This guy is the 9th best coach in college football?!?!


As all lists are meant to, The Sporting News’ Tom Dienhart’s ranking of all the BCS coaches is generating some discussion.

These lists are silly and only meant to make people yell at one another and question the sobriety of the person who made them. And looking at the top 5, it looks like about like what you’d expect (minus the absence of Urban Meyer, who doesn’t appear until 12). But then you get to number 9…


I mean, really. They need to check the SN offices for a radon leak. Let’s bear in mind that this man was the head coach of the Idaho Vandals last year and will be lucky to be playing in the Holiday Bowl at year’s end with his new team. Even if Erickson goes Lombardi and does the world’s best coaching job at Arizona State, the Sun Devils still be the third best team in the Pac-10.

Here’s the link to the list but I’ll cut to the chase for some of you — Fulmer’s 31.

6 comments on “This guy is the 9th best coach in college football?!?!

  1. […] Why is someone pretending that Dennis Erickson is still relevant? […]

  2. There is not a coach named “Urban” Meyer. There is a coach at Florida in Gunsville named “Herban” Meyer. He changed his name as a symbolic gesture to those heroic Gater athletes, top 1% of 1%, that were struck down by silly illegal narcotics legislation.

  3. http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=195996

    The O Face at 63rd out of 66th and dead last in the SEC. At least this writer got the bottom part of his list right.

    Keep on thinking The O Face is a good coach Ole Miss. After your 9th Bourbon drink you won’t really care how bad your team blows!

  4. damn you Taco Bell, that Eric kid is going to show up here and begin offensive operations on how good Orgeron is as a coach and how bad David “I took a shitty team to the Cotton Bowl” Cutcliffe is

  5. That is one good looking man.

  6. you’re right Jai. To be honest with you, every post on here I look for a way to insult The O Face so that taint cheese will have a reason to try to defend The O.

    I love his logic, “Coach Cut was a shitty coach because he didn’t play Willis and he was a shitty recruiter.” Yeah Eric (or Erik, probably with a K because the guy sucks at life), you know Cut recruited Willis right? What a rape stain Erik is.

    Ole Miss goes to the Cotton Bowl and the Oxford people think it is the best thing since Archie Manning, but Auburn goes to the Cotton Bowl and it is a season that should have been better. And the mascot-less university wonders why Ears left Oxford to go to the Barn. Keep your standards high Oxford! JUST WIN THE EGG BOWL!

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