in sally struthers countries

  270. Corso is acting suprised the SEC is superior. Wow

  271. @310 i’ll work on that…..

  272. Wha the fuck did Les Miles just say??????

  273. @312

    You know he will… Straight outta ‘Rouge, he’s gonna be a wild one.

  274. Les is retarded.. I’m sure he practiced this speech, but he was too concerned with the confetti.

  275. Ricky Jean-Francois=Jerrell Powe of LSU???

  276. Ricky Jean-Francios just said “I think you might don’t” I am not sure what that means.

  277. Les Miles has the attention span of a hummingbird with ADHD

  278. That shit looks plastic..

    Les should get his middle finger sized for the new ring, so the vest can see it better.

  279. They need to stop talking to the LSU players..

    It’s seriously taking the glory away.. I’m getting tired of hearing broken engrish in my surround sound..

  280. And the great Herban speaks…

    LMAO, Herban just said Tosu just got out-coached

  281. I am sitting here waiting for an announcer to say “look, the Big Ten just sucks. They can’t compete with SEC athletes. Very few can, save USC. Until we all can agree on this an institute a playoff, we are going to see annual beatings like this.” And now that fag Corso is saying USC deserves the national championship. I hope he gets syphillis.

  282. Herban looks like someone goosed him from behind.

    Ricky Jean-Francios stuck that club of a finger in his ass.

  283. @325
    Jai will now post that Urban is angling for the OSU job.

  284. USC/UGA would have been a better game, however, I stand by the idea that UGA would have trucked Booty..

    And OSU has alot of guys returning.. Congrats, they get to try and make it 0-10 next year.

  285. Herban is maneuvering for the Hawaii job.

  286. Thank God Ali Highsmith is gone. That motherfucker has been at LSU forever.

  287. I’m watching this waste of a time interview with Gholston and Wells and The Vest.. and then they leave the Vest alone to be abused.

    Why won’t those fucks ask them who owns them… Who?!

    Ask them what conference makes them shit bricks??

    Ask them when the pain will stop..It’ll stop when they get a real schedule..

  288. OSU press conference, question to Coach SweaterTits:

    “Did someone fuck your anus until you have no hope of passing a normal bowel movement until sometime in December of 2007?????”

    Who are these fucking retards masquerading as print journalists???

  289. Jesus, Herbie is doing his best to make excuses for OSU and the Big10 but he just dissed them hard, compared them to the MAC!!!

    Corso is now babbling like he knows what’s up.

    Nothing new there……

  290. Herbstreit is looking PO’d, and I am loving every second of it.

  291. Herbie is crying.

    “The Big 10 is not that bad.” While the SEC chants are going on in the background.

    Fowler speaking the truth though. I wonder what Rece Davis has to say about this pwnage.

  292. I take that back, Chris Fowler looks even angrier than Herby. I guess he got more emotionally involved with the Big 10 than his Colorado Buffs.

  293. Is Herbstriet capable of saying something positive about the SEC? What a pathetic FSU fuck. ALso, Fowler was spot on about how hard it is in the SEC and that the Big Ten would rather take their chances in one game rather than a playoff. Thata kid Chris.

  294. I meant Corso rather than Herbstriet in 338.

  295. Fowler made the best point for a playoff that I’ve head in a long time!

  296. Fellas, it’s been a hell of a football season. Let’s do it again next year.

    Now onto the most exciting part of the year, the off-season, when minor run-ins with the law and NCAA are blown up into Tank Johnson and SMU-like offenses.

  297. @341 it’s time for my gates ‘ta represent da confrence’

  298. The Jimmy Johns in Gunsville is a good place to start

  299. the Failboats were never challenged during the regular season and they never had to fight their way out of a bad situation. These things are hard to do in a championship game. It is not osu’s fault that the big 10 is weak. but they can’t expect to win it all if they cruise easy all season.

  300. Face it, those fuckeyes have blistered throats from eating SEC cock.

  301. I went to bed at 31-17 and just saw the video of Miles holding up the crystal football. What an odd sight. Like Subway Jared winning an olympic gold medal in the 100 meter dash.

    Just odd and out of place.

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