Barry Switzer claims that BYU bugged their phones

during football games and did it to other teams for 15 years. [Thanks TCougDawg] Colin Cowherd claims that Switzer told him off the record about a football team that bugged their phones during a football game and when he found out about it he became livid. He then went on to claim that Switzer wasn’t going to tell him who it was but accidently let it out. [Cowherd Podcast]

Switzer then told Cowherd never to repeat it on the air. So he said he wouldn’t. But on a card on his webcam Cowherd wrote the name of the team down and passed it by the web cam. And the team was BYU, at least if you listen to BYU fans. [We are looking for that picture if anyone has it, send it to loserwithsocks@gmail.com]

Cowherd said, “It will SHOCK you that this team bugged the oppositions phones for 15 years.” And then he said, “You fans of this team will be upset, but it is the truth.”

Barry Switzer is the 1980s version of Herban Meyer

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16 comments on “Barry Switzer claims that BYU bugged their phones

  1. Will the Barn become Herban’s BYU?

  2. Meyer is much bigger and smarter than Switzer

  3. Coach Meyer,

    Look at this picture, I am your daddy, close your eyes and weep little cheater. I can’t believe one of youre players slashed the throat of a student and got away with it. Simply amazing

  4. Click-clack, bitches

  5. I am wondering how BYU bugged Barry’s phone since he never coached against BYU.

    BYU has played Oklahoma only 1 time – 1994 copper bowl, 5 years after Barry left OU.

  6. Good question Jon. That is why we are asking the BYU source for the webcam pic

  7. Who the fuck cares? Cowherd is a douche bag.

  8. […] Barry Switzer claims that BYU bugged their phones during football games and did it to other teams for 15 years. [Thanks TCougDawg] Colin Cowherd claims that Switzer told […] […]

  9. If true, that would be an amusing scenario.

  10. I saw the card on the webcam. It did say BYU…

  11. If we can only get video or a pic. Thanks redbirdsfan

  12. It seems that ‘all’s fair in love , war and football’ nowadays. Sounds like Football Watergate Will there be a Congressional Hearing? Is Barry a Liberal or Conservative?

  13. […] Does anybody know anything about this?  I came across this blog that reports that ESPN radio host Collin Cowherd let it slip that the former Oklahoma football coach believes that BYU bugged opponents headphones during games.  Seems far fetched to me.  The blog rumor can be seen here. […]

  14. another bs story about barry (the king) switzer. why would he claim byu bugged phones when ou and byu didnt play until 1994 years after switzer was gone? like most stories nothing but rumor to try and ruin switzers image. for the homer who claimed meyer is smarter than switzer lol are you dreaming? you must not know college football history. switzer is the winningest coach of any coach that coached after 1950. 4th all time win%. best start ever as a head coach at 29-0-1 before 1st loss. 12-5 against rival neb coach osborne and retired darryl royal texas great coach at the age of 52 because he couldnt beat switzer lol. as far as intellect switzer has been part owner of a bank, has owned restaurants, real estate, has business interests in oil and gas developement, rural venture capital funds, and diagnostic imaging centers to name a few lol yea meyer is smarter lmfao get a clue kid.

  15. switzer is a liberal his only drawback in life lol or at least he campaigned for oklahomas liberal governor brad henry but then again switzer campaigned for former nebraska coach osborne. switzer couldnt vote since not a neb resident. is osborne liberal or conservative? lol

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