Harrison Smith’s Overbearing Father

It is now public knowledge that Dr. Smith feels superior to the University of Tennessee. So much so that he will not let his son become a Vol. I guess he doesn’t mind making his living in Knoxville and living amongst all of us hicks, but he is too good to allow his son to attend UT. It is a slap in the face to everybody who lives and breathes Tennessee football.

What an arrogant attitude. I hope Tennessee and Notre Dame meet in a bowl game in the not so distant future. Nothing would please me more than seeing Jonathon Crompton or Montario Hardesty flatten Harrison Smith.

Dr. Smith, take your stethoscope and stick it straight up your arrogant ass.

199 comments on “Harrison Smith’s Overbearing Father

  1. Harrison Smith’s Overbearing Father

  2. Do you really want to play Notre Dame?

    They even beat you with Ty Willingham and spanked UT in South Bend by 20.

  3. Eric – Tennessee has also had plenty of success against Notre Dame. We spanked you in 91,99, and 01.

    Two sides to every story assbag.

  4. I don’t think anyone has any idea of Harrison Smith’s intentions. He’s just a kid. Leave him alone. Any good parent tries to help his/her child make the best decision for him/her. You are a fool if you think that Dr. Smith would “forbid” his child to attend UT. He merely wants to make sure that his child is happy and receives the best education possible. I, for one, would be thrilled if Harrison attends ND, but I hope he chooses the school where he is most comfortable.

  5. Classy … nothing but the high road for you.

  6. I know it isn’t possible that the kid actually wants to attend ND. Might as well blame the parents who are both UT grads.

  7. Bash him and his family all you want. We’ll gladly take great kids that are great athletes from your state…Golden Tate, Harrison…Donald?

  8. yeah… ND beat the hicks back to back in ’04 and ’05. Ouch.

    It would suck to go to a school like U.Tenn- kids are dumb and athletes aren’t even good. no wonder it’s full of ignorant hicks.

  9. And the kid chooses the most storied football program in the nation………

  10. hey fuck all of you ok harrison can go wherever the fuck he wants and HE chose Notre Dame… fuck all of you who are just fucking jealous that he went elsewhere

  11. dear jealous author of false article,
    who wrote this article? a 50 year old sorry ass loser? who by the way is obviously so jealous of an 18 year old, that is probably living the life that you so much long for, that you feel the need to bash him via internet. well congratulations (sarcasm). UT and Notre Dame…both good schools, both good football programs. however harrison did not pick UT, he picked ND, so congratulations to harrison and if you don’t like it, i dont give a damn, harrison doesnt give a damn, and neither does his dad. you need to find a job in a field that you know what you’re talking about cus you sir are way off. sure his dad liked ND but harrison signed then paper. harrison knows what he wants. but thanks for your input…….NOT! im sure you know harrison and his father very well correct? so much that you probably know firsthand what is said between father and son about the recruiting process? yeah, no you dont. so until you dig up some exciting info that you didn’t just dream up in that pathetic little brain of yours, stick to watching harrison on tv next fall playing for the University of Notre Dame. in the meantime, instead of wasting your time with your propaganda trying to turn everyone against the Smith family you should try to get as close to harrison as possible cus in the next 4 years you’ll be wanting his autograph.

    “Nothing would please me more than seeing Jonathon Crompton or Montario Hardesty flatten Harrison Smith.”-jealous author

    funny you should say that cus you know what is gonna please me even more…seeing your face when harrison sees you haha. you can try to run but lets face it, harrisons faster. you will be the one that gets flattened

    so…jealous author, take your pen and stick it straight up your ass. but take your boyfriends “pen” out of it before though.

  12. first of all the fuck ass author of this dumb ass blogs name is lloyd therefore you automatically lose dumb fuck. second how close are you to harrison and his dad? I bet your nothing to them or fucking anyone judging by the way you get off by writing about some teenage kid and where HE mother fucking wants to go play football. Your so fucking stupid saying this…how much fucking football have you played in your sorry ass life? Since your name is Lloyd I would guess none. I bet you know all about the recruiting process now-a-days right? You obviously dont know shit…has it ever fucking occured to you that someone may want to leave the city they went to high school in to go to college. You fucking cock rat today its about what the fucking diploma says, and say what you want you cock sucker the name “Notre Dame” gets you in a little more than “Tennessee” I live in Knoxville and can admit to that. I could go on all fucking day but have to study for the ACT ( how does it make you feel you just got bitched by someone half your age you cocksuck) but answer me this you dumbass jealous piece of fuck…What do you base your story on? To me your bashing a kid just because all you can fucking do is play on a fucking computer, while he is playing on a fucking field( and that is what you wish your probable fat ass could do)

  13. Damn LB, you want me to delete this shit?

  14. hey lloydbraun if youre still typin some shit about the amiths ill give you harrison’s phone number he said he d be more than happy to meet you anywhere you want (this is not a joke at all)

  15. I’m Lloyd Braun and I can honestly say that I couldn’t care less where Harrison goes to school. Notre Dame has been on an embarassing slide since LSU worked them over in the Sugar Bowl. Signing Day was an absolute disaster for the Irish.

    Smith would have been just a speck in the universe at Tennessee. The wealth of talent the Vols brought in makes Smith’s misguided trip to South Bend quite inconsequential.

    So, I take it all back. Good luck to Harrison and his father. We bid you farewell and have fun with that 57th ranked class you decided to be a part of.


  16. Bitch??????? quick fucking typing i’d like to see you talk this shit infront of harrison his dad or me and see if you are still runnin your dick sucker……. hey lloyd you’re about as cool as aids…. fuck you

  17. I ginormously fat. I am obscene. I have a pouch like kangaroos

  18. Harrison/Brandon is that you? The nuns are gonna get after that ass for those bad words

  19. I am so skinny….. NOT

  20. i like how lloydbraum just completely back pedalled his bitch ass out of getting his ass kicked

  21. He is not scared of you Mr. Smith. Name the time and place of this UFC smackdown

  22. dear lloyd braun.
    dont listen to loserwithsocks. hes gonna get you in some trouble cus the only thing you have going for you right now is your fear. fear is the only thing that is gonna keep you from gettin your ass kicked, because if you are seriously not scared then you would meet harrison face to face and well have you ever had to eat from a straw for the rest of your life? you cant make up a story like this and end with telling a completely innocent father to shove something up his ass and then completely retract your statements (sounds like lloyd is a bitch). now i know you would love to be there and watch that happen, lets be honest when it comes to sticking things up dudes’ asses lloyds probabaly a professional. harrisons got a shot at being a professional FOOTBALL PLAYER, you lloyd will always be the professional STICK THINGS UP ASS GUY. and no brandon is not harrison nice try tho dumb ass. and was it really a disaster for the irish, come on lets be realistic. can we look back on UT’s recruiting classes for the past few years…awesome right? and the seasons, the championships? hmmm… every team gets athletes, its how those athletes improve in the next level and how they respond to college coaching that makes a team successful. instead of talking about football lloyd maybe should make a site for cheerleading, croquet, or maybe just dude on dude porn. you probably have a lot of insight on those things

  23. I will be your back up Lloyd. These catholic kids are candy-asses

  24. lloyd you are obviosuly homo first you go on about how your fucking crying having to stick hockey sticks up your ass to make you feel better because harrison is going to ND and how his father should shove it up his ass….and now your punk bitch ass is scared of a high schooler…you fucking ass licking bitch look at your pathetic ass self oh im sorry i take it all back about harrison fuck you lloyd( what a gay fucking name) Notre Dames class was still ranked number 9 you dumb ass bitch…Who let this fucker have the right to start blogs? he doesnt know jack shit about anything, didnt play football, and can’t even be man enough to back up what he mother fucking said…keep going on lloyd being a bitch and writing blogs on high schoolers that would fucking turn your body into a powder but its ok you can do it on a computer so they cant get to your bitch ass

  25. wow i totally agree with this


    Tonight we lost to catholic again. However tonight proved yet again that catholic kids are still fags. Upon entering the KCHS bathroom i spotted 60 of the closest fagats ever painting themselves white. Gay? yes but that has already been proven. All 60 of them looked at me like they were going to fight. I think catholic kids need to learn how to start a 60 on one fight. Because i walked through them all only to hear a comeback of “nice old hat”, probably by hartmanns fagat ass. Here is my critque of the situation:
    a. Catholic kids will and always suck
    b. Even with 60 people they are lame asses
    c. They still wear white tennis shoes= fag
    d. 24 hour campus meaning u live a gay high school life.
    e. U can beat us in sports but we beat ur women
    f. Ur chants and ur ccc is a cheap excuse for ur guys to rub up on one another.
    g. Ur alumni acts like they are in high school b/c u cant be cool in college if u go to catholic.
    h. u may have the paper but we have the mayor
    i. U got lucky charms commercials we have 300.
    j. U guys are the ugliest sum bitches ever

    Overall webb and catholic rivalry is overhyped. The difference is this is catholic kids lifes, congrats ur life is now satisfied b/c u beat us. We still work u in jobs, pimpin, ho’s, partying, and overall social status. So i congradulate catholic on winning this game, its downhill with the rest of ur life from here.

  27. seriously ?? u webb kids are so ignorant ….. let me put it simply for you WE BEAT U 3 TIMES THIS YEAR AND 14 OR SO TIMES BEFORE THAT. simple enough ?? and because our stundent section paints up , cheers , and is actually good reason for you to be jealous. But its ok your class will just always be remebered as the ones that Catholic beat every single time we played you. And way to send that message to like 15 different places ya we’ve read it and its really not offense at all. And as for harrison its ridiculous to ridicule his decision because your not paying for his college and neither is his dad so ultimatly, it actually was his decison and he saw oppertunies at ND that maybe put them over the edge instead of Tennessee. Please find a life somewhere…… and Webb the next time you produce multiple D1 players …call me

  28. dude your alumni work at webb???? what does that say about webb?

  29. #26 here is my critique of you: You spend approximately 3.2 million dollars on a fancy prep school and still can’t spell. You are a waste of life. I recommend gay sex. Here is a source to help you out: http://www.d.longsucks.net

  30. hey what is a close place for lloydbraun to meet harrison, loserwithsocks?

  31. for geigh sex? I don’t think Lloyd is into that whole geigh thing. You can ask though, he might say yes

  32. look its that feminine jaw-ed cock sucker this isnt even about catholic and webb you dumb piece of shit i dare you to say what you just did to any catholic kids face you bitch…keep hiding behind a computer and messing with catholic kids cars/lawns you pre-school punk cool the movie 300 is your commercial thats fucking awesome…whats cooler that or getting your college education paid for you metro sexual fuck

  33. seriously loserwithsocks quit dodging the question

  34. harrison smith, notre dame, and your face…

    can eat a fat dick.



  35. Hey Viper, these catholic kids scare me like children of the corn

  36. Greg, Harrison is a douche, but he can swallow it whole.. Fact, Jack.

    Also Greg, tongue my balls. Thanks bunches.

  37. Ball touches? Like Plains Indians counting coup?

  38. please webb kid go home to your rich fuckin house in gettysview and get your daddy to pay your way out of this one, do not tell me that catholic kids are pussy because you guys totally outweigh us in the pussy category, you all drive your little fuckin bmws that your mommies and daddies bought for you as soon as you turned 16 and they probably still wipe your ass for all i know. and come please buddy i do not believe you guys beat us in your so called “partying” which in my mind is probably 10 fuckin guys sitting in a fucking basement in gettysview drinking zima, you might spice it up a little bit and drink some mikes hard lemonade so please go back to your fuckin rish ass house and take it up the ass from one of your other fuckin webb buddies and i would love see you guys even try to do soemthing to any catholic kid because i will be there in 2 seconds ready to kick your fuckin northface loving, cocksucking pansy asses
    .catholic will always be better than webb in every little way
    p.s. dont let this bother you too much, you could always ask your daddy to buy the internet and maybe he could take this off

  39. stupid ass motherfucking dumb shit rich ass webb kid who thinks he is cool for starting an argument over the web on a blog that is completely unrelated to webb, i have just a couple of things to say to you:

    1. If you were upset about the 60 guys in the bathroom making fun of your hat why didn’t you fucking get your rich ass friends to come help you out and do something about it?…oh wait, you dont have friends.

    2. you go to webb…automatically = gay ass faggot

    3. in your final statement you say how webb beats us in pimpin, ho’s, and partying – overall social status. if your gay immature ass thinks that is social status then you are they gay piece of shit that all webb faggots are made out to be.

  40. No, c’mack….. I own the internet.

  41. Harrison Smith = Just another hole in the ND swiss cheese defense.

    Enjoy beefing up to LB because the fat man can’t recruit anyone to play D.

  42. Harrison Smith looks so sensitive and delicate…like a porcelain tea set. Does he play with dolls?

  43. No way Smith can run a sub 4.4 40. Daddy-O must have made it up

  44. or it was professionally timed at a nike combine you dumb ass

  45. or it was professionally timed at a nike combine you dumb ass


  46. Bullshit. Dr Smith cheats

  47. Sure I will meet Harrison Smith. It will be great exposure for the blog for one of Notre Dame’s most recent recruits to brawl with me in the streets of the Hick Town that the Smith’s betrayed.

    How about we do it this Saturday night at the Orangery, say around 7:30? We can have dessert afterwards.

  48. Is this morse code for mutual geigh sex?

  49. he asked if you want to fight him not go on a date with him you cock sucker…seriosuly he will be at the orangery at 7 30 this saturday we will see how much exposure this gets for your dumb ass blog(not good enough to have a real website)

  50. Wow, this is good stuff. Maybe lloyd can bring a ruler to nun-smack harrison’s hands.

    Still believe that Smith is “confused” about the intent of the meeting

  51. god i hope you show up you fucking cocksucker loyd i wish you would put a band aid on that cut between your legs and quit runnin your dick sucker man. just show uup so you can get knocked the fuck out and this will all be over with

  52. How many high school kids are going to call out Lloyd? I’m putting the over/under at 17 ( the median age of most of these illiterate assholes)

  53. F.C. King? From Ole Miss? Hey friend.

  54. does it matter grant? and lloyd have you ever gotten your ass kicked by somone 30 years younger than you. we’ll bring a video camera and put that shit on youtube.com…so everyone in the world knows LLOYD BRAUN IS A BITCH

  55. Easily the most disturbing thread ever. LB will Nun-Slap you punks

  56. I have never seen such half-assery in my life. Knox Catholic – once a high school punk, always a high school punk.

    Hey, let’s go fight somebody!

  57. Right of the bat, Im a mack we can get it poppin, we can get it crackin// and if ya man is wack and if he lack what i pack then i will make you lack him


  59. someone sounds a little upset that catholic beats webb in anything that matters how about you say this to their faces you bitch

  60. who the hell would want to go to a school full of obnoxious italians anyways?? not fucking me

  61. well i go to catholic and i take alot of offense to that! thats really mean your a meany i hope that makes you happy!! 😦

  62. webb takes somethings too far. sure maybe you might have some more money than some pople at catholic, who gives a fuck? i knowa lot of pole that graduated from webb ’06. and none of them ever bring up “hartmann pays refs” “hartmanns gay” “harrison cheats” cus none of its true and they could care less about bringing stupid shit up. so to those of you that think its cool to fight via internet, you’re wrong. sorry to break that to you patrick “bad ass….not” flynn. its too bad that this years webb seniors live out the webb stereotype of thinking they are better cus they have bmw’s. you make yourself look like fools whenever there is an argument and you resort to bringing up your so called “social status”

  63. Hey. the fuck the catholic people dude.. whatever.. i dont care.. but your pretty much the biggest fag ever. isn’t webb supposed to be filled with smart people?……..

    probably wrong..
    considering he can’t spell worth shit
    probably looks like shit
    and.. no one gives a FLYING FUCK about your gay ass comment because your little reasons are gay.. our cheering section kicks your alls asses any day… any fucking time.. any where.. go suck a cock.. oh.. and tell me when you all decide to be smart and move up to 3a instead of your fucking little division if you think you all are badasses. and you all played how many rounds of playoffs for football? 2? 3? at most? exactly.. fuck off.

  64. and another thing.. for the fag that started this shit.. you obviously have to life.. just a thought.. and a fact.. you’re jelous.. and probably ugly..

  65. I dont understand what being Itialian has to do with anyting ,,,, most of us are irish duh !

  66. Fighting over the internet is like running in the Special Olympics.

    Even if you win you’re still retarded.

  67. Since when has the cheering section EVER been more important than the actual game? never. stop acting like the cheering section is the group with talent. it’s the teams you should care about.

  68. no we dont have to care about the teams vs webb we dont lose to them….

  69. I heard that Lloyd kicked Harrison’s ass

  70. i heard bulldogzak jacks off thinking about nuns

  71. who does’nt?

  72. This is coming from somebody who isnt catholic, and HATES Notre Dame:

    maybe someone already said this, and maybe no one cares, but let’s consider the small number of these players, UT and ND who are going to the NFL, and the fact that the extreme majority of these players are going to need to get REAL JOBS-

    Harrison is a really smart kid, he’s got nearly a 4.0

    Now, in the real world, Notre Dame is considered one of the best schools in the nation, and will look MUCH better on every resume he ever has.

    Harrison is Catholic, why is it so unreasonable that he would want to continue in a catholic school?

    There is not enough room on this board to describe the Duechebaggary of 90% of Webb’s student body

  73. actually, theres 2 seniors at webb with bmw’s assbag. and nobody gives a shit about them cause they are truely fags. but u talk shit bout us only playing 3 rounds in the state championship? wait hold on a sec how many rounds did yall make it??? and you also talk shit about division 2 but pretty much any d2 school would woop yalls pussy asses in football including mcallie, baylor, brentwood academy, and mba, but maybe next time jackass.. and getting a 4.0 at catholic is like being able to fingerpaint and spell your name you dumb shits

  74. haha yeah you would know since you obviously attend catholic you dumb fuck you dumb ass cock sucker you fuckers played 2 rounds not 3 dumb fuck

  75. not that it has ANYTHING to do with the current discussion but…

    what classes do they offer at webb? Perhaps “History of Northface AP?” or maybe even “Wallabee Construction 101.”
    I mean, you make ball caps and ascots look like sports.

  76. i went to middle school with harrison & he is a smart guy & will do well anywhere he goes. he made the smart choice in choosing notre dame. it’s a great school. also being a senior & living in knoxville for his entire life & being surrounded by the same people for 18 years, it makes total sense for him to get away from here for college. i am too. for you to bitch about his dad not letting him go to ut is rediculous. my parents are not deciding where i go next year, & i know his parents didn’t either.

  77. things that i was told by a kchs friend of mine: has a 4.0, but got a 19 on the ACT. never has homework & puts no effort into school, but still gets straight A’s. wow what a great education.

    also told me that if you don’t have a nice car at catholic, then you are a nobody. for this reason, they desperately wanted their mom’s nice car to fit in.

  78. FUCK WEBB. enough said?

  79. ohh n the “u like priests” guys comment is complete bullshit. once again FUCK WEBB

  80. well part of it is that its mr. harrison smith who is worshipped more at catholic than Jesus Christ, and part of it is that catholic is a dumbfuck school.

    FUCK CATHOLIC. your only comeback is that we drive nice cars and were “fags”.. maybe its time you step it up and start thinking of new comebacks because being called rich is about as offensive as being called a meany.

  81. fuck all of you guys.. i go to west and i saw this shit and i laughed my brains out. the truth is, catholic guys are fuckin dicks. i can chill wit webb guys anytime cuz they’re actually pretty damn cool, although some are gay too, but overall catholic eats a fat dick. yall havent produced any hott girls in forever and webb is filled wit hott sluts haha.

    just thought i’d let you guys no that both schools suck

  82. I have a cheese dick chode and i like transvestites

  83. I also Would love a nice guy who weighs about 250 6’3 and can run a sub 4.4 forty in his sleep to stick it in my ass…

    twice a day

  84. webb what was ur record ….i am recalling a 9-1 regular season who was that one loss too again ?????

  85. 1. Harrison got a 27, not a 19, and who is your friend at catholic?

    2. “and you also talk shit about division 2 but pretty much any d2 school would woop yalls pussy asses in football”

    are you joking? no.. seriously? is that a joke? because.. i mean.. im pretty sure that since the education at webb is so good you should be able to figure this out logically

    if webb beat everyone in DII and Catholic beat Webb… what does that tell you about Catholics chances against everyone in DII?

    Catholic > Webb > DII = Catholic > DII

    Unless your retarded, or were born like 8 1/2 months premature, or were partially aborted, this information would lead to the conclusion that Catholic would beat anyone in DII.

    3. I would really appreciate it if everyone who is talking shit about stuff they don’t know anything about would just stop talking-
    (ie- “Harrison got a 19 on his act”)

    4. Does no one realize how fucking retarded it is to come back with anything like “Cocksucker faggot bitch pussy fucker dick gay bitch”

    5. – “what classes do they offer at webb? Perhaps “History of Northface AP?” or maybe even “Wallabee Construction 101.”
    I mean, you make ball caps and ascots look like sports.”

    ^^^ that is the funniest shit i’ve ever read

  86. I just wanna say, North faces are awesome and if U dont liek them u r teh biggest fagguts ever, also Land rovurs and lifts, and mud flaps, and camo hats are teh shit!

    WEbb is awuzum and so is smokin pots and also when my big brothers Frat brothers pound me in the ass with a hot iron dildo!
    I liek that alot!
    Its no gay tho cause its just pledgin for the frat which is Bad ASS!

    if you think Webb kids rnt cool, then you must not liek jack johnson, smoking crappy weed, acting like you like to go campin, acting like a hippie and being Ultra concurvative.

    IF you wanna start n e shit then u can find me off rodin in my Discuvery.. .and by off roadin i mean i will be splashing mud on it so it looks dope.. ok
    thats all, and catholic sucks cuz they dont have cool names like :
    chet, blazer, chaz, thor, brent, bret, tate, bo,

    ok well im gonna go do sumthin awesum and hardcore

    lader dudzz
    West KIDS Iz ok cuz they got cool trucks 2.

  87. hey johnston, the d2 schools i named arent the ones that webb played this year ya fuckin asswipe. and yes, mcallie, baylor, and brentwood academy would all kick yalls mother fuckin asses in any sport you wanna challenge them in.

    get your facts straight bitch!

  88. i love hott slutty webb girls 🙂
    on the other hand

  89. well for all the catholic fans out i just want to say congrats yall beat us this year but now i have to say sorry ur life sucks from here!!!! you all might say webb guys wear wallabies and north faces but i would rather wear that to work the a visor that says mcdonalds on it to work!!!


    harrison girlfriend dumped because of the roids did to him!!

  90. do u all ever wonder why you catholic guys have no friends from other schools? oh wait sorry i didn’t know CAK counted

  91. i’m arrogant!

  92. you know, i like the character of this SEC. i side with my SEC, ’cause i like the character. and man, that weiss guy, he thinks he’s a wise guy. i made a play on words!

  93. Please set me free, and stop sending me all of that fast food to process

  94. why would anyone want to go play for a guy who said he might die cuz hes so obese? i mean any second he could just tip over and then he couldnt get up. i mean seriously?

    also harrison isnt that smart. catholic sucks major ballsack academically and ive heard harrison takes like weigh-lifting classes at catholic. WOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A HARD CLASS

  95. ya harrison also takes the class of:

    1. how to inject roids 101
    2. how to regain self confidence while having shriveled dick and balls (from roids)
    3. how to get a hott gf while having a small package AP

  96. 1.harrison doesnt do roids
    2.how would u know if his dick and balls have shriveled up, im sure u think about them all the time you gay fuck
    3.your just jealous bc his gf is way hotter than any girl u will or have ever gotten

  97. how bout we just settle this one by asking harrisons gf?? o wait he’s too insecure bout his size to show her. and catholic girls are goody fucking goodies so she wouldnt do shit with him anyways.


    harrison probly still has a bigger dick than anyone at catholic even tho his dick and balls are shriveled

  98. well its kinda obvious that you have a crush on him….cause all you talk about is his dick and balls you fag

  99. even if i did that still sucks for him. shrivled balls damn thats terrible for him. just think he’ll never satisfy a girl ever again.

  100. hey hartmann good luck with your life from here on out maybe you’ll get the high paid and honorable job of newspaper editor for the sports section like your daddy. i cant wait to be catholic peoples bosses. you muther fucking bitches.

  101. this just in! teabgs, people. teabags! bags of tea!

  102. fuck you titty ass bitch mother fuckin ass cock cunt rag fag hag sag tag douche bag loose ass shit chested dick


  103. to all the people that say webb sucks because of the division were in and that we only two games in the playoffs but wait dont u all only play maybe 2 games in the playoffs each year? yea thats right U ALL CHOKE ON YOUR DADS COCK JUST AS MUCH AS YOU ALL CHOKE IN THE PLAYOFFS EACH AND EVERY YEAR!!!!!!

    count the rings fuckers….

  104. im surprised that gay ass cock rags can count ur own rings, in the rivalry there are no rings there is just records like catholic senoris would be 4-0 in football and 7-1 in basketball and im posative thats a good record u bitches. and to the kid who likes to talk about harrisons balls and his gf which im sure that u wish that u were his gf so u could be like”im with harrison and not some faggot webb kid who sucks at sports compared to all of catholic.” fuck you guys seroiusly ur just jealous bc we beat u in everything and u try to find excuses so u dont feel as bad as u should about yourselves

  105. and ur jealous of our money. hey ill take the money any day.

  106. Your rich bc of your daddys, atleast we earned what we have to brag about we win in sports and basically everything in life. You are parents are rich….anyhting else ur parents did for you that would make u better than catholic. You students havent earned anything to be better than us.

  107. i am rubber and you are glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you..

  108. one time a webb kid offered me 5 bucks to shave my gooch hair and let him keep it? i obviously said yes. but was kinda weirded out by the whole situation. thoughts? open for conversation

  109. webb kids need carmex for their chapped, infected dicks

  110. this other time i was chillin with one of my fellow webb spartan buddies, ya see, we were a little bored and he said to me “do you wanna compare dick sizes?”, thoughts went through my head, and i remebered that other time when i shaved my gooch hair for him, and i learned that day that my friend was a homosexual, if you have any suggestions, please help, thank you all so much

  111. Hi everyone how are you alll today, the other day i found out that my mother was a crack whore, and i remebered that tyler summit has two mothers, if your mother has something to do with either of theese sicknesses, please post something about it.. thank you

  112. nigglets, jigglets, and bigglets, o my

  113. my scrotum is abnormally large, it seems that my father passed down the trait to me, cause the other day i walked in on him in the shower, and there was this white stuff comming out of his penis, his nuts are HUGE, thank you everyone

  114. as i layed in bed watching tv flippin thru channels i came across a webb kid in a movie called “likc,sticks,and dicks” it was a western. he played the role well but could not finish up the job when he sucked off the other dude. in the end he got a three start performance but over all i thought he did well.

  115. eric lindsey for heisman

  116. i forgot my myspace login info! and penis floss! say, when is national signing day??

  117. I am assuming that you scholars calling UT folks “hicks” have never been to South Bend. If not, try it sometime. Oh, and learn to either tell time or figure out you are not in your own time zone.

  118. phillip, lets think here, first off evveryone knows your mom is the biggest whore in teh state of tennessee, 2nd off, your dad is a queer, and 3rd, your not american, so please do us all a HUGE favor and shut up.. thanks bud 😉

  119. has anyone ever been to rainbow city, Al??

  120. rebelpride i agree completely and i think i did c that western movie..
    ohh and blaze chester must b the biggest bad ass at webb..for all we know hes proly “offroadin” but im sure his daddy and mommy didnt pay a dime for his lift or truck…rite? wut a fuckin bitch

  121. yes rebelpride i also agree, but my favorite porno of all time is one named dicks, ticks, and spicks, very good, about gey guys, shows alot of dick, perfect for tyler summit, and other webb kids, and me of course since its my fav, you guys should tune into it sometime

  122. hmm…some people must not get sarcasm… Blaze Chester is not a real person and is obviously a satire of a Webb student. nice try boii.

  123. u may beat us in everything but in 10 years when u all are working for us do u think it will matter…

    count the rings..

  124. i hate everyone!

  125. hey can you explain your name mr. u may got the paper but we got the mayor, because if we are working for your stupid ass, your going to have to take a couple more years of english, get this, you say you may got, if i may correct your fuckin retarted ass, its you may have, you are fucking retarted, o and i have a serious ?, did you no your mom is a whore, she was standing on the corner of ceader bluff the other day, she gross she has 7 different flvors of raost beef down in her vaginal area, but i thought i may tell you bro,


  127. ok if we work for u its bc ur daddys gave them there jobs when they retired or something like that, or bc the mayor gave you a job u like. So we dont have rings but we have been kicken ur ass for 5 years now and its getting easy. And by the way what are u webb kids better at than us, besides using ur parents money, fake offroading, and being gay and ugly

  128. How do you expect to be our bosses if you can’t spell?

  129. ipod nano

  130. hey person.. i fuckin love you and all.. but you need to work on the comebacks bro.. ;).. just say fuck you you pizza eating idiot.. thats better

  131. “count the rings” is really gettin old…aftre all u did get them n the special olympics division…come play in our league n c how many u rack up…

  132. hey “i hate catholic bitchasses”… i promise you that you are either one of the faggots that sits in the back of the student section and play magic all game, or your the fuckin wanna be football player who weighs 110 pounds and is the water boy, so if you say count the rings again, im going to snap your little faggot ass in half… 😉

  133. wow. these catholic kids are scary 😦 its ok i’m sure they had a bad experience with a priest when they were young and thats why they’re so uptight

  134. o so i guess catholic moved up a divison cuz they were dominating div. II right? well until u have actually won a championship (WEBB HAS) u guys cant talk shit about how bad u say div II is. did i mention webb won state and by the way the rings look damn good.

  135. notre suck.

  136. damn.. this is gettign gay.. wat else can you webbite faggots say.. come up with something better than count the rings, or look at the rings, im sure that the divsion two peopel couldnt offord fucking real diamonds or silver so it smade out of plastic, but im sure they are shiny, i mean maybe if you played in a division higher than pee wee, you might get some good rings, but untill you do you can name all the teams you played, and you can compare your faggot ass schedule to catholics, and than say that, but until you beat catholic, or played Fulton, you can please shut up, o and tell steve ball i said hey, and thanks for the win bro 😉

  137. ok tell hartmann that he is the ugliest and gayest mother fucker ever.

    everyone from catholic is ugly. even the girls. yall make us feel good about ourselves.

  138. frooooooop

  139. common on now bro, i know and you know, that your looks are sometimes compared to imbreads, so you are not the 1 to say that we make you look good, a fucking goats dick couldnt make you look good, but i guess we can say that you have actually talked to a girl at webb, let lone dated one, you r prolly the leadre of the year book commitee, captain of the chess club, and of the course teh most important, the ugliest kid not only in knoxville, but in teh rest of the state of tennessee, but you can keep going on about how much better we make you look, but when it all comes down to it, we are a better school, better football program, and better looking than you rlittle imbread ass, but thanks for you imput, it really warmed my heart… FAG

  140. i love how u say yall are a better school. thats the dumbest/funniest shit i have ever heard. how many people from catholic are goin ivy league??? and umm i guess that makes alot of sense that we pay an assload more but yall somehow have a better education.

    wow. dumbass.

  141. are we bragging about paying our way into an ivy league school, common dawg, you cant sit there and tell em that there are more than 10 people that are going to an ivy league school and your not one of them, and what do you thnink. catholic is cheap?.. i mean smart/rich people might go to webb but athletic/smart people fgo to catholic.. thanks bud, you just got pwned

  142. Lets leave the women out of this. This is a man fight. So we shall fight like men, and real men don’t diss women.

    And Webb students being imbred is very logical. Their fathers probably didn’t want their children to be anything lower than upper-class. So a middle-class female just wouldn’t do. They had to go for their sister.

  143. Also…

    I really wish that “webbites…they are so gay” would learn how to spell, it really makes us look bad. Yo friend, it’s INBRED, not imbread. INPUT, not imput.

    Christ people, get a dictionary…

  144. honestly what does fighting over a computer solve?

    > yes webb does have rings.
    > yes catholic has beaten webb 5 years in a row.

    > catholic girls are said to be ugly, us guys at catholic can’t help that, so why would u make fun of us for that.
    > webb girls are said to be sluts, theres no need for webb guys to be made fun of for that.

    > a parent of a catholic student works at the newspaper, who cares
    > a parent of a webb student is the mayor, who cares

    > webb kids say catholic kids get hit with rulers by nuns and raped by priests…. thats not true
    > catholic kids say webb kids are all rich faggots…..not true, some are but not all

    > webb kids say harrison only gets good grades cause he goes to catholic…..fact is he got a 27 on his ACT which i would consider pretty good, and i think webb and catholic take the same ACT
    > webb probably is a little bit better academiclly (ex. i cant spell academicly) but that doesnt mean you are going to be more successful in life

    > webb kids claim that harrison takes steroids
    > let me know where i can get them cause he sure did dunk it on webb last year

    my point is that we can go back and forth saying, we beat you, we have rings, you are rich, you are dumb, harrison has a small penis, webb girls are sluts, catholic girls are ugly…blah blah blah. But it wont solve shit. I love the Catholic Webb rivalry, its one of the best in knoxville. but shit like fighting on the internet ruins it.

    my last point….whoever made this stupid blog or whatever its called, i hope you feel cool for making fun of an 18 year old for going to a very good prestigious college, i hope one day i can be an internet blogger who makes fun of teenagers much younger than me because of where they choose to go to college, thank you

  145. “webb probably is a little bit better academiclly”

    hahahaha but you have a point

  146. i cant spell

  147. webb=school 4 bitches…now im gonna go offroadin and then im goin 2 pretend like i like 2 camp…then im gonna go get accepted at webb by paying money out the ass just so a bunch of catholic kids can beat me n every sport…im living the dream life…wouldnt u agree? if you dont im sure my friend mr Franklin could help persuade u…

  148. gosh man how hurtful! that was such a burn being called rich! ouch!

    catholic=school 4 dumbasses whos high point in life is beating webb in sports.. then the rest of their life is 9-5’s at the local deli

  149. on the weekends i enjoy hanging out at my future jobsite, mc d’s and hanging out with my friends (from catholic of course) because i dont have any friends from other schools because i’m too stuck up and into myself for people to like me. thank you for being considerate. and i like to use the word rich and fag alot because it makes me feel like a badass (which i am of course)

  150. what kind of a username is You Like Priests you dumbass?

  151. i agree with “catholic student who thinks this is dumb”‘s long-ass post. I mean personally i dont take offense of anything said about my school on here. I guess maybe ppl find entertainment making fun of the opposing school here on this blog. I can kinda agree on that. Point is everything on here is all a bunch of bullshit and does kinda hurt the Webb/Catholic rivalry.

  152. yall are a bunch of wanks

  153. notre dame bleauxs bleaux pops

  154. we can we all just not get along. get.a. long.

  155. fuck the rivalry. catholic kids take it so much more seriously than webb kids because us webb kids know our life’s set, so we can just sit back relax, and enjoy. and party. like no other school (except west)

    overall the rivalry can go fuck itself and so can catholic because all u beat us in is sports, and i mean thats ALL. so i’d take the education, girls, and parties, and social status, and pretty much everything else over winning a little basketball game that no one gives a shit about or will remember in 5 years

  156. ya not a single one of us is going pro in sports so that doesnt mean shit in the long run

    so ya, overall in life, webb 1-catholic 0. 🙂

  157. Like it or not, Webb has traditionally been associated with stuck-up, rich kids who get anything they want. They need to stop crying over losing multiple times to Catholic. I know people who went to Webb; they hated their experience there and don’t send their children there. The fact of the matter is that Catholic is superior to Webb in sports. May I also point out that saying Webb has “slutty girls” isn’t the best attribute for a school to have. It only proves the point that Webb kids are trashy brats.

  158. okay and your trying to tell me that theres not stuck-up brats at catholic?

    bullshit. and fact is a large percent of people at webb are on scholarship

    get your facts straight dumbass

  159. what sports can catholic guys beat webb in?? football & basketball.

    what sports does webb beat catholic in all the damn time?? cross country, tennis, girls basketball, swimming, volleyball, softball, baseball, wrestling, bowling.

    track & soccer are pretty even. goes both ways.

    catholic doesnt have lax or field hockey, so we cant compare those.

    so who wins more at sports??

    lets use our catholic & webb educations here..
    catholic-2, webb-9

  160. did you honestly just put those sports up there?…womens basketball…you are a fucking cock rag. what the fuck do those sports matter? who goes to a fucking tennis match? honestly. id also like to know what sports you play? if i had to take a guess id presume it be ass sex, chronic masterbating. or running the train on other fellow webbies. although other schools like catholic probably dont consider those sports, you cock suckers at webb probably do. congratulations on another victory. i hope you get aids.

  161. i cant believe you just said that. you are such a fucking dousche.

  162. nintendo wii sux ballz

  163. may i add golf and track

    seriously, yall have 1 player going bigtime D1 in any sport and thats harrison but now that he’s gone you all will suck at every damn sport. you will not beat webb in anything next year. that includes:

    all sports
    and status


  164. wow that diss has only been said on here about 10 thousand times. think of something new to say or dont say anything at all

  165. i mean there is another guy going to play d-1 so get your facts straight. great so a couple of webb kids go on to be something, the rest wont. I mean if your going to give out scholarships at least win. You can say you dont care about the rivalry but is that becaus you always lose?

  166. Fuck Webb. They are fucking gay. We did play in D-2 football and still kicked ya’lls ass. so shut the fuck up you gay-ass bitches. over the past 5 years Catholic has dominated you all and ya’ll are just crying about it. so until u beat catholic in something other than girl’s basketball shut the fuck up. you have no rite to fucking speak fags.

  167. i like it in me. twice daily. one in the mouth and one in the ass.

  168. dont say you fuckin dominate in sports when webb loses to you in 2 sports. they fuckin kick your asses in everything else.

  169. Who gives a shit about other sports besides football and basketball, those are the sports people really care about. And u all really seem to know what ur talking about since we have two not one going D1 in a mans sport

  170. oh man two whole people! fuck me! out of how many again? and none of us are goin pro in sports so that doesnt mean shit in the long run. catholic people are going to live shitty lives after their high school is over.. not that ur life is even that great right now

  171. Actually, to set the record straight, our volleyball team MURDERED Webb, and will continue to do so.

    not that anyone cares about Volleyball though…

  172. Webb Domination
    KIL Wrestling Champs!
    Girls Basketball Champs!
    Football Champs!
    Golf Champs!
    Girls CC Champs!
    jeez i think our trophy case is bigger than Charlie Weis’ stomach

  173. wrestling is just a lame excuse for men to climb on each other good job webb. girls basketball is that even a sport. football yeah be proud i mean you won a state tittle but you lost to us shows how easy it would have been for us in your division. golf pussy sport for rich kids. girls cc ha 2 girls events which are not even sports so overall you got a gay sport two girls events a pussy sport and a football title…but we beat you.

  174. by the way west is good too….

  175. u say wrestling is a lame excuse for men to climb on eachother thats just ur excuse for us dominating you in it. its okay tho i know yall are sad u dont have any rings dont be ashamed maybe one day you’ll get one.. nahh

    catholic high school=once a high school punk, always a high school punk

    hey, lets go fight somebody!

  176. actually i think that harrison has a pretty damn good chance to go to the nfl so shut the fuck up

  177. bullshit. harry wont go past notre suck

  178. i got my haircut by a catholic alumni today (if you dont believe me go to sport clips). Now if that doesnt say something about the catholic education, then what does?

    and she cut it too fucking short, dammit

  179. get the dick out of your ass. i like how the sport argument has died, since catholic has dominated webb the last 5 years. 5 in a row in foot ball. 10 out of 12 in basketball. congratualtions you won another state championship where being a woman is involved. gay motherfuckers

  180. Hey, Webbites, why don’t you name some of those distinguished alumni? Name, oh I don’t know, five. Bet you can’t do it!

    I know parents who sent their kids to Webb. The kids hated it; they said they didn’t learn anything and it was a big waste of money.

    Again, just because your parents pay more doesn’t equal a better education!

    If I had the option of sending my kids to Catholic or Webb, I would pick Catholic hands-down. Why? Because Catholic actually tries to educate kids in what really matters. Webb is some nondescript, private, elite school that just wants the money.

    Hey Webbites: You really need to stop living off your daddy’s dime. He won’t be around to bail you out of things forever. From what I’ve read on this board, your school seems to be filled with slutty hoes. Somehow, I don’t see too many of them making it in this world, unless they have their rich old daddy’s support.

    I have a question for you Webbites: Upper/Middle/Lower School? What kind of gay-ass names are those? I mean, come on, are you trying to mimic the Brits or something? I bet you still call your principal “headmaster” or some other homo name.

    By the way, I don’t see your school lasting much longer. It will disappear as have so many other private schools.

  181. u are implying that webb doesnt try to educate their students. wtf are u smoking that doesnt sven make sense,

    webb is nondescript? seroiusly dude get off the pot and get a life

    u say webb has slutty hoes. well catholic probably has just as many as we do, but ours are actually decent-looking. urs would be better off with paper-bags over their heads.

    whats wrong with upper/middle/lower school? its a fucking term describing our buildings. mimic the Brits? how does that deal with it?

    and no we dont call our prinicipal schoolmaster. and even if we did its better than “father” or “priest” or “nun”

    webb was founded in 1955 and we our currently adding more and more upgraded buliding at the moment, so i highly doubt that we will fold over the next couple of years.

    try saying some smart stuff next time

  182. Try using proper grammar and spelling next time.

  183. um u say webb doesnt educate u u just pay alot?? thats the dumbest bullshit anyones ever said. many of our teachers used to work at colleges, and they give us the same material that they did in their colleges

    so get your facts straight next time you dumb bitch, and i dont see catholic with any new 9 million dollar science buildings going up??

    and try getting some decent-looking girls.. all catholic girls i’ve seen that you guys consider “hott” are annerexic as shit and have pounds of make-up

    fuckin gross

    but maybe next time there skid

  184. amen to that last comment.. i dont think webbs closin down anytime soo with a new 9 million dollar science building and a clock tower, but maybe next time you say something stupid you could maybe do some research fagass

  185. This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read.

    You’re all in high school………..You all suck ass.

  186. you post on a thread about high school kids…you suck more ass

  187. I’m tired of trying to reason with Webbites. Why don’t they get a job or something?

  188. Why don’t Webbites learn how to spell and use proper grammar?

    Because, as I’ve said, they don’t learn anything at their school!

  189. lets just all slit are wrist. maybe black are eyes

  190. is thsi serious. Webb is gay. who gives a fuck bout a 9 million $ science buliding. its proably to find the secret behind y webb guys dicks r so small. nobody at webb will be sucessful. all the skanky girls will ebd up bein gold diggers then send their sluty kids to keep the tradition up. Catholic will always be better than webb because daddy doesnt wip our ass for us. and ya’ll sayin all this shit bout these other so called sports field hockey, and any womes sport is funny shit. all you kids at webb just go suck some dick to make ur self feel better because you’ll never be as good as catholic

  191. see, thats the thing. yall have no basis behind your arguments therefore its worthless and doesnt mean shit.

    when it comes to academics, you cant honestly say that yalls school is better. please someone, name ONE reason that yalls academics are better because talking about guys dicks doesnt count as one

  192. hey everyone, if you didnt know DUSTIN was gay, wait til you here this….. (written to Aftyn Behn)
    Dustin T (Knoxville Catholic High School) wrote
    at 9:32pm on March 18th, 2007

    words cant describe how much i will miss you
    Awwwww, how cute dustin. you trash webb girls but obviously ur desperate enough to be whipped by one of them. hmm, hypocrite??


  193. hmm…explain to me how that is being whipped?? ur such a fag, maybe you should get a life instead of copy and pasting something that someone said on facebook. do u have a life?

  194. your the one who sits here and argues with webb people on a thread written by some bum. but okay u have a life… but whoever copy and pasted that is hilarious that just shows how much of desperate pansys catholic kids really are

  195. you’re the one who has time to sit here and argue right back. you just did what you accused me of doing. good job dumbass.


  197. dustin, whether or not you like it and whether or not you try to change the subject, your fucking whipped.. so either u can try and fight back and show everyone that u have no life or u can just leave this comment as is and everyone will know that ur a pussy and whipped by aftyn fucking behn hahahhaha

  198. Nearly 200 comments on an 8 sentence entry.

    Way to generate that traffic Lloyd…even if they are retarded high school kids.

  199. i have deleted and/or banned a 1/2 dozen of this idiots

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