Like a thief in the night. Rich Rodriguez Photos

WVUs favorite Mexican son” it’ll be a Sombrero of thorns lined with coonskin…” the Poet known as Gator Hippy

(Thanks to Woody Hayes for the photos) Here is Rich Rodriguez slipping out of Morgantown headed to his Michigan meeting. I have been told that these are cell phone pictures, which explains the poor quality, and it was very cold. These photos are supposed to be published tomorrow (Monday Dec 17th), so I guess this is considered to be a “scoop”.  Oddly, WV Governor Joe Manchin is mad as hell, but not at who you think [Money Player].

It is rumored that Coach Rod was serenaded with calls of ‘Traitor’ and “Wannstadt is a better coach” by the loyal sons of West By God Virginia. Rod’s white Mercedes and the private airplane will now take their place alongside other famous football transport vehicles (the Baltimore/Indy Colts Mayflowers):

  • RR’s WVU loaner car is parked in the short term lot, way to stick it to them Rich!!
  • RR’s wife Rita (She is a cougar)
  • In the crowning coup de grâce, RR’s garment bag has the WVU logo on it. What a funny fucker.

Watching WVU fans turn the muskets on their alumni coach is righteously funny. Same thing they did last year, but this year it’ll last for more than a week. There is not a stronger hate than West Virginia hate. All I can say is that it is great time to be a fan of an up-and-coming team in the Big East. Can we now eject all of these midmajors out of the BCS? The Big East = Infected Warp Core

Photos to follow

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  1. rita looks like a whore. I hope that the truck had 4 flat tires when they got back.

  2. I was thinking she looks more like a three way mixture of Edie Falco, Tammy Faye and Minnie Pearl…

    Minus the hat tag…

  3. then punch her in the face because her husband is a traitor

  4. Or maybe pat her on the ass for getting the hell out of that third world area?

  5. artiger, we can blame Rita for this whole mess…

    She was the one that wanted electricity and indoor plumbing…

  6. have you been to michigan? It is the dark world

  7. Hippy @ 3:

    LMAO! Perfect!

  8. HA! So much for Rich never leaving West Va. Let’s see how dominant they are from this point forward! That sound you here is the loud thud of all those fat-assed heifer’s(AngryEer likes to post) jumping off the bandwagon.

  9. @8 Have you been to West Virginia? Oh, that’s right, you’ve probably never been outside of it.

  10. Following the loss to Pitt, there were many articles aledging WVU fans threatening some of the players, attacking some of the players, damaging players property. Coach Rod had received sickening phone calls. Blog sites featured presumably WVU fans calling for shunning members of the team, even punishment and retribution. Do you think, perhaps, that this might have had anything to do with why Rodriguez left? Not to mention, MI covering his buy-out, plus 2.5 mil a year isn’t bad either. Maybe this is best for everyone. Lets see who the new guy is, and see if we can’t support him, his staff, and his team, good times & bad, even better than this time. Just a thought.

  11. Actually, Zac…

    Rumor is that RR wanted more money for udated facilties…

    Maybe he should have taken a pay cut…

    Of course, then he would have had to return the Benz…

  12. ZAC
    You make sense. Although I feel angry and deserted as I’m sure the players and the state do about Coach Rod’s secret sudden departure one has to admit that the threats and abuse sent to the players and the coaches is disgusting. You take a great state with thousands of loving and loyal fans and throw in a few bad seed rednecks who can’t even spell football who do these awful things and you wonder why the players and the coaches would want to leave? Take some of the awful slanderous comments in this blog- get over it. Good riddance to Rich but please don’t lower yourselves to their level. Be proud of being a West Virginia native-I am! Show the future coach and players it’s a great place to be or sure enough Coach Rod won’t be the only coach or player to leave our lovely state. Shame on those of you who think cussing them out or saying nasty things is the way to behave. You truly show what a redneck you are by doing this. Be proud of yourself and our state and act like a civilized human being. Then maybe we’ll be able to keep these better coaches and players. You only have yourselves to blame for the situation we are in now. And don’t worry I realize money talks- but look at what happened to Bowden years ago when he was run out of WV and see what he has become today?????? Isn’t hindsight a funny thing? Signed- A loyal WVU fan and native!

  13. I hear they plan to hire Terry Bowden, good luck with that turd after he runs out of RR’s players. Theres a reason no one hired his sorry butt or even interviewed him over the last 10 years.

  14. I hate seeing him go. Other than that, I’m too pissed to really comment. When all else fails, though, I guess I can always go with Fuck Michigan, and as always Fuck Pitt.

  15. It will be interesting to see what happens with him @ mich – god knows he wouldn’t be able to get noel devine in there, but then again more kids want to go to mich so who knows. I guess this means white and slaton are headed to the pros?

  16. Want some great entertainment? Read the hilarity on WVU’s scout board, http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=159#s=159&f=2508

    What hurt worse, losing BCS title hopes to Pitt or having your most treasured Coach and alum leave for Michigan to validate that the Big East is a 2nd rate conference and that WVU plays 2nd rate football?

    Even Les Miles told UM, “no thanks”. Rod was their 3rd choice at best, which is funny because 90% of the players on WVUs roster are playing football at their 3rd choice too.

    WVU fans, just think happy thoughts. Re-live the win over UGA and think about how happy you were when Rod “turned down” ‘Bama to stay “home” for “good”. No way he turned down ‘Bama for more money from WVU right? I mean he’s WVU alum and it’s not about the money, right? At least he’s wearing the same colors. Maybe they’ll let him wear some WVU gear on the sidelines to show his loyalty to his beloved

    The Big East: A stepping stone to a better future for coaches and entire programs.

  17. Hide your secretaries, I’m coming back to Morgantown!!!

    The papajohns.com bowl is ours, bitches!!!

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……… you losers got what you deserve….. talking all that smack about “oh wait till next year” well guess what bitches now your coach hightailed out of the dump too that you call west vagina university…… yeah NOW “wait till next year”

  19. […] meeting with Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman and athletic director Bill Martin. Our friends at Losers With Socks have more images, somewhat poor in quality because they were shot with a cameraphone. As you know […]

  20. Somebody hire Terry and Jeff, please? I gotta get them off of the street

  21. […] Time in Ann Arbor. Michigan steals another West Va. coach, this time in the still of the night. Coach Rod’s MySpace page is fun […]

  22. I noticed your “BCS B-List” Tag. Is the Fiesta Bowl a B-List game? Like the Brokeback Bowl?

    We will come back, I swear on the grave of my Grand Pap, the EERS will rise from the ashes

  23. coach rod is not leaving for the money…..rita wanted to get his ass out of morgantown after he had a long affair with a wvu cheerleader….do they have cheerleaders in michigan???

  24. It must really suck to have your coach leave to go coach in the Big 10. Ooof!

  25. Too all you rude, arrogant, delusional, inbred WVU hillbillies: THAT HAD TO STING. Is your pride fucking with you now? Can we get a big “WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR” now?

    But don’t worry guys, at least you still play in that shitty 3rd rate conference. You still actually have a chance to compete for a conference title next year, that is if USF doesn’t destroy what is left of your pathetic fragile football team.


    Have fun at the Weed Wacker Toilet bowl next year!!!!

  26. High 5 Gold Rush, we will build off the foundation that RR has left. The envy these other schools have for WVU is just unbelievable. But West Virginia remains alone as The University of West Virginia. Other teams can only dream of having our traditions. It’s why they are all out to get us. They are you know, it’s a fact that they conspired to set us up and now they see in their failure to destroy my EERs that we are returning to our rightful place on top.

    God Bless WVU.

  27. @ AngryEer

    Envy, Traditions, Conspiracies???????


  28. Awwww is AngreyEer going to cwy….. ooooo don’t cwy baby it’s ok i’m sure you will find you way to the top again…

  29. I think I made a mistake reading this “news item”, thinking there might be some interesting story angle regarding RR leaving WVU. I compounded the mistake by reading the comments.

    To Angry Eer, Jokers Wild and Matt – do you realize that by removing your names and any school names in your comments, a person would have no idea which of the three of your are commenting. It’s like …a jackass with three heads that knows how to blog. And you’re all too stupid to realize it…

    Some advice:
    – understand that “fans” like yourselves trading smack is like a balding man speeding in a minivan – it’s really sad to watch
    – the success of your team of choice WON’T make you less of a loser
    – continue the medication
    – get away from the computer and get some fresh air (take a shower while you’re at it!)
    – move out of your parent’s basement
    – try and PLAY a sport insted of just commenting on it

  30. At least are state is not BROKE LIKE like your asshole state
    is. We’ll take you pansies on anytime, anywhere. I live in florida,
    but WV is my pride team

  31. Jeff, you couldn’t even beat Pittsburg. Not even when you knew that beating pissburg i mean pittsburg would guarantee you a place in the NC game and you want to sit here and talk bout “We’ll take you pansies on anytime, anywhere”. Have fun getting your ass pounded by OU while the gators beat the crap out of Michigan.

  32. and yes i realize after i posted that i spelled PITTSBURGH wrong.

  33. Sorry WVU folks, but Michigan is Michigan. Listen to a few of these links and you’ll understand why, particularly the one at the bottom about Fileding Yost, who is also a West Virginia native.

  34. @ jeff thomas
    “At least are state is not BROKE LIKE like your asshole state”
    should be our state–you ignorant hillbillie

    @ 32
    go fuck yourself–but just for your info–I started for the AU football team from 1995-1998– regarding the posts, we had no need to reference any names or teams because we are commenting about the above story with said names and teams–and if you had any idea about how many dumbass comments we had to read from AngryQueer you would fucking understand–so please do us all a favor and STFU

  35. Apparently, he’s a former radio voice of WolvRiguezes…

  36. Who gives a crap? It is the big 10

  37. CoachROB wife is hot, she will spend his money well, he will find winning at Michigan is far tougher than winning at WVU. Ohio State’s Jim Tressel will stop his Offense like Pitt did last month. Iowa, Penn Satte, Wisconsin, and MSU too! This is a 5 year run at best at Big Blue. Michigan fans will turn on him faster than anyone since he is not one of their own.

  38. […] vote, there’s still plenty of cool shit you can do on the internet. Like point and judge at Rich Rodriguez as he steals toward Michigan under cover of darkness; sweet photos courtesy of Losers with […]

  39. Go ahead and talk your crap about WV and all the people who live there. We are the only state where you can go to a store and still understand what the people are saying because they are AMERICAN!!
    Go ahead and call all of us hillbillies. Damn proud of it!! WVU will still be a great football school and you may have noticed a kick ass basketball school to. I hope all the Michigan wide recievers are ready to block for the running back because if you haven’t noticed Coach Rod does not like to throw the ball. Good Luck to ya!!! Best thing that happened to WVU was Rich leaving.

  40. I can’t blame Rodriguez for leaving Morgantown for Ann Arbor. It’s such a dreamy town, sandwiched nicely in between the #1 and #3 most dangerous cities in America. You think WV is a shithole? Please. I’ve been to Ann Arbor, or should I say “baby Detroit.” I have no plans on going back.

    About the Michigan job, though, I really do think it is a perfect fit for Coach Rod. Getting spanked by your big rival when the a national championship berth is on the line is nothing new to Michigan or Rodriguez. He’s also good for blowing at least one game a year that should have been an easy win and Michigan is SURELY used to that by now, so the fit should be seamless.

    Long story short, enjoy running the spread option against Jim Tressel defenses for the next few years before Rod gets canned.

  41. McLovin…you are an ignorant asshat….Tressel can’t defend the spread offense any better than most teams, and if you had watched the Illinois-Ohio State game this year you might know that. Why would Rich Rodriquez go to Michigan? Let’s see….
    1) Most wins and best winning percentage in college football history.
    2) Best fight song in college football (shut the hell up ND fans).
    3) Largest stadium in college football (only getting bigger with the new construction going on).
    4) Top ten in recruiting every year.
    5) Cool helmets.
    6) Ann Arbor is actually a nice town…I don’t believe for a moment that you have been there. Stop guzzling the moonshine and come out of the trailer, hilljack!
    8) Michigan has a larger fan-base than WV, that’s a fact, live with it.
    9) Fielding Yost was a WV man too! Now he has a Michigan arena named after him.
    10) Oh yeah, and they happen to be one of the top academic institutions in the nation.

    There’s plenty of good coaches out there WV fans, don’t worry. If Rich is such a bad guy as many of you have said, then you should actually be happy we took him away from you!

  42. Fuck off maize. Deleware has better helmets

  43. Looks exactly like how Bob Huggins left K-State for West Viginia. Hahahaha. God works in mysterious ways. Thank you Lord.

  44. […] Rich Rodriguez Sneaking out of Morgantown — Loser With Socks: “Like a Thief in the Night” […]

  45. I sure as hell hope Ed Pastilong is fired over this whole ordeal. It’s a damn shame and a total embarassment to the program. I’m not saying Rodriguez is right in what he did or in the way that he did it but after all the empty promises he was given last year I’d be a little bit pissed off too.

  46. It is my understanding that the affair with the cheerleader has now producred offspring. It is my understanding that RR did not want to be an active in that relationship. I also understand that there is money trail. Please fellow EERS follow this. Expose this please.

  47. Nothing like a surprise bun popping up in the oven to make a fella evacuate the kitchen…

    Country Roads, mother fuckers…

  48. It’s nice to see that Jai can get onto a message board and steal pictures, as well as comments verbatim.

    Also, as the one who took the pictures, I can assure you that they will not be “published” anywhere.

  49. For what it’s worth, here is the thread to show just where he got all of his “inside” info.


  50. thanks deffy, you did good work

  51. @54 Are you woody hayes too? High 5 dumb ass, Eer. Must suck to be a shitty mid major in a shitty conference. Thanks for killing AUburn’s SOS when you get your fucking clocks cleaned.

  52. i absolutely LOVE the “hillbilly, no shoe wearin, no running water, shithole state, trailor park” remarks about West Virginia.

    … John Denver didn’t write a song about us for nothing. It’s a beautiful place, and anyone with half a brain and enough cash in his pocket to get here would know that. I really am sorry Michigan is dirt poor, drug ridden, and one of the top ten states for crime in America.

    I used to be a Michigan fan actually.. until I realized all that school does is pick coaches from WVU. Beilein, Rod, and now they’re talkin to the women’s soccer coach?! Come on, scUM… find your own coaches. Sorry you can’t be as good as West Virginia.

    Also.. the remarks about Huggins leaving for WVU-fyi… Huggins is a WV boy, and true to his roots. Most ppl from WV are decent ppl and acquire this trait.. Rod happened to be one who didnt.

    And lastly, all I can say about Rod leaving is FINALLY, thank the Good Lord, we open up a damn play book!! Because seeing that bubble screen was gettin on my damn nerves. (pass east and west.. who cares about gaining yards??)

    Have fun with the bubble screen, scUM. Yet another reason for ya’ll to suck. (yea i said it. YA’LL)

    *God Bless West Virginia..almost Heaven =]*

  53. Good Lord I’ve been to Michigan….I’d take a hillbilly over a thug any day of the week….and that’s a fact…you go into a gas station here and guess what….American owned and operated….Michigan is like a 3rd world country….foreigners everywhere and in a constant civil war…. you know all the drug dealing thugs shooting each other….

    Almost Heaven

  54. Kass and Kimberly,

    Go press my shirt and get the pie out of the oven. And be quick about it.

  55. Taco, they’re used to doing that sort of thing. Won’t bother them a bit.

  56. @58

    Before you label Michigan a state full of thugs, I am quickly reminded that both Jason Williams and Randy Moss both grew up in West Virginia. Plus, Pacman Jones and Chris Henry are products of your state’s fine university. It seems like “Thug Life” can be found in West Virginia too…

  57. Coach RR was born of two poor Mexican illegal workers who came to West Virginia to steel hard working Union jobs. UM can keep the oily, ass smelling, grass cutting wet-back. I am sure that grass grows at MU. He is dead to us at WVU. If you see him, tell him that his clippers are at my house.

  58. press ur shirt and bake for you, huh? yea… thats what women do here… they’re slaves to men lemme tell ya. idiots… where did you go to school? scUM’s thug department? I’m sure you’ve both smacked ur mothers around and beat up the hoes there for drugs or whatever… good life ya’ll lead.

    AANNDD instead of the crack whores Michigan houses, the girls of WV know how to take care of her man, as their man takes care of her.

    Hail, West Virginia! HAIL!

  59. @63 Darlin, you’re on a Southern blog here, so take those ignorant cracker comments up north to those yankees you’re trying to insult. And as far as taking care of your man, I’ll bet you cut his meat up into little pieces for him, after you’ve fixed his plate and brought it to him, right?

  60. OOHHH!! I almost forgot to tell all of you scUM fans what a great guy u landed…

    Rich Rodriguez was born and raised about 20 miles from the WVU campus. He went to school at WVU. He played football for WVU. This year, he and the Mountaineers faced Pitt to clench a National Championship bid, and he completely blew it, so the Mountaineers will settle for the Fiesta Bowl… Days before the Fiesta Bowl, Rod decides he’s going to scUM to coach, and not only springs such a blow on the team and its fans, but decides to leave them without a head coach for the game.

    Man.. you’ve certainly landed quite the gem there, scUM.

  61. @64

    I didnt know the internet was split up into regions…

    So anyway.. wherever you’re from… you’re one of those guys who refers to his lady as his bitch, and degrates his mother… yea. what a guy you are, sir. what a guy.

  62. It’s “degraDe”, Kass…

    But I think it’s cute when chicks try to spell…

  63. Sorry.. i went to high school in Michigan.

  64. @66 Nope…I’m one of those guys who look at you poor pathetic gals who tolerate that sort of stuff, and just shake my head…I treat all women, especially my Mother, with the utmost respect. And that is because I was born and raised in the South, thank you.

    Although the internet is worldwide, you might just look up for a minute and notice that this blog is SEC, dumbass.

  65. @69

    “I’m one of those guys who look at YOU poor pathetic gals…” no sir. not this gal. I’m a year away from law school, a 2 sport college athlete, and a very strong female. Shake your head at the women you’ve treated like that.

    I don’t care if it’s SEC, ACC, ABC – whatever. Over half of the entries here are about WV “vs” MI.

    “I treat all women … with the utmost respect.” and you call a woman a dumbass. way to contradict yourself and prove me right, sir.

    And if you REALLY did respect females, you wouldn’t make comments about women being “slaves” for men. Do you need help getting your foot out of your mouth?

    Anyway… this is going way off track. Rodriguez is a bum, and Michigan is scum. Let’s get back to the real reason we’re all here…

  66. “Let’s get back to the real reason we’re all here”…

    Because Jai posts the best pictures objectifying women of all CFB blogs?

  67. @70 A year away from law school…I would call that nearly starving…and you made the first “dumbass” call…but OK, since you want to be a woman, all right, I’ll retract that one, bimbo.

    Still, to get on track, y’all need forget the Rod thing. All of the stuff we’ve been reading like “oh, he’s one of us, and he turned his back on us”, and so on, it just makes all of West Vagina University look so pathetic. You’re not the first place to lose a great coach; get over it, find a new one, and move on. If you want to be considered a major player in the grand scheme of things, please realize that this is what happens when your program’s coach has some success, and don’t sit around crying about it. That’s what Eer does, and that’s why we post so much shit about it.

  68. i dont understand… how do the pictures and arguing against women in CFB blogs tie together?

  69. @73 That’s just it…you don’t understand.

  70. Artiger, that’s just it. They can’t move on. They don’t understand how big time college athletics work. Remember they ran off Bowden all those years ago??? Their fine athletic director and school president ran off Rodriguez. Now you’ve got boosters vs. WV’s governor and the thing is just a big mess. They point fingers, but not at themselves as far as who to blame. And it gives us things to laugh at, because this truly is West Virginia athletics…

    And they wonder why they haven’t won a national championship…

  71. ok.. so how does it tie together? a question mark at the end of a sentence is usually a clue that an answer should come next…

    and i never wondered why wvu hasnt one a natl ship…

    good old Don Nehlen, former wvu football coach, pointed UM in the direction of Rodriguez… i know this. but seriously.. should a Mountaineer fan NOT be angry about UM constantly trying to buy our coaches?!?! first men’s bball, then football, and now women’s soccer? geez-o. i’d probably feel different if 3 different schools stole them from us, but its the SAAAAME OOONE!

    and no, WVU isn’t (yet) a typical football powerhouse, and yes, it is (for now) a stepping stone… i know this. but rod made the promise to spend the rest of his career here, and not only did he leave… he announced his decision just before a BCS bowl game, and he’s not even gonna be there for it! thats just classless.. and for michigan to continue to try to take our coaches is just sooo aggravating, no matter if thats college football business or not…… ?

  72. ” but rod made the promise to spend the rest of his career here, and not only did he leave… he announced his decision just before a BCS bowl game, and he’s not even gonna be there for it! thats just classless”

    Sugarbottom, have you not looked around lately? That’s happened at a lot of places. And as far as scUM goes, this ain’t the X Files, Scully. Be mad all you want, but please realize that it is so bush league.

  73. and no, WVU isn’t (yet) a typical football powerhouse, and yes, it is (for now) a stepping stone…”

    Good Lord WVU will never be a typical football powerhouse. That would involve winning National Titles and overall domination for YEARS!!! The Mountaineers are Team Turmoil right now. The 3-3-5 is a joke, Slaton is thinking of the NFL, and he would be stupid not to go, White can’t stand to get hit in the thumb, they got beat by a 4-7 (oh, excuse me, now 5-7) Pitt team, and the guy that they now blast for all the bubble screens is the same guy not even a month ago were ready to build shrines to Rodriguez. Did I mention that you’re reduced to a guy that has never been a head coach at any level (or at least a coordinator calling plays) or the latest Bowden re-tread (Terry). Scary…

    Use the BCS money to upgrade facilities and pray that all of your boosters don’t stay pissed, or not only will the next “native son” leave like the last “native son” left, but those boosters will leave…

  74. Kass, honey…

    The word is “objectifying”…

    “to treat as an object”…

    Get it now?

    Women are so cute when they try to discuss sports…

    We should get a whole gaggle in here, Jai…

  75. Ok, just to say a few things, this blog should be about sports, not calling people inbred, stupid, arrogant hillbillies and/or rednecks. To correct any misconceptions about WV, you can’t lump every stereotypical movie of hillbillies you’ve seen and just say, “Wow, that must be WV”, we do wear shoes, we don’t guzzle moonshine, and we don’t screw our relatives, because if any of you actually vistied our state you would see it is far better than any of you can imagine. WVU is a great place to go to school. We have some of the top programs in the country. And for calling all of us students at WVU hillbillies and rednecks,are you aware that the majority of the students who come to school here are from out of state, namely, New Jersey, we have to have something going on, am I right? As far as Pac Man Jones and Chris Henry go, we can’t do anything about the way they were raised before they came to our wonderful state. Our state is filled with amazing people, yeah it may seem that we turned our back on Coach Rod, but he turned his back on us several times, you guys may not be aware of it because you only see nationwide news, try going to school here and dealing with his stupid actions. We are lucky to have a great program with boys who play their hearts out. So talk all the smack you want on our state, our school, and our team, but realize that you’re not solving anything by doing it. Notice, how I never once talked shit about any school or state, yeah there is a reason for that. I’m a grown up, I suggest the majority of you do the same. I will defend WV til my death, Im a native, and it will always be my home. Maybe some of you guys can take yourselves away from the childish smack talk and get back to the original point of this blog. Wild n Wonderful in Morgantown!!!! Go Eer’s!!!! Class 2009….and yes I’m a girl, and I can spell, maybe you guys can get past the idea that WV people can actually be intelligent!

  76. Go fix me a sandwich, Jacki. And use mayo, not that miracle whip crap.

  77. Jacki? High 5! Mountain Momma

    Are you good looking? I need some photos of Eer women for future posts.

  78. Eer, forget it, if she’s WVU material, we can already tell what she looks like. You’ve proven that with all of your other livestock posts.

  79. And Jacki, after you get Taco’s sandwich, just go back and look at some of the trash Eer has been posting. It just begs for commentary, and we can’t help ourselves.

  80. Merry Christmas to everyone of the posters out there! I grew up in Morgantown and will be heading home for the holidays. It is a GREAT place. Good-bye to Rich! It does no good to stay angry at him. The Mountaineers will grow and this is merely a step in the process. Finally, the biggest compliment that can be paid to all that have posted here is that you as a group are certainly entertaining. Sad, but entertaining!

  81. @85 How long has WVU been saying “Wait Til Next Year”??? You guys have been waiting since 1891 to win a National Title. Next year ain’t coming.

    And Miss Jacki, you’re so cute and all trying to eat at the adult table. The students that you get from Jersey were probably too dumb to get into Rutgers, you know, a school with admission standards. We talk trash here on this blog, and nothing is off the table. If you don’t like it, go back to the kids table and heat up Taco’s sandwich in your Easy Bake oven…

  82. Hey, Im very much aware of the shit other WVU students have been posting on here. And I’m assuming your hands and legs aren’t broken, get up and make your asses your own sandwiches, I’m good looking, smart, not that its any of your business, but yes I know how to make gourmet meals, not like you’ll ever taste them. And WVU does have admission standards. And as far as me eating at the adult table, I’m just trying to be mature and turn the blog in the direction it should be. WVU feels betrayed by Rodriguez cuz he lies constantly, and cheats people. And its a huge slap in the face to our players, but when they go to the Fiesta Bowl, which we may not win, it will show the nation that we can do this without him. Michigan can keep him, hes the son of a poor coal miner, who’s head got too big for the state!

  83. rita is hot in a porno way

  84. On a completely serious note, these WVU people remind me of Ole Miss fans when Tuberville upgraded to Auburn.

  85. Jacki, you said that you were class of 2009. You probably are too young to remember Major F’n Harris, or anything before the year uh I dunno, 1891. WVU football sucked then, and it sucks now. The only difference between then and now is that you poor souls fill this blog and other websites with your “Woe is me” dribble. In a lot of ways, it is cute. Kinda like that puppy that tries to hump your leg. The problem is that you have to break the puppy of the habit by smacking the hell out of it with the Sunday times. Don’t come here with that “maturity” talk. Your coach screwed you, just like hundreds of other coaches at programs across the country. Get ready for Bowden, Holliday, Fisher, or whoever you get. And if it is Bowden, and you are somewhat cute (debatable if the pics AngryEer are a fair representation of the females at WVU), then you need to watch your ass, or he’ll have a hand full of it…

  86. Taco, it does remind me of the Tuberville to AU time period. Ole Miss fans were crying just like Mountaineer fans are now. At least some Ole Miss fans out there actually experienced a national title, unlike these “fans”…

    Did she fix you that sammich???

  87. Hey I have a few questions for you guys, do you guys think you’re all big and bad because you can talk shit on a girl and her “easy bake oven” i believe was how it was worded? And Taco Bell Soft Tacos, is that your name because you think its funny or because you’re probably morbidly obese and that you probably live in your mommy and daddy’s basement? Yeah I got wisecracks too. And AngryEer, what’s your real name?

  88. Taco’s going to be skin and bones if you don’t get him that sandwich.

  89. Well since you seem to be behind him like you’re his bitch, maybe you should go get him his sandwich!

  90. I’m waiting for mine too. Get busy.

  91. Here’s an idea, why dont you come up out of the basement and get mommy to make them for you guys, how bout that, will that work for you?

  92. It’s just adorable when you gals come on here and try to reform the blog and us…I think that’s two in less than a week. Maybe a spinoff would be good…we could call it “loser with hose”, or something like that.

  93. “Loser with hose” damn artiger I almost spit up soda on my keyboard…

  94. ha ha ha, you’re so fucking witty, how do you deal with yourself. Whatever helps you sleep at night and feel important, like you matter pumpkin!

  95. And the Tar Baby said, please don’t hit me again…

  96. Class of ’09, damn I feel old. Mountain Momma, take me home. And sweetheart, I’m 6’2, 200 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal. Morbidly obese doesn’t even apply to me.

    artiger, her sammiches aren’t even good. She used wheat bread, what a communist.

    Joel, at least Tubs didn’t get caught in his lie like CRR. I still remember the Tuberville: Liar, Liar ads taken out in the newspaper here the next week.

  97. How old are you Taco? And my sandwiches are great haha

  98. 25, and if your sammiches are so good why don’t you go fix one up right quick?

  99. IMO the only sammiches chicks should be eating are knuckle ones when they fail to do the housework properly…

    Maybe I’m just old fashioned…

  100. you’re not old im 21, and as far as knuckle sandwiches, i suggest u get to making sandwiches or else u get one

  101. Jacki, you come on here talking yang about how we’re immature and you on here flirting. Don’t you like the “Mountain Men” there, or are you just like the “Mountain Momma” fuglies that AngryEer posts???

  102. i wasnt flirting just sayin hes not old

  103. Just put up some pics or myspace/facebook link so we can see what you look like. Dispel the myth of unattractive Mountaineer women…

  104. http://wvu.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31095775&id=25819740

    i dunno if you’ll be able to see it because you won’t be in my friends, but there you go

  105. what????
    you never answered my ?, whats ur real name

  106. Are you the blonde???

  107. I told you SEC Homos that we have the hottest chicks in the nation.

    Suck it

  108. Wait a minute Eer, she’s passable by Big East standards. She would be on the SEC Honorable Mention at best…

  109. Did you get that Major Harris Fat head?

  110. no the blonde was my roommate freshman year, she was drunk on the floor

  111. Why don’t you school your little girlfriend about Major F’n Harris??? He was as much of a puss as Pat White…

    Here’s another idea for your next post: Get together with Jacki and a few of her friends and put some new pics up. Maybe (but I doubt it) you can change our minds about the fuglies at WVU. Of course, Michigan will probably hire the halfway decent ones and leave you with Terry Bowden…

  112. Joel, he doesn’t need any encouragement for more posts.

  113. i know who major harris is, and the no was to the question was i the blonde

  114. Joel, after a little research you can see that Jacki and her friends wouldn’t even make the scout team of talent at any SEC school.

    Jacki, the dishwasher needs to get loaded. Get into the kitchen where you belong.

  115. the fuglies at wvu?

  116. @126 That includes Vanderbilt, right?

  117. Taco, you can go fuck yourself

  118. yes, includes Vandy. I was actually somewhat impressed by Vandy’s women when I visited there this spring. They also have the whole “we are going to make so much money we can support your poker and drinking habits without a problem” look to them. Very nice.

    and Jacki, after a 12 pack of PBR you’d be cute, with the lights off of course.

  119. Sorry, wrong letters. I meant the WAC..

  120. Hey I dont see you guys offering up pics of yourselves.

  121. check your wvu.edu mail, Jacki, for all of the glory

  122. please taco, even the drunkest of wvu girls with the lowest of standards wouldnt touch u with a fucking 10 ft pole

  123. I wouldn’t want to subject myself to the penicillin shots and valtrex prescriptions, its really a win-win situation.

  124. WVU girls only fuck their brothers and cousins, so it doesn’t surprise me a non-kin isn’t appealing to you.

  125. see u are further proof that people have their heads stuck up their asses, even if incest was an issue here, and u were a native, ur own family wouldnt wanna fuck u

  126. so you’re admitting incest is an issue in WV? wow…

  127. no learn to read, i said if even if incest was an issue here, meaning its not, god i didnt know ugly interferred with intelligence

  128. yeah, a full set of teeth, a forking family tree, and actually seeing more than WV’s country roads is so unattractive by ‘Eer standards.

  129. listen bitch, u assume that u are great and all knowing, take your head out of your ass and educate yourself, u are so fucking full of shit, maybe you can watch educational videos on wv, or pick up a fucking book, or if ur brave enough, u can drive ur ass down here and i’ll educate you, because im not inbred, i have all my teeth, and ive been out of state. i have 4 brothers and they’ve taught me how to kick an ass so why dont u hop in ur car and drive down here to find out

  130. Why would I waste the time and gas going to a state that still utilizes outhouses on a large scale in lieu of plumbing?

    I don’t need to see WV in person, I have already watched Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes. You stay classy West Virginia Mountain Momma

  131. aww arent we special we watch movies that are made up cuz we’re not intelligent enough to watch something that is actually educational, ps dipshit, the hills have eyes wasnt in wv and by the way its called fiction, sounds to me that the reason u have such a “wealth of knowledge” about wv based on movies, is possibly that ur so fucking ugly that no one wants to touch u so u spend all ur time watching movies alone and u should know about outhouses since youre so full of shit

  132. What isn’t fiction is West Virginia’s reliance on outhouses in the 21st century.

    And your four brothers don’t scare me, sweetheart. Now go move the whites over from the washer to the dryer and fold up the dry color clothes.

  133. i wasnt talking about my brothers kicking your ass, i said they taught ME how to kick an ass, oh and my brothers are all educated professionals with very well paying jobs, one who happened to be in the military, and is now a firefighter/paramedic and is making 6 figures, my mother is a nurse, grandfather was a cop, dads a medic and so is my other brother, so dont talk about people in wv being uneducated, and considering when im done school, starting out, ill be making 6 figures as well, so u can let me know how ur job at taco bell is working out for ya when im paying for everything i need and want on my own, and ill have ur ass bringing me dinner and doing the laundry

  134. I didn’t know meth whores start off at 6 digits a year, honey. You’re probably counting the cents in your “6 figures” calculations.

    And for the record, I work at Denny’s operating the waffle iron making seven digits a year, not at Taco Bell.

  135. asshole, im going to school to be a nurse anesthetist, starting off at john hopkins ill be making 125k, thats bare minimum for them to stay competitive, so u can kiss my ass, so go bring me my slippers

  136. yeah, thats cute…where are my damn slippers, oh you might wanna clean up your apartment, its looks a little dirty

  137. You can talk about what you will be making or what you will be doing. Right now you are just another couch burning, worthless student at coachless WFVU.

    And don’t act like WFVU is held in high regard in academia. You aren’t fooling anyone. Pacman Jones and Chris Henry agree with me.

  138. yeah im a worthless student thats why my gpa is a 3.5 i work at a hospital and i dont burn couches, as far as pacman and chris henry they were pieces of shit before they ever came here, dont give me that shit…apparently u dont get the point of playing fetch, i say go get something and u go get it, so where are my slippers??? ull end up serving me someday, just remember that…..so cry me a river little boy

  139. You ‘Eers sell out your WVU brethren (Rod, Pacman, Henry) faster than Bammers do.

    ull end up serving me someday

    That someday is not today, tomorrow, or any where in the near future. You have the perfect WVU temperament: someday. Maybe someday your school will be relevant over a long period of time in football.

    Remember, you’re still second place in your own state.

    Marshall: 2 football national championships
    WVU: No national championships in football.

    What just happened? Florida just scored again.

  140. its funny that you think you’re offending me haha i find it quite amusing

  141. Your sheltered WV life is what is amusing to the rest of the United States.

    Major Harris salutes you. Now go vacuum the stairs.

  142. sweetheart that may apply to me had i never left the state, might i add the my father was born in england and my family and my life are far from sheltered

  143. oh, did all the coal mines close across the pond?

  144. hahaha…thats a knee-slapper, u dumb motherfucker,do u hear that….wait, yeah thats the sounds of no one caring or giving a shit about what u say

  145. no one but you, sweet cheeks.

    now run off to bed. I am sure you need to rest up before the mine opens up tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for more WVU fail.

  146. you can kiss my ass, u and ur fuckin stereotypes

  147. All class, those WVU Mountain Mommas

  148. Would someone in WV put some milk in pussycat Jacki’s dish???

  149. Typical SEC cum-guzzlers. There’s more inbreeding is the SEC than anyone thought about in WV. FUCK YOU ALL

  150. Some of you WV fans are sad. How about a show of class? The dude is gone and you’ll get someone better. May I suggest Cincy’s Brian Kelly?

  151. BTW, Taco Bell Soft Tacos, you sound like the usual ignoramus, egocentric and ethnocentric Yankee who’s never left his own state and probably complains non-stop about your job, your wife, your life and about your poor kids…

  152. Rhymeister, I hope you have a great Christmas.

    And I love my job.

  153. yeah remember, he works at denny’s, whats not to love?

  154. rodrigquez sucks and so do all of u!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Jamie:

    people are going to boo you and just think you are some dumb n*****.

  156. hey jamie, try spelling rodriguez right!!!

  157. Im fron WV and I love this State. Wouldn’t live anywhere else. Taco Bell you just confirmed that you truly are an asshole. While reading all your responses you sound like you were inbread. Eat shit and die!

  158. Jackie, this message is late but just read your responses. You are a classy girl and am proud that I live in the same GREAT state as you. You truly exposed “Taco Bell” for the ignorant person he is.

  159. All you Michigan State idiots!! WVU won the 2008 Fiesta Bowl and went to the “Sweet Sixteen”. Where did you go “LOOOOOOOOsers”
    (Great basketball team you got there) You’re football team won’t be any better next year. ENJOY RR

  160. […] Like a thief in the night Just the record… photos of RR’s late-night escape from Morgantown. Quote: […]

  161. hows UM now.. WE ARE PENN STATE

  162. I am a Mich alum and avid college fan. I am sorry to hear so much hate directed at the kids. We didn’t want Rich and now we want him gone. He cannot compete in the Big Ten. His game plans are more pro oriented like your conference. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, that pro oriented defense and offense makes for awesome teams and games. Big Ten is more like NFL Lions, Bears, Packers – smash mouth run games with focus on the linemen. Look at Tom Brady, he didn’t even turn any heads at Mich and look what he turned out to be! Most of us here feel that the move he made was so disreputable that he should have been tossed out for a year or two. Kids choose their school based on the coaching staff and these jerks are allowed to walk on these kids and their families. How many pro careers are never going to happen now because of these greedy coaches who risk nothing to just walk out on the school.

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