Frank Broyles to Tulsa, Accepts Tulsa Athletic Director Position

There are some advantages to being an illegal Mexican (Self portrait below) that dabbles in the Arkansas Chicken Industry. The hillbillies don’t think I can understand English so they talk freely like I am not even there. The redneck boss seems to be completely oblivous that I am blogging this through my Blackberry.

My sources here in Springdale are reporting:

First, The University of Arkansas’ trustees will meet Saturday amid reports that athletic director Frank Broyles will offer to resign by the end of 2007, wrapping up a 50-year career amid turmoil in the Razorbacks’ football program.

Broyles plans to follow his peculiar mancrush of Gus Malzahn to Tulsa and serve as the Athletic Director there. Mixed reactions that range from glee to sadness for a State that worships the hog, more than they do Jesus. It’s sad that a High School coach and some prima-donna Divas and a power mad Mummy can wreak so much havoc. Broyles reportedly told the Springdale Mafia that they could “stick it”. Below, happier times….Sooie Motherfucker

( Photo from 82SluggoWins)

For all the good he did, his cantankerous demeanor and god-complex over the last 20 years have tainted his tenure. The fact that he put 3 Sun Belt Conference schools on next year’s football schedule along with letting ULM come to Little Rock and count it as a home game to purposely show Arkansas State University who was boss….. As far as I’m concerned, ride him out on a rail. Thank God that what goes around comes around.

( Above, Springdale Divas Hamming it up)

How pathetic has this saga has gotten to? Where an 82-year old icon gets caught lying by your media about things like whether a meeting was or wasn’t scheduled with parents? And then has to nerve to publicly proclaim that he knew all along that the type of offense for which the Springdale group was recruited, wouldn’t work anyway – – in other words, too bad Springdale Divas, we needed use you to calm the outcry over our previous two poor seasons, you’ve served your purposes, now go on your way.

Second, Mustain is going to UTEP not USC, (the one in California that wins  football games), Mitch is is intrigued with Mike Price’s “party first and practice whenever” philosophy (see pic below). Despite the Bush/McKnight telephone scandal, Mustain talked to former Trojan Todd Marinovich about breaking the parental bonds while in college. If Mitch ever needs to escape his momma, Mexico is closer to El Paso than LA despite the rumors that Mexico has reconquered California.

(Mike Price pic from the OU Sooner Fark Board)

6 comments on “Frank Broyles to Tulsa, Accepts Tulsa Athletic Director Position

  1. Konnan? Is that you? I wondered what you were doing after WCW.

  2. I need to make two points after reading this:

    1. You’re giving Mike Price way to much credit with the picture of the stripper. Take a look. http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4217/2699/1600/Ugly.1.jpg

    2. UTEP is becoming the home of misfit recruits. Fred Rouse plays at UTEP. He has to be a five star, lead pipe lock nun-killer if he was dismissed from Florida State, right?

  3. I would dip my dong in destiny

  4. It’s the end of the world as we know it in Hog Country! Whew! I thought it would never come. Now crack the Nutt and heave the Heath and make the McDonnell the top Hog! Then we would learn how to win and win often!!!!

  5. Mike Price is hero. Nick Saban should be glad he did not fired for making out with Collette at the airport

  6. Destiny is either a female impersonator or the Ho’s in Florida require the John’s to be dead-ass drunk before playing “Let’s Make a Deal”.
    Why does that song “There All 1’s at Closing Time” keep popping into my head?

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