Dickie Vitale Reveals Billy Dononvan Comments…..Oops and Oh Shit

“I’m not going to comment,” Donovan said, “on something I didn’t say.”

Go ahead and spin it Eddie Munster and Dickie V. Dickie V’s ADHD just pooped on Florida’s season and confidence. Noah is already having issues adjusting to the Estrogen Shots, now this? Dickie should have just said that Noah has saggy tits.
(Thanks JLM) Here is a Florida newspapers sharticle on this sinfully delicious fall of a program Link

(Thank for the tip JLM) This is developing…. Another link on the Gator-Vol Matchup

This is pure gold stuff. Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley is seeking a $25,000 fine against the Sports Animal. Here (from KNS) are the audio links Link1 and link2

Dick Vitale phoned in to the Sports Animal in Knoxville for a telephone interview as part of the buildup to the Florida-Tennessee Game. Dickie V is in a restaurant somewhere in Florida talking on his telephone on air. Dickie V steps on his crank on-air unwittingly discussing a private conversation between him and Billy Donovan.

Griffith, one of the Animal’s co-host, tries to go to Vitale a couple of times, loudly but Vitale appears to be finishing a conversation in the restaurant that includes some “insider” Gator information from Eddie Munster. When he “officially” came on the air, Adams the other co-host, asked a few questions addressing the insider comments. Here is the wrap up of the comments overheard while he was jawing on phone:

1. Vitale said “no way” Florida should have lost to LSU.

2. Then he starts talking about Noah and you could quickly tell he was talking about him having “no shot.” Then he went on to say that Eddie Munster had told him something “he would never say publicly” that Horford “should” be taken over Noah. “It would be a mistake for an NBA to take Noah over Horford.”

Poor Noah, that has to be heartbreaking news for such a fine young man. Sure he has had some adversity this year, swinging at the Kentucky cheerleader and the Vandy Coach. Its probably just his hormones acting up again.

Here is an idea, divide Thompson Boling Arena into 2 halves and do that old high school cheer.

Side 1: We like Noah, yes we do! We like Noah, Dick, how ’bout you?!!
Side 2: We like Horford, yes we do! We like Horford, Dick, how ’bout you?!!

31 comments on “Dickie Vitale Reveals Billy Dononvan Comments…..Oops and Oh Shit

  1. Oh, nice “separated at birth” action. I got an immediate chuckle out of that.

  2. I have told others last year and this year that Big Al Horford is going to be a beast in the NBA and would be a muchbetter pick than Joe “wishes he was” Kim Noah.

  3. Incredible work, fellas. Amazing.

    It’s awesome. I wonder how ESPN will handle this. Probably by ignoring it.

  4. Big Lead

    This was from a email tip. We are beginning to get tons of them daily

  5. I love me some me!

  6. i just go with the flow, man.

  7. I bet Noah feels like a winner tonight..

  8. I actually heard this interview as it took place and I think that Mike Griffith and John Adams were out of line. They should have cut the sound on Vitale until the dumbass knew he was being broadcast all over East Tennessee. Just tacky work by the two KNS apes in my opinion. They didn’t have the sack to ask Vitale about it on the air at first.

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  10. Wow — its amazing what jealousy can breed. When there is nothing left to say about what goes on between the lines……I guess the desperate ones reach for anything and everything. Funny thing is…., I bet that UT fans would love to have Billy and Joakim on their team. Sorry UT — but you will never match the Gator glory achieved over the past year. Deal with it!

  11. Al

    We are jealous of the sweet stinky week and the lax illegal narcotics laws in Florida. is estrogen illegal?

  12. And with the first pick in the draft, the Phoenix Mercury select…………………J-Kim Noah, forward, University of Florida

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  17. When you have a current conference title (in a men’s sport), to hold up to our current NATTIONAL titles in FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL, then you will have something valid to say. Until then, have fun with Photoshop.

  18. dumbass, Nattional has one T—National. Be sure and thank Arkansas for the TD

  19. sweet josephine!

  20. Like the blog post. Fun to take a ribbing sometimes. Be happy to show it to Joakim Noah Im sure he will get a kick out of it.

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  22. penile is a funny word, ha ha ha

  23. Oh, how I wish that were photoshopped.

  24. yeah FLorida just got Brad-shawed

  25. Fark this, yo!!!! PLEEASSEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?


    a.k.a. my cheap-ass self-promoting website to try & get me a higher WNBA draft pick!


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  28. everyone hates you when you’re beating them. you all are just jealous because Florida is killiing the competition. Noah plays tough and is respected on campus. My friend had a socilogy class with him and siad he was a good guy. Need to treat people with respect. Don’t hate on Gainesville.

    We will chomp all the competitors on the way to the Championship. Better than Duke. Better than Kentucky. Better than UCLA. The best of all. Florida. This is a dynasty in the making. You all can cry. We will celebrate on campus when the banner is lifted up.

  29. no worry “jo no”,,, you’re a shining star with a big, bright future. You go get em cowboy and ride on like there’s no tomorrow……..

  30. I don’t hate Al Horford, Chris Richard, or Cory Brewer. So obviously YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!

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