What in the Hell are They Feeding the Hogs?

They must be feeding the Arkansas football players the same thing that they feed the chickens at Tysons. The “special” stuff from Juarez. Nice job Arkansas trainers

This is Malcom Shepard one year ago:

and here is angry Malcom, transformed (his hat size increased from 7 1/4 to 7 3/4, just kidding about the hat size. ):

39 comments on “What in the Hell are They Feeding the Hogs?

  1. Holy shit! This guy must be in the Giambi/Gary Matthews Jr. workout program!

    Do they test for ‘roids at collegiate level? I know they test for recreational drugs, Herban told me, but what about the juice?

  2. Yes, absolutely, they test for ‘roids in NCAA. Very strict on that. Not saying a few kids do it and get away with it, but I promise you, this kid will be tested if he hasn’t been already.

    Keep in mind that genetics, age, diet, and workout program can yield results like this. Especially for folks in their early 20’s. Results like this happen on every D1A football team for a few kids. Some 20 year-olds can pack muscle on quickly, but the pace will slow down after a year.

    Actually, the peak time to put on muscle is from your late 20’s through your 30’s, but you’ve got to go to the gym and workout 5 days a week. Screw that.

  3. Jesus age Chistmas! At least pace yourself and make some attempt at being inconspicuous…

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  5. Brett Myers’ Arm is not impressed.

  6. “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”

  7. If that beast isn’t on the juice than he must have spent some time at Cummins State Farm. The guys I played with in HS that went D1 got big, but nothing like that. I wonder if some big guy named Tiny with a voice like Michael Clarke Duncan made him his bitch at Cummins.

  8. One thing I just thought of, are you sure that photo from “1 year ago” is actually from 1 year ago? It could be older than than and this could be a 2 or 3 year mutation.

    Either way, he’ll snap yo’ d!(% off.

  9. RIGHTTT! Diet and workout and supplements can yield results like this!!

    NO WAY. have you ever looked at the great Steve Reeves (Mr. America of the late 1950’s, THE most built man in the world? Nothing CLOSE to the way they are in the roid era…….NO amount of diet and exercise causes that kind of growth.

  10. It’s possible for these type of results in 2 years with the right diet. Like I said, if this joker is on the juice, he’ll get caught. However, if he’s on the HGH, I don’t think they’ll be able to test for that. The HGH is about $500 a month. I have no idea what the cost of steroid cycle is going for.

    For those that know 20ozbulldog, he may be able to give you a price for a cycle.

  11. Just a reminder folks…there is no test for HGH.

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  13. Reminds me alot of myself.

  14. Looks like the Barry Bonds workout to me.

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  16. The “before” picture (which was taken the summer before his senior year in high school) makes him look skinny. He wasn’t. He was 6-2, 240 at the time. Now, the summer before his second year of college (just about two full years), he’s listed at 6-2, 255, which is not an uncommon amount of weight gain for a college athlete at all. Granted, the listed weight may not be accurate, but the pictures shown really exaggerate the difference.

  17. […] (I’m not good at posting pictures — somebody let me know if you see red Xs.) Anyway, this is from What in the Hell are They Feeding the Hogs? Loser with Socks: “They must be feeding the Arkansas football players the same thing that they feed the chickens at […]

  18. The roids Tyson injects into chickens don’t show up in human testing. And believe me, they use so much around here it ends up in the water. We got chickens up here big as a Harley. Houston rides one named “Mitch” to practice.

  19. Houston Nutt wanted an athlete who could match up with Darren Mcfadden. Since none exist, he is trying to create one.

  20. That’s nutts ! That can’t be the same dude. No way.

  21. I gotta get me some of that.

  22. […] this kid is on the juice? This is from What in the Hell are They Feeding the Hogs? Loser with Socks: “They must be feeding the Arkansas football players the same thing that they feed the chickens at […]

  23. Good grief that boy is swole!

  24. Did anyone else read the communist Big 10, anti-SEC propaganda being vomited over on that Michigan State page?

    “The SEC is very good at one thing–pushing its own hype. The minute they get one good team, the entire conference piggybacks and tells the rest of the country how good they are. But how good are they? Look at the bowl records in the past few years. Look at a team like USC who have easily disposed of every SEC foes they have seen over the last 4 years. The SEC a very good conference top to bottom, but it is also extremely overrated, top to bottom. There is also no doubt that it is also the dirtiest conference in terms of recruiting in the entire country.”

    “The SEC is a league that has a few elite teams, such as Florida and LSU, a few that are pretty good, like Auburn, and then the rest, that pretty much suck, even though every year is supposedly “their year.” The common denominator between all SEC seems though–they cheat.”

    “What do they say in the SEC? If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’ hard enough”

    Sounds like your typical Big 10 talking points straight from Kirk Herbstreit.

  25. He’s actually 6’3 now and that was about a 2 year mutation. His family has a military back ground. He’s supposedly one fo the hardest working players on the team as a true sophomore.

    By the way, the idiot that said D-Mac is the only athlete on our team, you’re an idiot. Felix Jones will be in the NFL, our Center, an All American will be in the NFL. Peyton Hillis, NFL… Marcus Monk, NFL… Right guard Robert Felton will be in the NFL. Jamaal Andesron from last year was taken 8th over all in the NFL draft. Antwain Robinson should be in the NFL one day, another Dend. He was one of the top leading sack rushers last year. Also, the guy you’re looking at, Malcom Sheppard, well he will more than likely be in the NFL one day, too. There are also a number of other players on our team that have a great chance.


  26. I forgot about corner back Chris Houston who was also taken by the Falcons, early 2nd round.

  27. Taco

    The Big 10 looked sharp against UF

  28. Chris

    Don’t forget that Jerry Jones was thinking that HDN was a candidate to coach the cowboys. Yet another NFL possibilty

  29. Jai, are you referring to the basketball championship game or the BCS championship game? Both were impressive displays of the dominance from the Big 10’s flagship program (according to SI) against the Fluffers

  30. Yes I am

    Herbstreit wept

  31. […] Posted by msufan This is from What in the Hell are They Feeding the Hogs? Loser with Socks: “They must be feeding the Arkansas football players the same thing that they feed the chickens at […]

  32. This guy, Malcolm Sheppard, which is my brother, has never and will never take steroids to get bigger. He has a huge work ethic that allowed him to get big as he is. If they do test him, I can bet that his results will come out negative.

  33. Wow this dude is not only big but I’ve seen him practice……..probably the most explosive player on the team and no doubt he comes off the ball faster than anybody in College football……I doubt he’s on any drugs….for goodness sake Arkansas has the best weightroom program in the country, he’s gonna get big……….even bigger he pretty much started as a true freshman ……18 years of age when he first lined up against USC………I can’t wait to see the Sheppard Ark. Dline face up against Andre Smith and Alabama Oline…….its gonna be a big showdown and I already have my ticket…..

  34. Malcolm Sheppard/Earnest Mitchell/Marcus Harrison/Antwain Robinson
    The SEC has some real big trouble…….

  35. Tim Tebow/John Parker Wilson/Brannon Cox/Blake Mitchell/Matt Flynn/Matthrew Strafford and many more have major problemss……

  36. big muscle bear

    There are various claims that bovine colostrum boosts IGF-1, however, after doing some research on this at pubmed, it does not appears

  37. This big ass dude, who is my cousin is not on any type of drugs. This guy is a beast and his work ethic is the hardest out of anyone that I have ever seen. He is in the weight room 24/7 doing his damn thing. so stop hatin peeps.
    Ya Clowns…

  38. The first photo was actually taken 4 years ago. His shirt says “Nike training camp”. It was used as his picture for rivals.com recruiting: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/player-Malcolm-Sheppard-40008

    Malcolm is majoring in criminal justice. I really don’t think he’s using roids.

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