Christmas Comes Early For Cromptonites


First we had Nancy Kerrigan vs Tonya Harding. Now we have Erik Ainge vs The Cromptonites. Ainge injures his knee during the Vols Spring Practice. Link

Read this motherfuckers!!! This is the Cromptonite Manifesto LINK

Tennessee’ s Dan Kendra Project on hold? Link (pops)

Deck the Halls! Joy to the World! Erik Ainge has mysteriously messed up his knee! The entire Cromptonite brigade has visions of sugar plums and ruff tuff mountain boys dancing in their heads today. Does the montage above remind anyone of a similar situation? We here at LWS fear that Cromptonites are after us. That we will wake up in the morning missing a kidney or our beloved Labrador Retriever will end up as some sort of ritualistic sacrifice. And yes, we are receiving threatening emails, instant messages and challenges of “I’m from the old school, You got enough ass to back up that mouth? One of us need some relief” Cromptonite E-Thug Enforcers.

(The rise of the Cromptonites begins)

After silencing the critics with a stellar 67% completion rate, Ainge will lose his starting job (at least temporarily) to either Nick Stephens or Jonathon Crompton. The wackos will get their wish, and they will have no remorse that it comes at the expense of a player they have tried to run out of town for quite some time. These people actually seem happy that Ainge is injured. Most of them will not admit that they are happy, but deep down inside, in places that they don’t like to talk about these freaks are giddy as little schoolgirls with new shiny shoes that Ainge is out.

(Pic above courtesy of Juan Garcia-Abrego)

Erik wouldn’t play their game and he spit back in their face by garnering two national player of the week awards in the first three games of the 2006 season. Erik also was placed on a early Heisman Watch List, a fact that was disputed by a Cromptonite who insisted that the Fox Sports Network was nothing more than “a hack with a computer.” One Cromptonite actually stated that Crompton should start ahead of Ainge because Crompton was a “a tough southern boy with good manners”.

(Jon has had the playbook since the 6th grade)

Alas, the notorious Tennessee Spring Practice injury will be his undoing rather than the psychos who tried their hardest to rattle him in 2006.

Poor Ainge, if only he’d grown up a ruff tuff mountain boy from the South (with manners). Jon Crompton, through no fault of his own, has somehow developed a Tim Tebow-esqe cult of personality following with the Tennessee Message Board loonies.Fa la la la la la la la.

Jock Sniffer-Sniffer-A person who seeks a homoerotic friendship with a already documented and established (‘made’) Jock-Sniffer of an amateur athlete, coach, or parent of the athlete. Jock Sniffer-Sniffers routinely frequent college football message boards seeking their targets

note – the word “Cromptonite” refers only to the small group of “fans” who for some reason would replace a potential first round draft pick with a high school phenom who has yet to prove anything on the field. They are irrational, dirty, delusional, and do not in any way represent the avearge Vol fan. These are the people who tried to “encourage” Ainge to transfer prior to last season and who also tried to hunt down yours truly at last year’s Orange and White game. They are insane.

21 comments on “Christmas Comes Early For Cromptonites

  1. No fullback for JC? Kendra Project scrapped?

  2. 4.6 40, laser rocket arm, ruff tuff mountain boy…pisses mediocrity.

  3. i know a thing or two about QB controversies. say, is it friday yet?

  4. […] least the Cromptonites are happy, we […]

  5. I will pound your face

  6. Quote: “They are irrational, dirty, delusional, and do not in any way represent the avearge Vol fan.”

    Umm… actually, doesn’t “irrational,” “dirty,” and “delusional” pretty much cover any and all vol fans? In all seriousness I hope that Ainge is back by the season as it’s the vols turn for the possibility of riding an experienced senior to a great season. That, and I don’t want the phrase “Ainge was hurt!” used as a built-in excuse when the vols lose in the Swamp this coming September…

  7. Actually, dirty would be the schwag weed Urban feeds your homosexual athletes.

  8. sorry hillybilly- i can’t hear that completely nonsensical comment you made, because i have UF’s two national championship rings from the past year stuck in my ears…



    No really, that is the way I roll

  10. I once saw Jon bend over at the 50 yard line, drop trow, and squirt a turd out of his butt-it split the goal posts with room to spare.

    No shit.

  11. #8 If when you say ears you mean mouth, and if when you say rings you mean cocks – then yes, I believe you cannot hear.

  12. Forget Crompton – it’s Jim Bob Cooter time! Hootnanny! Isn’t he in his 7th year of eligibility? I bet the Hillbillys are loving it!

  13. You LWS people better not post this link on Gridscape

  14. Jon Crompton had to apply for a concealed weapons license in order to wear long sleeve shirts.

    Jon Crompton doesn’t pop his collar, his shirts just get erections when they touch his laser rocket arm.

  15. rj, Congratulations on the hoops ring…

    However, Bruce Pearl=Donovan’s daddy.

  16. […] Christmas Comes Early For Cromptonites [image] First we had Nancy Kerrigan vs Tonya Harding. Now we have Erik Ainge vs The Cromptonites. Ainge injures his […] […]

  17. Email received this morning:

    Some people do not appreciate some of the behind the scenes emails that were sent from UT Sites (Volquest and Gridscape) by certain people, when Jimmy Clausen was seriously looking at UT…

    sent by people obviously trying to promote Crompton. The things being said about Clausen…by people VERY close to Crompton…were horrible, rednecked to the core and just the same kind of garbage—since he obviously was not from the mountains of good ole East Tennessee (where my family lives.)

    That content was unbelievable. Posters were discussing it privately, not believing the statements or that the posters were vicious enough to post them—but afraid to bring it up because of who was posting it, and because dissension that would be spread.

    Here’s news for you…about the competition, at least the little I know.

    1. Stephens may have more talent than Crompton. Certainly as much.

    2. Whatever rumor spreaders post won’t make a difference, because the coaches are wise to what went on.

    3. Fan support won’t make any difference unless a couple of the major league boosters decide to take back the reins from Coach Fulmer.

    4. campaigns to trash anybody competing with Cromption—NOT saying you are involved in one..won’t make a bit of difference.

    At this point, Coach Fulmer needs to win…and the better of the two will play. David Cutcliffe’s presence will insure that the best QB wins.

    Tennstud indicated what several people know:
    -the reports out of practice are that Crompton has not done well in short yardage situations
    -that is arm is not as good as Stephens and his decision making is good for a 2-year guy. -he may be leaning toward his high school experience where he was big enough to run over people when he got in trouble and used that as his safetyvalve. (Can you say receiver?)

    Stephens is said to be learning quickly, is not as experienced as Crompton or as able to run over people but reminds folks of a HS QB from Knoxville who plays in the pros or of Phillip Rivers, but with better grasp at his stage of development, of quarterback intangibles, and with an arm that is better than anybody in a long time.

    The lifelong UT fan stuff is narrowminded East Tennessee garbage—takes a boy from ET to know what you are doing, and my people have are and have been.

    Most of us are lifelong UT fans, but damned well don’t need to be under center.

    If you think being a lifelong UT fan is a qualification that needs to be factored in…

    tell that to Peyton Manning…

    who grew up a lifelong Ole Miss fan…had the Rebel probation of the early 1990’s give him disincentivation at OleMiss…and opportunity presented itself at UT.

    Same for Tee Martin…who did pretty well in the NC game.

    Peyton’s recruiting year…and Martin’s recruiting year…there were 400-500 QB’s in Tennessee, who were lifelong fans. Some of did pretty well in college—in DI, II, etc.

  18. […] I did some screen captures of the vandalism because we know that Crompton’s Momma is going to get have some ass for this.  Remember what happened to Ainge? (Ainge gets “hurt”) […]

  19. Interesting comments.. 😀

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