Man Up Chris Leak, You Had Better Man Up

Low levels of male hormone could kill you. And yes Chris Leak, that clipboard in Calgary Canada can’t carry itself . The clipboard needs you. Sure you are a menstrual cycling low wonderlic scoring QB, but we need you to take care of yourself. Are all Gators mutated females? The introduction of testosterone causes the mutation. It appears that Leak’s mutation might have been a bit tardy.[ABCNews]

Low testosterone may lead to a greater risk of death, according to a study presented Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in Toronto. Fortunately, Mascotless Ole Miss and Ed Orgeron have nothing to fear [Wild Boyz].

I see a new Florida Football Message Board coming out of this! “Hi, I’m a Bull Gator and I have low testosterone”.

3 comments on “Man Up Chris Leak, You Had Better Man Up

  1. Wonder how many times these two butt-banged each other? And TeBlow still isn’t going to the SEC title game!

  2. Don’t hate on him because of his love for jorts and mandals. It was his childhood favorite outfit.. You can break tradition..

    All joking aside..The man broke his hand last night in the 1st quarter on a TD run… The fucker still played, and scored several more times, and even through the ball, and juked around the field like normal.. He’s a great athlete even though I hate UF, and I don’t think anyone can take away that drive from him.

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