Geightor versus the Kentucky Cheerleader; Girl on Girl Violence Gets Noah-Ugly

Most people today would claim that girl on girl violence is a terrible crime almost akin to murder but the Gator Nation would strongly disagree. Far from a vile act, tripping on some Mary Jane can be a magical experience that benefits the Gator Nation as a whole. I realize many of you will disagree with this thesis but lend me your ears and I’m sure I’ll sway you towards a darkened alley.

My PIC HOST has crashed.  here is the link to the frame by frame shots of Noah’s catfight

Take a look at this girl on girl catfight. Is this over some boyfriend poaching incident? Why else on God’s Green Earth would a 6′ 11” man take a swing at 96 pound cheerleader? Show some compassion for this troubled youth. Sure he is an ugly and spoiled rotten punk that likes to taunt (and use baby wipes?) other teams, but did you people ever think that this might not be his fault? We are sure that he was not raised to punch girls. Somebody in Geighnsville has broken this scared little boy’s heart. Yes, that is what I said, he is a scared little boy. Lets be part of the solution and not part of the problem by condemning Noah for trying to hurt this girl. He doesn’t need our rage or blame, he needs our support during this very tough life experience.


The following pics are NSFW, not for nudity but for Noah just being ugly. We ask that readers use discretion in showing these pics to impressionable teens and old people. We are still seaching for photo of Noah and his missing tooth. Email that pic to loserwithsocks@gmail.com (Thanks for the pics Boythayer and BigD for the Tooth pics).

Gator Nation Leader Urban “Herban” Meyer has issued a statement from Geighnsville

“Kentucky, we are the Champions. We will conduct ourselves as we damn well see fit. You see, this is what real champions are made of. Please accept this humble and heartfelt Gator Nation Apology.”

You have been warned that this sequence of pictures features one of college basketball’s ugliest players during one of his most vulnerable moments. One can clearly see that his pupils are showing all of the “cues” of a bad trip. The Pom-Poms in his face clearly respresented “danger” to him. Possibly the spectre of Police Strobe Lights? Maybe Lofton’s elbow to his teeth?

If you are here, use caution. Noah is ugly.

About Capers Bar

I am retired Army officer. I used to fly helicopters and airplanes while I was in the Army. Nowadays, I do other things that are not so cool and sexy. I decided to write about my journey or whatever you want to call it towards running a half-marathon this fall. I have been running since 1983, I have run the Duke City full and half marathons. I don't run that fast anymore, I did win a 10K when I was 21, those days are mercifully past me. The fastest mile I have turned is a 5:05 during one of those Army physical fitness test 2 mile runs. The point I am making is that I am old, slow, and experienced runner. I named the blog after my running buddy, Bandit, an Australian Blue Heeler. He is my 3rd K-9 running buddy, the previous two dogs were black labs. I hope to write about some of my discussions that I have with Bandit in the future. I once owned, but since sold and a satirical and irreverent sports blog that was moderately successful. I was published in the left-wing national sports media by Sports Illustrated and ESPN. I am "stuck" in Alabama working for a military contractor. I am working so fricking hard to get back to Southeast New Mexico or West Texas. Fingers and toes crossed.

90 comments on “Geightor versus the Kentucky Cheerleader; Girl on Girl Violence Gets Noah-Ugly

  1. Just exactly was the cheerleader saying besides waiving the pom poms in his face?remember, we’re talking about UK fans here.

    And yes,Noah would scare an ugly stick.

  2. She was cheering for her team. I think that the moniker “secsucks” is a bit troublesome

  3. Noah

    I will still be your friend

  4. I think that Noah is pretty. I love it when he snarls

  5. what’s the big deal? she taunted him obviously, it’s not like he did anything to her before…she can defend herself.

  6. Florida is the 21st century version of the Sooners and the Canes. This is a program out of control. here is what i saw:

    She was taunting, or so it appears.
    That said, he should have stood up and walked away.

    What is funny is all the gators defending what he did.

    They do the same thing after every incident.
    Zook and thugs confronting frat boys. Same koolaid defending Zook for ‘STANDING UP FOR HIS BOYS.’
    Avery ATkins while still on the team after the 2nd assault on his Girl friend. Oh the rationalizations about how he had to defend himself.
    Marcus Thomas and the drug problem. Once again, UF found a way to get him back on the field for a big game, before he screwed up even too much for them.
    Chop a knee Mo MItchell. Need I go on.

  7. yes. i know what you are talking about,mr. secpants.

  8. i might be needed here. may i be of service?

  9. That forehand was passed down genetically from his dad, Yannick. That yelled tennis if I’ve ever seen it.

  10. Ricky Bobby Gold or Pan Am Games Gold?

  11. What’s the big deal here? She flashed her pom-poms, he tried to fondle them… and missed. No blood, no foul. Better luck next time, Noah.

    Ref shoulda called a T foul for non-player interference.

  12. Noah is a wifebeater, why am I not surprised? He has to pick on a cheerleader, what a freaking puss.

  13. Education without salvation is damnation, bitches.

  14. Help me, Jesus! Help me, Jewish God! Help me, Allah! Aah! Help me, Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the ugly Noah off of me!

  15. As a former cheerleader, it’s inappropriate for her to be taunting like that. Cheerleaders are there to cheer on their own teams, not taunt the other players.

    That said, he didn’t hit her, he just wanted that ugly blue and white out of his face.

  16. Shut up, Granny, or I’ll go apeshit on your ass!

  17. Hakuna Matata, bitches!

  18. As a former cheerleader, it’s inappropriate for her to be taunting like that. Cheerleaders are there to cheer on their own teams, not taunt the other players.

    That said, he didn’t hit her, he just wanted that ugly blue and white out of his face.

    he didnt hit her…he swatted the pom pom out of the face…and that is absolutley classless what UK did to put them in his face

  19. Sports is nothing more than team to hoodlums and gansta’s. The only thing missing in these photo’s are the ugly ‘tats’. No Class prevails today and it gets them more money. So, all you sportswriters take your stupid comments and stick them. You glorify these people everyday. You are no better than they are at their worst.

  20. Harvin for Future Felonies?

    The room is startin’ to spin real fast…cause of…cause of gayness.The NCAA is going to go Barry Switzer on Meyer’s ass

  21. Jesus Christ!!! Has that guy had the Michael Jackson surgery? That’s fucking hideous!

    At least he didn’t smack her with his handbag. It was still in the locker room.

  22. I think it’s great that you spent so much time on this… this is some great work.

    Go Gators, I am white trash.

  23. Albert

    Cheaters don’t prosper…for long. Something is fishy is Geignsville.

    I feel like a mongoose, stalking its prey.

  24. i am a mink

  25. You gotta win to get love. I mean, that’s just life. Look at…look at Don Shula. Legendary coach. Look at that Asian guy who holds the world record for eatin’ all those hot dogs in a row. Look at Rue McClanahan. From The Golden Girls. Three people, all great champions, all loved.

  26. How will EDSBS steal this and make it their own? That is the question

  27. crazy stuff, I do agree though that he looks like a freak

  28. Slingshot: engage.

  29. There’s somethin’ I want to get off my chest. It’s about that summer, when you went away to community college. I got an offer to do Playgirl Magazine, and I did it. I did a full spread for Playgirl Magazine. I mean spread, man, I pulled my butt apart and stuff. I was totally nude. It was weird, I… I mean, you probably didn’t hear about it ’cause I went under the name of Mike Honcho. But I just wanted you to know that. If you can hear me, if it got into your brain somehow, that I spread my buttcheeks as Mike Honcho.

  30. Finally… something we can agree on. – Tim

  31. Maybe Noah should ask her out. They can copulate and populate. And produce children with height to their pom-poms. At least she didn’t sneeze. Think of the mess that woulda been. And the green certainly would NOT have matched with his uniform. Or hers.

  32. another shrimp on the barbee!

  33. you’re blog is so interesting. the posts are very brilliant!

  34. Joke-im Noah is just that—-a joke. A classless, arrogant, cocky, overrated, over-indulged joke. I live in Gator land and he’s an embarrassment. I get angry every time they show his butt-ugly transvestite mugg on camera. I was thrilled the Wildcats shut him down. 6 measly points, fouled out of the game and was a non-factor. Morris whipped his prissy little butt. Taking a swipe at a cheerleader only goes to show how paper-thin his veneer. Please, please go to the NBA this year and be somebody’s pro-girlfriend. I’m sick of looking at you.

  35. I’ve sent in my application to The Real World, so I’m puttin’ a lotta eggs in that basket, the MTV basket. I also thought about getting a gun and becomin’ a crack dealer. I wouldn’t be, like, a mean crack dealer…I’d be a nice one. I’d just be like “Hey, guys, what’s up? You want some crack?”.

  36. C.J. Watson is my hero

  37. I don’t think that Orson Swindle and EDSBS can steal this now.


  38. LWS, you’re getting a lot of coverage (attributed of course) on Deadspin…seems like that’s a great recognition for your efforts!
    Great job!


  40. […] Joakim Noah vs the UK cheerleader fight is starting to make national news. The blog Loser with Socks did a frame-by-frame analysis of the fight and that has led all the big blogs from Deadspin to […]

  41. I cant believe Florida fans would justify hitting women.

  42. Adam

    Comment 41, I don’t like the tone. We are not Kentucky fansBTW

  43. LWS, not everyone in KY is a KY fan either. As for #41, as a state, we’ve had better offers.

  44. Her name is Jenny Fleming and she is a Senior at UK. Just thought I would help.

  45. I take it that all of you look like Models? Grow up boys and girls, Noah may not be the best looking kid playing for UF, but the cheerleader had no right putting her pom-pom in his face. I would have swatted it away too! HE DID NOT HIT A GIRL – HE SWUNG AT A POM-POM. SOUR GRAPES??????????????????

  46. […] taunting him and he just swatted her pom-poms out of his face. I would have done the same thing. Geightor versus the Kentucky Cheerleader; Girl on Girl Violence Gets Noah-Ugly Loser with Socks __________________ SEC Talk SEC Pickem’ 2006/07 Co-Champion […]

  47. Linda, you should post a link to one of your pics. Ibet you look like one of the Raising the Roofs from the panhandle.

    Tongue my sour grapes

  48. Linda, a few comments for you…

    1-Yes, I do look like a model.
    2-Noah is the ugliest player in the history of time, second is Oden
    3-Noah’s Dad is a fairy, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree
    4-Thanks for reading the blog

  49. wait you guys realize the SEC blows, right?

  50. wojo, not the stupidest comment but very close. Should be deleted because it is boring

  51. Excuse me. I do not think that it is class-less that the cheerleader shook the pompom in noah’s face. If he had any self control, he would not have swiped at her or gave her that ugly stare. He’s at fault, and while I do not think that shaking a pom pom in someones face is nice, what do you expect the oposing team’s cheerleaders to do? IT is absoultely ridiculous that anyone can call KY’s fans ruthless. KY’s fans are the best, they support their team no matter what. and anyone who thinks otherwise are just jealous that their fans arn’t as great.

  52. >>Should be deleted because it is boring

    i feel the same way about the SEC

  53. good point wojo, I wet my bed until I was 19. There’s no shame in that

  54. You got it all wrong! If you notice in the first picture of him laying on the floor and the cheerleader is sitting right in front of him. Notice she has her legs spread showing him she has no underpants on. he was just saying ” get that stinking UK snatch out of my face bitch

  55. You hillbillies are pathetic. First, nobody’s defending wife-beaters. Noah swatted pom-poms out of his face. I’m not really sure how the 2 things are similar. I think people from Kentucky are the last ones that need to be commenting on beating the little wife/sister/cousin. Second, you’d think a senior would have grown up some in the last 3 years. Of course, if she’s a senior at UK, she’s probably been at school much longer than 3 years; but that’s another discussion UK students probably couldn’t follow, anyway. UK fans need to be chastising the cheerleader for making their school look trashy and classless on national T.V.. Second, as far as recruiting goes; look at your own failures as the reason for not getting great players. Your coach sucks. Even if he didn’t, who wouldn’t rather be a star athlete in Florida than Kentucky? 1 hour in east or west, and UF players are at the ocean surrounded by beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, big-busted beach-bunnies bouncing around in bare-butt bikinis almost year around. Orthodontally challenged women, cabins, and out-houses just won’t do it for most prospects.

  56. Comments 56 and 57 are difficult to understand. Please see if FSU can help with the writing issues

  57. Greg oden is not the second ugliest player ever. How quickly we forget, the absolute horridness of Charlie Villanueva. Noah/ Villanueva have to be 1a 1b in terms of ugliness. And as a uk fan, i can honestly say, the fact that i hate joakim has nothing to do with losing. He didn’t have anything to do with the game except atempted assault.

  58. G8R8U2, I think you mean “Orthodontically.” My hillbilly spell-checker barfed on “Orthodontally.” 😉 – Tim

  59. Tim, that’s correct. Heated typing will do that.

  60. I grit my teeth while I type

  61. Wow… ONE championship, eh? Just 6 more to go, then you can be just as proud as UK fans…

  62. Grit your teeth while you type? Hmm, I think Flewis does that too.

  63. Should I also mention the AK-47assaultUzi that happened to go off while cleaning the Geightor boys Vibrator…

  64. Anybodies Gaydar ever went off while standing 100 feet of Noah? Mine has…

  65. here is something for post 57- G8R8U2 i did live in Florida for about 20 years.i had to move because of all the beautiful girls you are talking about in your post 9 out of 10 are guys that had a sex transplant.

  66. we are responsible for nick being here

  67. You guys and girls really scare me. This is all about college sports and ya’ll are SO NASTY!!! These are young men and ladies (most of them) out playing sports for their respective colleges.

    As a cheerleader myself once, we were taught to cheer for our teams, not antagonize the other team. I guess when you are losing all rules go out the door though. Your mothers would be proud of you!



  68. kentucky is just not that good this year, get over it. C-A-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!

  69. Re: post #70. Just so’s ya know, not all cats suck suck suck. Some of us cats only suffer from bad hair days – which are most days – so quit dissing us or I’m gonna upchuck a righteous nasty hairball at yo mamma. So take that KY and stick it into your astroglide bucket.

  70. Noah is a punk. Earlier in the game he scored and was fouled, and then turned towards the UK student section and acted like he was playing a violin or directing the band. There is no place for showboating in college sports.

    Billy D. should get control of him.

  71. #57, You are a woman beating apologist. I suggest you research some facts on domestic violence because by your statements, I believe you are a very high risk to beat your wife, kids, and dog. In addition, you claim intellectual superiority while simple words such as orthodontically fly way your head. Yet, given Kentucky’s ownership over the Florida program, I can not blame you for getting defensive and patting Noah on the back for slapping the shit out of a harmless cheerleader. Oh no, not at all. For Kentucky is a monstrous 84-29 vs Florida all-time and Tubby leads the series over Billy Donovan 12-9. In fact your glorious coach is basically a poor man’s Rick Pitino who would rather be coaching at Kentucky.


  72. How quickly the ‘classy’ Florida fans forget who started this whole thing.

    In 1999, out of what we can only assume is big blue envy, Florida fans chanted ‘Saul is gay’ the entire game referring to Tubby Smith’s son, Saul. It was after this that the UK student section responded with Walsh is gay, and now it has turned into Noah is ugly. Let us not forget though that Walsh really is gay and Noah seriously is ugly.

    Florida fans and class are like oil and water.

  73. noah looks like fucking michael jackson with a fucked up ponytail

  74. Kentucky fans read this:
    Read from top to bottom

    Rupp is a racist??


  75. yea, so even if rupp was a racist, there is nothing that we can do about that now. And what does that have to do with Kentucky basketball today?

  76. There’s somethin’ I want to get off my chest. It’s about that summer, when you went away to community college. I got an offer to do Playgirl Magazine, and I did it. I did a full spread for Playgirl Magazine. I mean spread, man, I pulled my butt apart and stuff. I was totally nude. It was weird, I… I mean, you probably didn’t hear about it ’cause I went under the name of Mike Honcho. But I just wanted you to know that. If you can hear me, if it got into your brain somehow, that I spread my buttcheeks as Mike Honcho.

  77. pitino? rupp? you guys annoy me

  78. Who needs class when we beat the shit out of every team in the SEC? =o) Ol’ Kentucky is just upset that their years of dominance are over.

  79. This reminds me of a movie

  80. Someone please loan Noah Duane Schintzius’ old racket. If you’re going after a 98 lb. girl you need armament.

  81. Awww, I’m so sorry Joakim and co have hurt your poor widdle feewings with their continued dominance and current number one ranking a year after winning the the national championship and right after the Gator football team did the same. Don’t worry. Someday this unprecedented string of utter Gator domination will end. Someday.

  82. Sadly, it appears that unranked Vandy has handed Florida the loss that KY would have given them with anything remotely like outside shooting. Perhaps the “over-rated” chant that is going through the stands right now is a bit more accurate than the Geightor-nation would like to admit? 😀 – Tim

  83. Interestingly, Kevin Stallings seemed to get a similar reaction from Noah during the game to the cheerleader. Coincidence? Some hot “ugly-on-ugly action”? Perhaps “Noah-ugly” will replace “coyote ugly” as the new insult-of-choice. (For the record, Noah doesn’t help anything by his incessant whining and the ugly expression he wears on his face. He could do more with what God gave him by cutting the hair, trimming the non-existent sideburns, and trying on a smile that doesn’t look sarcastic.) Some people have ugliness thrust upon them, but some choose ugliness, and that appears to be Noah’s choice. – Tim

  84. my team is noah-ugly.

  85. i am responsible for a lot of this chatter batter

  86. Geightors lost, it is glorious

  87. kentucky is historically leaps and bounds above florida, and in response to #57…

    average floridians

    average florida beach

    average place to hang out in florida

    average kentuckians

    average kentucky girl (miss america)

  88. Hey. This is for the, ” I am the Kentucky cheerleader”. U shouldn’t have put your poms in his face anyway. Stupid. Have some common sense here. Your suppose to cheer for your team not flash your poms in the other teams face. I still love u Joakim and i think that you are cute.

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