Bama extends proverbial olive branch to cajuns

In an effort to stop the PR bleeding that Saban has taken recently regarding his use of a word that may or may not be offensive to cajuns, Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore announced this morning that the Tide’s November 3rd game against LSU will also be ‘Coonass Appreciation Day’.

Moore had this to say about the decision,

“In light of the recent media uproar over Coach Saban’s comments, we felt like this would be an excellent opportunity to show a little good will towards the residents of Louisiana. You all know that the only reason these people are pissed at Saban is that he came to Alabama in the first place, not for calling their people ‘coonasses’. Personally, I think they just need to get their panties out of a wad. Plus we’re gonna need some of their recruits if we’re ever gonna turn this thing around here.”

“At first, we were gonna have Coonass Appreciation Day at the Ole Miss game, but we were afraid The Ogre would try and mess with Saban’s angel wings.”

“I just hope that the clean-up won’t be too bad. I hear that grilled nutria leaves a smell that Ajax can’t take off.”

Moore went on to say that free coon-skin caps and corndogs were gonna be given to the first 1,000 coonasses that arrived wearing shirts.

38 comments on “Bama extends proverbial olive branch to cajuns

  1. Is this another cultural slur? Does “stop the PR bleeding ” refer to puerto rico? Rectal bleeding will soon be an issue

  2. Ed, were you the coonass in the ditch?

  3. Mmmmmmmm, corndogs.

    I was hoping for “pirogue-gating” in the parking lot but I guess this will suffice.

  4. Mike, pirogues will be docked on the Black Warrior.

  5. I am travelling via the Black Warrir next week, hoping to hook with the Vol Navy.

    Any directions will be appreciated

  6. Ogre,
    I have circled Oct. 13 already. My hair stylist requires 6 months out on appointments.

  7. Ironically, I use Paul Mitchell hair gel and it works great. What do you use Nick?

    Any florida fans out there? I need to score some of marcus thomas’s weed for my prize recruit Brent Schaffer. Thanks ahead of time for the weed

  8. Ogre, what makes me so special is that I need no products.

  9. You people are just plain sick!! “Sick” as in Tuscaloosa ghetto jargon!!!


  10. Orgeron has issued a Fatwa against Saban

  11. saban once bitch-slapped a female employee who “complemented him on a new haircut” you know how much those wings mean to him. almost as much as the little debbie cookies. which begs the question…just what exact type of little debbie treat does nicky like to snack on during those 22 hour days.these?

  12. “as cool as the other side of the pillow”

  13. 1,000 coonasses that arrived wearing shirts.Any shirt at all?
    Booyah Bitch

  14. funny.

  15. Speaking of Alabama PR blunders, I was at the LSU-Alabama game back in 1997. LSU had beaten Alabama in the College World Series championship earlier that year, and Alabama picked the LSU game as the time to recognize their baseball team. Of course all the LSU fans stood up and said, “We’re No 1! We’re No 1!”

    I wonder if the person who was responsible for that is the same person who came up with this Coonass Appreciation Day thing.

  16. Aw, gee. I’ll NEVER catch up with all this Americana Cultural Edgy Stuff. Before today, I never even heard of the Coonass question. Is it a new show on TV? Is it is new book on slimming, or how to be cool? Is it a new genre of Doo-Wop-Rythm-Rock’n’Roll-Hip-Hop’n’Blues? I have no clue! I hope it comes to UK soon. It sounds most diverting. I LOVE it when you guys in USA get introverted. Bless you all. I am sure George #3 forgave you. But woll ye no come back again? Cy Quick at mydigest.wordpress.com

  17. Mind you, I did hear of Kool-Aid when I was on my hols in Canada in 1968. Bill O’Reilly keeps on about it these days. I actually like Sprite, Fresca and Pepsi. We in UK also have Dandelion and Burdock, very nice when you are REALLY thirsty, then you get used to it immediately, especially if it is all you have. I never could get the hang of Tizer or Irn-Bru though. I hope you don’t mind my popping in. I think I’ll pop off now. Cy

  18. Cy-

    You will find no finer or more generally representative site for U.S. culture and ettiquette than LWS. I recommend spending an hour a day practicing the cadence and terminology you see here before attempting a trip to the states. Tell all your mates.

  19. Indeed CY,

    You have already begun to assimilate nicely. The mention of Fresca and Coonass, though in 2 separate comments, demonstrates an open mind

  20. Crap. I don’t see the big deal in the first place. I’m from Louisiana, and I’ve never taken offense to the term. Maybe it’s like Afro Americans, getting upset when somebody of another ethnicity says you-know-what, where as they may speak it freely.

    To me, Coonass is about as offensive as “redneck” (I live in Alabama now, though I’m far from a redneck), “whitey” etc etc. Just words.

    At any rate, anybody selling tickets to that game? 🙂

  21. Who the hell is nick saban? I won a national championship, damnit! What racial slur did he use to get all this attention? I bet I know at least one that is worse. Coonass– I’ll call somebody a possumass then we’ll talk about me again. Maybe it was me who said that in the first place. Somebody should ask me. Have you seen my new offense? No offense to Alabama or LSU but I am great and I have great hair too(better than any of these guys).Call me I’m important!

  22. les miles said that herban is “a big jessie”

  23. I hate Herban Meyer, he killed my Heisman hopes with that cracker kid

  24. I knew a coonass once. I think. But, she wasn’t wearing a shirt and I dont think they go out to football games anyhow.

    I don’t think nick saban ever met a coonass. He may shave his ass, but that is not the same. I don’t care much for nich saban, he lies. I think he also smells funny and I met his wife once and she showed me his balls. She keeps them in a plastic pouch around her waist. I think she is the one who shaves his ass. She said it makes his panties not bunch up as much. Ed Orgeron talks funny.

    I like Urban Meyer, he is cool.

  25. Bad news Jeff, Herban Meyer is a poor man’s Nick Saban

  26. Beer good. Me man. Nick no coonass.

  27. Mack

    We have a copy of the Cajun Nation’s rebuttal to the Olive branch. It will be posted in the morning

  28. A little off-topic:

    Whoa…I just realized the secret to a great college football coach-It’s all in the coiff! Think about it: Jim Tressel, Nick Saban, Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll, Butch Davis, Mack Brown, JoePa, Mark Richt, Bob, Stoops–what do they all have in common? They all have nearly identical hairstyles! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure it out. I should have known; my team’s last bald coach (John Bunting) was a disaster. Boston College, if you know what’s good for you, don’t hire Matt Hasslebeck in 2022.

    I would be the greatest coach of all time. My hair trumps all of them. It looks like Rafael Nadal.

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  31. I hear cajuns love the taste of the rodent.

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  33. […] this year, in case you hadn’t heard, Mal Moore tried to ease the tension between Bama fans and LSU fans after Saban’s infamous off the record comment. (HT: […]

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