Tennessee Spring Practice Preview: Running Backs

Cedric Houston is better than Chuck Webb. That, of course, is complete bullshit but it didn’t stop The Houstonaughts from spewing their drivel and droppping bogus stats on us left and right to justify their argument (which was based on maybe watching UT football for two years).

For those of us who watched Chuck Webb run wild over Ole Miss and Arkansas in 1989, we know true greatness………John Ward has said multiple times that Chuck Webb was the most talented running back he ever saw at Tennessee. And you do not fuck with John Ward. You will end up sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of Lake Loudon.

I bring up Chuck Webb because we have a tailback on campus now who reminds me in so many ways of him. His name is Lemarcus Coker. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Coker is as good as Webb was because he certainly is not. Webb was the total package, and I haven’t seen the “every down” greatness out of Coker that Webb displayed during his tragically short career at Tennessee (which ended with a whimper against Pacific University). You read that parenthetical remark correctly. Not only did we pull an Auburn and schedule Pacific, but we had a superstar like Webb in the game against them. What a waste……..but I digress. Coker has blazing speed and has shown flashes of Webblike ability. But Coker also reminds me of Webb off of the field. Webb’s first move on campus was to forge a teammates check. Now, Coker is undoubtedly a higher quality of induvidual because those Tennessee ethics were no doubt instilled in him at a very young age. However, he obviously does not care much for class (I’m with you my brotha, neither did I) and that is why he gets my Chuck Webb Trophy for 2007. Given every year to the player who is most likely to waste an enormous amount of precious talent, the Chuck Webb award was previously awarded to Daniel Brooks. Brooks would have been on hand to crown Coker, but he had a street brawl to attend with James Banks.

Coker is a weapon. He is the one running back we have that is a legitimate threat to change to course of the game. We need to keep him eligible by hook or by crook. After all, winning isn’t everything it is the only thing. Coker is critical to our success in 2007

Arian Foster had the classic sophomore slump. Ainge had one, everybody has one. I expect Foster to return with a vengence in 2007. I tend to go against popular opinion, and the vast majority of fools appear to have given up on Foster, but not Lloyd Braun…………..Just like I stood firm in the face of Hurricane Crompton, so too will I stand by Foster. He is a perfect every down back and I submit that his struggles were the result of a poor offensive line and his annoying tendency to try and get around the corner. Hey Arian, you are not Lemarcus so stop acting like it. Get that ball upfield and you are a fine back.

Montario Hardesty had one of the most electrifying runs of the 2006 college football season (although I though the play should have been whistled dead at the time) and he probably suffered from the same problems that plagued Foster last year…. a sucky offensive line that was just flat out molested by the dope smoking D-linemen of Gainesville. Hardesty is still a mystery to me.

Creer – Keep dreaming Reckruitniks

I hereby go on the record as stating that the running backs will have a great year in 2007 and will improve just as dramtically as our receivers did last year. That’s a good thing. We can ride these horses all the way to the SEC Championship. I think this group has the potential to dominate.

9 comments on “Tennessee Spring Practice Preview: Running Backs

  1. Cobb/Webb for President

  2. Coker is fat and slow. A Vandy DB almost ran him down…..

  3. Too bad I hear Coker is gonna be kicked off the team if he keeps up with his I dont wnat to do anything in school crap.

  4. I smoke the dope when I write. It makes it easier and funnerist.

  5. I be runnin wide n shit

  6. It was a Vandy linebacker, Jaun.

  7. Chuck Webb was the best I ever witnessed as a running back in Orange. Jamal lewis, Reggie Cobb, Travis Henry, Jay Graham, and Haskel Stanback were other noteworthy Vols. Johnny Jones, and the Crossville Comet, Curt Watson were other notables. James, the little man, Stewart left his mark on a few defensive backs in the SEC and NFL. Number 44 was the best I ever saw. Witness the 1990 Cotton Bowl against Arkansas. 293 Yards against Ole Miss and Johnny Majors put him on the bench with 5 minutes left? What was up with that.

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