Build a Bear Day 18 or 19 (we have really lost count); Fisher DeBerry to Unretire?

(Some reader mail, I just had to share)

Coincidence? Fisher DeBerry retires? Or did he “retire” like Junior Seau? Is Alabama Fisher DeBerry’s New England Patriots?

Some of you Jock Sniffing (or Jock Sniffer-Sniffers as dictated by the strict message board version of the Hindu Caste system) message board freaks should begin monitoring flights between Tuscaloosa and Colorado Springs Airports. Here is the link for flight following, all you need are airplane tail numbers.

Mal Moore, DeBerry is a triple option/wishbone kinda guy. He is old wrinkled and a bit “opinionated”. Remember, the Bear won a like 57 national championships using the DeBerry option offense. With DeBerry at the helm, Alabama could truly step back in time (think Sam “Bam” Cunningham?) and begin the restoration of the pride and glory of this mighty Program.

Fisher DeBerry is the key to your lock-box Mal. It might be the end of the USAF Road, but it can be the restart of the 1970’s Bama Style

It is simply incredible to me. I create a fictitious rumor and then that rumor becomes a part of the print media.   As an example one of the Bowden lads is being jousted about as a back-fill to Mike Shula.  Maybe I am Chuck Neinas, has anyone ever seen me and Chuck together?  No?

Chuck Neinas quickly has become famous as a headhunter of college football coaches.

Maybe Clemson coach Tommy Bowden was making a point when answering a question about Neinas with, “Who?”

Bowden denied a report in Thursday’s editions of The Birmingham News claiming Neinas had contacted Bowden about Alabama’s coaching vacancy.

Bowden, who has four years remaining on a contract that requires a $2.5 million buyout, reiterated he plans to stay at Clemson — just as he said when athletics director Terry Don Phillips declined to extend his deal two weeks ago.

“I think that would be a dead issue, myself,” Bowden said.

3 comments on “Build a Bear Day 18 or 19 (we have really lost count); Fisher DeBerry to Unretire?

  1. […] And this actually crossed my mind the other day, I just didn’t think about posting it. Great minds think alike… […]

  2. What do a maggot and an Alabama fan have in common?

    They can both live off a dead bear for years.

  3. Excellent usage of Hindu caste system.

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